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Jacob's first time phasing.

I do not own anything.

1. Chapter 1

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I walked into my little house, seeing Billy in his chair, reading.

"Hey Jake," he called without looking up.

"Hi dad," I said back. I felt a little weird.

I mulled over this afternoon. Going to that terrible horror movie with Bella and Mike. How Mike had gotten sick, leaving Bella and I time to talk. She was still hurting from... the other one. How could he honestly leave her? She was so perfect. It made me angry just thinking about it.

"Uh, Jake? Are you okay? You look kinda weird," that's all it took. I was so furious, at what, I don't know.

I exploded. My whole body lengthened. I was on all fours, ripping sounds coming from my chest. With a shock, I realized what I was doing. I was snarling. How?

I looked up. Billy looked terrified. I moved toward him, he backed up to the wall, right next to the phone.

"It's all right, Jake, it's all right. Calm down, don't move," Bill said in a very soothing voice.

He dialed a number, and waited for a moment. I tried to stay still, to do what he said. I still didn't know what in the world was wrong with me. Billy was murmuring something into the phone, I didn't even try to hear what he was saying.

He hung up, and looked at me, "Just hold on for a second, kiddo." He was still talking in that soothing voice.

Jacob? Can you hear me?

I tried to respond with my voice. All that came out was a growl.

Don't try to talk, just think. It's Sam.

And Embry. I heard the voice of my friend. Well, I didn't really hear his voice, I heard his thought. If that was even possible.

You're all right, Jake, nothing is wrong. Just get outside without hurting Billy. You wouldn't want that, would you.

I tried out the "talking in my head thing". Uh... What happened? Why can't I talk? Why am I so big?

We'll explain as soon as we can get you outside.

I backed away from Billy, towards the door. I squeezed through the doorway.

I'm outside. What is going on?

First, go into the woods across the road. Keep going straight until you find a small meadow. Sam instructed.

I headed over there, running. The speed was so fast, faster than anything I had experienced before. Better than motorcycles, way better.

The meadow wasn't that far into the trees, or maybe it was just me. At this speed, nothing seemed far away. I stopped as soon as I was out of the trees and the brush. Two wolves-if you could call them that, they were so huge-were sitting together in the middle of the meadow.

It's us, Jake, it's Sam and me.

What are you guys?

Exactly what you are. Embry showed me, through his thoughts, what he was looking at. It was a huge reddish-brown wolf.

Is that me? I couldn't wrap my head around it. How could I be a wolf?

Yes. Sam was talking now. You are a werewolf, Jacob. It was born in you, that is what happened to me, to Paul, to Jared, and to Embry. It will keep happening as long as there are bloodsuckers here.


I guess you would know them as the Cullens.

The legends are real?

As real as we are.

Whoa... I just lost my whole look on the world. Nothing was as it had been. This was so confusing.


As long as there are vampires in Forks, there will be werewolves in La Push. Something about them-or us- makes the teenage boys of the tribe into what our ancestors were.

So... everything that Billy told me, all the old stories, are true?


Wait, you said that the Cullens are vampires... does Bella know?

Yes. You were the one who told her. I can see it in your memories.

How could she love a vampire? That goes against... everything.

Embry spoke again. We go against everything.