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Try to See it My Way

Jacob visits Bella to confront her about her impending immorality. Will things go as planned? Edited version


1. Try to see it my way

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Laying on my bed, motionless, I was pondering my hectic life. Edward, dearest Edward, was torturing himself. I knew, no matter how hard he tried to hide it from me. Why couldn’t he just see the obvious solution to everything? Just one bite, it would take less then a few seconds to start the transformation. Was it so hard for Edward to just see my way? Speaking of which…

“Bella!” Edward’s booming, velvety voice bounced off the walls. I raced downstairs, practically tripping over my feet in the process. But I made it to the living room in one piece. I jumped into his arms, relishing the thought that he was actually standing right in front of me. I didn’t even want to think about the time we spent away from each other. I breathed his scent in, wondering for the thousandth time how a god like him could love a puny human like me. “Hello, love,” he said quietly. My heart bruised my rib cage as Edward moved closer to seal the gap between us. Just as Edward was about to brush his lips ever so softly against mine, he pulled away muttering under his breath. It was too low for me too hear, but I could distinguish the word ‘filthy mutt’. I was surprised when I heard the door bell ring. I had forgotten how quiet werewolves could be. I ran to answer the door before Edward could hold me back.

“Jacob!” I yelled excitedly as I opened the door. But my smile disappeared when I saw the look on his face. It was hard and expressionless as if it was carved out of stone. I then realized that his visit was not for pleasure. “What do you want, Jacob?” I asked a little too harshly. I saw the sides of his mouth twitch as he tried to control himself. His bad mood seemed to descend on everyone else in the house. Jacob was like that. He could easily light up a room with his light humor, which I wasn’t seeing that often anymore. But he could just as easily cast a dark shadow on everyone’s thoughts.

“I came to discuss the treaty,” Jacob said finally. My frown deepened. It seemed like every thing revolved around the treaty. Why couldn’t we talk friend on friend for once?

“Again?” Edward added insolently.

“Edward!” I yelled back at him. He just gave me a face that said ‘It’s true’.

“We already know the terms of the treaty,” Edward said, ignoring my comment. Jacob just narrowed his eyes at me.

“Can we talk alone?” Jacob asked me, his tone almost sounding like a plead. His eyes gave away what his face didn’t. They were holding a sadness that broke my heart even after he ignored me for the past few weeks despite my attempts to talk to him.

“Yes,” I said before Edward could respond for me. I wasn’t in any danger with Jake. I just needed to talk to him one on one.

“Bella,” Edward said warningly. I looked at him, asking him to understand, but all I saw was resentment for his one true enemy. I sighed and walked out the door, following Jake as he led the way to the edge of the forest surrounding the house. I knew Edward would be angry later, but I needed to talk to Jacob. What if this was our last time seeing each other as friends. But the look on Jacob’s face was bitter and resentful. It wasn’t the face of the Jacob I knew and loved, it was Sam’s Jacob’s face.

“What do you want, Jacob?” I said more cross then I had a right to be. The look on his face just fired me up, though. He had no right to be angry. No, scratch that, he had every right to be angry. But the anger just bubbled up in the when I saw how much he had changed.

“I-I just,” Jacob started. He took a deep breath before continuing. “I just don’t see why you want to become a bloodsucker.” He looked at me then, his face pained.

“What do you mean?” I asked deciding to play dumb.

“Do you have any idea how much it will hurt Charlie, your mother, your friends…and me?” he asked, his whole body shaking. “Do you love him so much that you can abandon everyone who loves you?”

“Jacob…” I said, not sure of how I was going to respond. “I don’t want to…abandon anyone. But it’s the only way. Maybe we can still be friends-”

“You know that can’t happen Bella,” he snapped. I looked away, tears filling my eyes. “Once you become a vampire, you’re a vampire. And that’s it. We’re enemies.” I saw the regret in his eyes, like that was the last thing he wanted to say. “I’m sorry, Bella. But you chose him over me.”


“I’m sorry,” he said softly and started to walk away into the forest. I suddenly realized that I would never see him again. Until I was a vampire that is. No. This couldn’t be our last time together as friends. I wouldn’t be able to handle that.

“Jake, stop!” I yelled out, running to catch up to him. He turned around and I ran right strait into him. He picked me up from the place that I fell. I could feel a bruise forming on my arm, but I couldn’t care less. “Please just try to see it my way!” It looked like he was going to say something, but I cut him off. “Do you remember those months when Edward was away? Do you? I was a mess! Even you couldn’t heal me all the way! You know that! Do you want me to go on living like that for the rest of my life? Do you really want that for me?” I knew that my face was streaming with tears.

“No…but…the thought of him biting you and sending you into that much pain…it’s…just overwhelming. Our friendship can never be as it was. Those were great times but…it’s over. I’m sorry,” Jacob said looking away from my face. He went into a full blown sprint. I fell to the ground, sobbing like I have only once before. I saw a white flash, a piece of a tennis shoe, fall down to the ground. I realized that I would probably never see my best friend again.

I don’t know how long I was sitting on the ground sobbing, but after of what seemed like forever, I felt two cold, hard hands pulling me up to a standing position.

“Are you okay?” Edward’s smooth voice asked in worry. I nodded and headed back towards the house. My life was balancing on a knife’s edge, and I knew I was going to fall soon. I could stay mortal, but I would loose Edward, and if that happened…I would die. So I had to go with my gut here. Maybe, Jacob would come around and see we could still be friends. But until then, I could only hope that this resentment between werewolves and vampire would only stay that way and not turn into something more. Because if there was a full fledged war, I didn’t even want to think about the consequences. They fight, Paris falls. I just hoped my life wouldn’t turn into a tragedy.