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June Bug

Juno Miller has just gone through two of the toughest things that can go on in a teenagers life. Death and Pregnancy. When Billy Black takes her in, feeling start to shine through Jacob that he thought he would never have again. JacobxOC


1. Moving In

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“Juno?” My head snapped up at the rough male voice. My eyes wide as I looked at all the people that were behind him. I automatically stuck my hand out towards him. His hand gripped mine with enthusiasm. “Your mother and father were great people, we will never forget them,”

My mind began to wander as he went on and on about the same things fifty other people had already said that night. I saw his lips stop moving and I smiled, silently thanking him for the more realization that my parents were gone and they weren’t coming back.

A wheelchair stopped in front of me as I wiped the tear from my eye that had made it’s way out. My heart leaped when I saw him. He was a Native American man. I had missed his dark brown eyes, his fatherly face, and his warm aura.

I smiled, actually smiled, for the first time in days. Knowing he was here made me feel safe. He was the second father in my life and I knew everything would be OK. “Billy! I’ve missed you. It’s been months.”

I reached down to hug him, his light smile warming my heart. His arms wrapped around me and I felt at home. “Are you O-,” I stopped him before he went on. My hand raised as I leaned back down to get out of everyone’s earshot. “Please don’t be like every person in this room. I’m OK, It will be fine, they can’t come back. I just need time.”

His smile left his face and a concerned look tightened his eyes. His eyes broke my gaze and he looked behind him. I hadn’t noticed him until then. He was very tall, even at my height I had to crane my neck to see his face clearly.

He had shaggy hair, long but not too long. His brown eyes were the same as his fathers, warm and inviting. His face was childlike, a big teddy bear. He smiled at me, his crooked smile made my heart race. But he need to go away. I should not be feeling these things. Not here, not now.

“This is my son, Jacob.” His hand reached out to grip mine, it was hot, boiling hot actually, but it felt right. His hand in mine felt like it was meant to be there. He was still smiling and I found myself doing the same.

I mentally smacked myself and turned back to Billy. His eyes were glowing with something I couldn’t figure out. Billy touched my arm, trying to draw me away from the line my mom and dad’s friends and I had formed. I looked towards them and they nodded silently letting me go.

Billy took me to the corner of the room, there was no one around. His sighed as I sat down, my bigger then normal dress hung over the belly I had been trying so hard to hide the whole night. “Before your mother and father’s accident, I got a call. It had been a few days before that day, your mother was concerned. Said you had been acting strange. She said you kept saying it was the flu,” I turned towards the open window that lit the room with sunshine. I wasn’t ready for this.

“I knew. Right when she said that, I knew. But she didn’t. Your mother always wanted to see the best in you, and if that meant she had to believe a lie, she would.” Suddenly I was mad. This wasn’t a mistake. It happened for a reason. God made this happen for a reason.

I was going to let anyone tell me this was a mistake. “How dare you tell me this is a mistake. Don’t treat me like I am broken. I’m not going to feel bad about this! I made the decision to keep it, it’s not a mistake.”

His hand on my arm slightly calmed me. He sighed again as he shook his head. “I didn’t mean it was a mistake. I just meant that your mother always believed in order. High school, college, wedding, baby. She wanted what was best for you and in her mind her order was correct. She didn’t want to believe that her plan for you was being changed.” His eyes returned to his warm state, “She loved you, she wanted what was best for you.”

“Maybe this is what’s best for me.” He nodded. I didn’t know if I wanted him to be mad, or help me with what I was going to face down the road. “It might be. I guess we will see, won’t we?” He spoke, smiling. He tapped his finger against his head as if he were forgetting something. His finger popped up as he remembered or he finally found the right words to say.

“I also have something to ask you. A while ago your mother and father made up their will, just incase. When your grandmother passed, that was the last living family member left. They came to me, asking if I would take you in if anything were to happen. At least until your eighteen.”

I stared at him. I figured I would’ve been in a foster care program or something until I was eighteen. “When Rachel and Rebecca moved out we never did anything with their room, it’s open if you would take it.”

I put my hand on my stomach, the small bump already forming. “When it comes, that is when we will deal with it. I’m sure Jacob can sleep on the couch.”

I laughed and threw my arms around his shoulders. I looked up from his shoulders to see Jacob talking to an older lady, his crooked smile charming the older woman. He looked towards us and spotted me looking towards him, his smile grew and he waved.

The lady looked my way and her face changed, it went straight to sorrow. I dropped my eyes and moved away from Billy. My smile still growing on my face as I knew I had a place to stay, two wonderful people to love me, and a safe surrounding for my baby.

“Thank you, Billy. You don’t know how much this means to me.” I explained. I could tell I was getting choked up. He noticed also and smiled. I nodded towards the long line of people waiting to speak their condolences. “I better get back.”

This was it. I was walking around the house I had grown up in since I was five years old, the house I spent every Christmas in with my mother and father. All of the memories. Everything was gone now, the furniture had been sold, pictures and other things were either going with me to Billy’s house or were in storage.

All that was left were the walls and floors. My heart split even further then what it had been. I walked around the upstairs, making sure I hadn’t forgotten anything. It was my house, well when I turn eighteen it will be mine, but I didn’t think I would want to come back anytime soon.

I stopped at what used to be my parent’s room. It was so bright and happy, bright yellow walls my mom picked out and the bright green furniture my dad had thrown in there. It wasn’t the most beautiful room in the world, but it was theirs.

It felt like they were still there, mom sitting at her vanity putting her earrings on for dad’s business dinner, her black dress flowing beautifully on her, the bright red lipstick popping when she smiled.

Dad standing by the mirror trying to get his tie right, his face concentrating, and after about the fifth time he fails mom would get up and walk over to him, in the end it would be perfect.

I miss their voices, their laughter, their smiles. I miss their love for me and one another, and I miss that eight days ago I had a family. All around I just miss them. They were my life, the sun to my rainy days, the stars that lit the dark paths.

It broke my heart to know that they would never see me graduate high school, they would never send me off to college, they would never meet the man I was going to marry, they would never see their grandchildren, they would never see my life. And I would never see theirs.

I heard the door open down stairs and Billy shouting. I slowly pulled myself away from the room and walked down the stairs. Billy was sitting in his wheelchair right outside of the open door.

Since Jacob wasn’t there to help him, he had stayed outside most of the time. I stepped out side of the door, taking one last look back into the large house. I turned back towards Billy, pain and guilt tightening my eyes. He frowned. “You ready, Billy?”

He nodded as I grabbed the handles on the back of his chair and pushed him towards his truck. His hand reached up to pat mine and wrap around them in a fatherly way when we were close to the car. I sighed and helped him into the passenger seat.

I stood by my door and looked at the house one last time before getting in and shutting the door. I looked over at Billy, the worry must have shown in my eyes. “It will be OK, Juno. No matter what is coming with the future, you will be OK.”

I pulled out of the driveway, his words sinking in.

It had been just a few days since I moved in with Billy and Jacob. Although, Jacob had never been home. Billy said something about him staying with a friend for a few days. Billy and I painted my room, also. It had been plain white, boring and a drab. Billy couldn’t do much so I ended up doing most of it.

The color I chose was yellow, the same color my mother and fathers room used to be. Bright and cheerful. I remembered the name of the color mom had gotten from the store, ‘Sunshine Love’. It made me feel comforted, they had been my sunshine, and they had been the loves of my life.

I finally had settled in when Jacob came back. I had been in the kitchen, sneaking a scoop of the cookie dough ice cream that was in the freezer. I had my mustard yellow shorts and my rust red tank top on. Of course, the white tub socks with matching colors were a must.

My hair was sprouting everywhere since I had been moving furniture around in my room and cleaning the house for Billy. I turned on a radio station from the radio that Billy had out in the kitchen, it was on some oldies station. Right away I noticed Etta James’ voice singing ‘I Just Want To Make Love To You’. I took a scoop of the ice cream and danced to the beat of the chorus.

I heard someone at the back door and looked behind me to see Jacob staring at me with that same goofy grin he had on his face at the showing. He came towards me as I stood frozen on the spot. He had seen me dancing. In my old track shorts and tube socks. With a big chunk of cookie dough on a spoon hanging out of my mouth.

He passed me slightly and reached into a drawer, pulling a larger spoon out and grabbing the cup out of my hand. He noticed the shocked look on my face, “I can’t let you eat it all, it’s the only good thing in the house.”

He jumped up to sit on the counter, still grinning as he took a bite. I shook my head and grabbed the cup back from him and turned off the radio. “You seriously don’t care that I am eating your ice cream and look like this?” He looked at me strangely,

“Last time I checked, you live here which means you can eat whatever the hell, I mean heck, you want. And secondly, I have two sisters, you don’t think I have never seen them like you are now?”

“I’m not your sister though.” I said taking another scoop and sat it on the counter beside him. He mumbled something as he stuffed another scoop into his mouth. I had been starting towards the sink to wash my spoon, I turned to look towards him. “Hmm?” He looked up at me and shrugged. I placed me hands on my hips and sighed. “No. What did you say?”

“I said, Thank God.” His cheeks turned slightly pink, the words falling out as if he couldn’t help himself from saying it. I felt my cheeks grow warm as I turned back around to the sink, the dishes were pilling up in the sink. I turned on the hot water and grabbed the dish soap from under the sink.

I felt him come up behind me and grab a dish towel. We worked as a team, and in the end the dishes were done and the kitchen was spotless. I smiled and put the cleaning supplies away. “Didn’t know you were such a cleaning buff.”

“What else am I going to do?” He smiled and pointed to the calendar. I looked closer to find Jacob’s scrawl on today’s date. Beach Bonfire 5:00. “You should come. Emily would love to meet you. Kim will be there too.”

I was apprehensive, I didn’t want to be that girl that the son feels he has to be nice to because his father told him too. Or have him pity her for losing her parents. “I don’t kn-,” Jacob cut her off by raising his hand, a new look came to his eyes, the puppy dog look.

His eyes were like melted chocolate, his bottom lip jutting out just a little bit. He came closer, his body heat radiating off onto me. His scent flowing under my nose. His eyes were burning into mine, “Please? It’s always the same things over and over, come with me.”

I smiled shyly and turned away toward my room, the feeling of needing to get away before something stupid comes out of my mouth was creeping up on me. “I’ll be ready at four-thirty.”