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Not The One

She was not the one, she was meant for someone else. Of that, I was sure.

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1. Chapter 1

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Her scream of agony ripped through the air. The moment of silence, shattered. I tried to concentrate on my music, but failed instantly and completely.

Rosalie Hale was in the bedroom on the floor below, Carlisle sitting by her side, trying to ease some pain. He wasn't making much progress.

Why had I condemned her to this half-life? Why had I damned this innocent girl?

Carlisle's thought were repeating. He had been thinking the same thing since the first time she had screamed. He had reacted not quite like this to Esme, he had been in love with her, but it was similar.

Carlisle had brought her to our home three days ago. She had been bloody and mangled. He had explained that in his thoughts as he had sent Esme and I out, to hunt. He had bitten her minutes later.

His thoughts had revealed that he had found her in the road. She had been attacked by her fiancée, Royce King, not that anyone would ever suspect him and his... friends. It was a week before her wedding, the wedding that would never happen.

Again, a scream-though it was not as agonized as the one previous- rang out in the empty house.

The pain of the transformation should be receding from her limbs now, going straight to the heart. Where it would become unbearable, worse than it was before. I tried to block out her thoughts futilely. She was screaming in them too. I couldn't think. I got up to go hunting.

I was halfway out the door when a thought that stopped me in my tracks was-not for a better word-thought. Carlisle's mantra had stopped.

I hope that she is right for Edward.

What?! Did Carlisle actually think that? He thought that this vain, arrogant woman could be my mate? It was absurd. Sure, she would be beautiful, that was obvious, but I felt nothing toward her. There was no way that she was meant for me. I was fine all by myself. I didn't need someone to love.

Yes you do, said the small, cynical voice in the back of my head.

I ran faster than I have had previously, wanting to get away from the whole fiasco at my home.


By the time I got back, she was fully turned. I could hear her thoughts a mile away. They were centered on what she was now, and what had happened to her... The thing that had ruined her entire life.

I walked in. Rosalie, Carlisle, and Esme were sitting on the various pieces of furniture that were in our parlor. She looked up as I sat down in one of the armchairs. She was shockingly beautiful, just as I had predicted. Her beauty was not marred by her brilliant red eyes.

"Hello," I said softly. The sensitivity of her hearing would be terrible at the moment.

"Hello," she responded.

She was not the one, she was meant for someone else. Of that, I was sure.