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Emmett Takes Band

Emmett Cullen decides that he must drop shop, his most loved class, in order to take... dum dum dum.... band. Will he succeed? Will Miss Viner make it? What instrument will he play? Read and find out!

Every year I get students in band who have no idea how to play an instrument. They just want to play. This got me thinking... What would happen if Emmett Cullen decided that he wanted to be in band? Here's my take on what I think could happen.

1. Snap Decision

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Never in all my life did I think I would be sitting on stage holding a shiny metal object in my hands. I was thankful that I had decided to make my switch. Well, I was excited at first. I couldn’t believe what Miss Viner had asked me to do. I looked out into the audience and tried to give my biggest grin. There sat my family, all smiling. Edward was doing his best to keep from laughing. Jasper, Alice, Rosalie were all giggling. Carlisle and Esme watched me carefully. Bella smiled. Then… it… started..


“That’s it.” I stood up and looked over to my family. “I’m going to learn how to do something different.”

“What?” Rosalie asked.

“You’ll see,” I smiled deviously.

“Emmett has decided that he’s going to learn to play a musical instrument.” Edward rolled his eyes. “He’s decided that he’s going to take band.”

“Band? When is band? What class period?” Jasper started laughing.

“It’s 4th hour.” I answered. “I want to drop shop.”

“You‘re dropping shop?” Jasper laughed again. “What are you going to play Emmett? The tuba?”

Tuba? Hmm… now there’s an idea.

“Yes, I’m going to play the tuba.”

I left our table and headed to the front office. I wanted to ask to switch from shop to band and I had to do it right now, or I would forget it. I carefully pulled the door to the office open and headed to the big desk.

“Umm, Mrs. Cope?”

“Yes… uhh?” She looked worried. Obviously she couldn’t remember my name.


“Sorry. Yes Emmett?” She looked at me funny.

“I want to switch from 4th hour shop to 4th hour band. Is that possible?” I gave her a huge grin.

“I don’t see why not?” She answered, raising her eyebrows. “Let me call Miss Viner and ask her. Give me a second.”

I stood there and drummed my fingers on the top of the desk.

“Miss Viner, this is Mrs. Cope from the main office.”

I could hear the music teacher ask what was up.

“No problem. I have a student who would like to switch from shop to band.” She listened again.

“His name is Emmett…” She looked at me.

“Cullen.” I answered.

“Emmett Cullen.” She told the teacher. “Sure, I’ll ask him. Emmett, do you know how to read music?”

I thought hard about it. Certainly I had watched Edward and Rosalie for years, I had to have picked up something. Besides I really wanted to take band.

“Uhh… yes?” It was a question. If I said no, would she have let me in the class? I thought about it.

“He said yes, Miss Viner.” Mrs. Cope relayed my answer.

“I’m a fast learner.” I added to let her know I was serious.

“Alright. Yes Miss Viner. Sure I’ll tell him. Have a good day.” She hung up the phone and turned to look at me. “Emmett, you will start band tomorrow. I’ll send a note to Mr. Price and let him know that you’ve switched.” She eyed me suspiciously.

“Thanks Mrs. Cope!” I smiled again, as I turned to leave the office.

Tomorrow I’ll be in band. I was so excited. Honestly, I loved shop too, but lately I only wanted to make wooden doll rocking chairs and I decided that this was not a healthy habit. At some point my family would find out and I would never live it down.

How many wooden doll rocking chairs could a vampire have? I was smart. I had hidden my rocking chair stash under the spare tire slot in my jeep. I had even went as far to put them in a trunk. I walked back into the house and went to Rose’s and my bedroom. I clicked on my computer and quickly typed in my password… I’mkingoftheworld and got onto the internet. I had to learn to read music and I had to learn how to do it fast! Miss Viner would probably bite my head off if I showed up tomorrow and couldn’t do it.

I stayed up all night and learned about the basics of music. By dawn I could tell the names of the staff and I understood how to count in 4/4 time. I was proud of myself! I even decided to make a cheat sheet for myself so I could remember everything.

When the 4th hour bell rang I sprinted to class. Miss Viner was standing outside of the band room door.

“Welcome to class,” she smiled. “Let me guess, you’re Emmett Cullen right?”

“Yes. Thank you for letting me switch to band!” I smiled.

“Well Emmett, what instrument do you play.”

I knew the answer to that question already.

“I play the tuba.” I smiled. Well as of last night I played the tuba.

“Alright.” She eyed me. “Let’s get you seated. Follow me.”

I went into the band room and it was glorious. I had never seen so many shiny metal trophies. She led me to the instrument storage room and told me to pick up the big black case. She then led me to my seat and handed me some music.

“Okay Emmett, put your tuba together and get ready.”

“No problem Miss Viner.” I smiled as I pulled the tuba case open. I placed the mouthpiece on the horn and smiled at her.

Miss Viner then returned to her podium and looked at the class.

“Everyone,” she said as she tapped her stand. “We have a new member to our class today. Emmett Cullen is joining us today and he will be playing tuba.”

The class all turned and looked at me. I smiled.

“Alright everyone. Horns up, tuning note.”

I pulled my tuba up to my mouth and…..