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Emmett Takes Band

Emmett Cullen decides that he must drop shop, his most loved class, in order to take... dum dum dum.... band. Will he succeed? Will Miss Viner make it? What instrument will he play? Read and find out!

Every year I get students in band who have no idea how to play an instrument. They just want to play. This got me thinking... What would happen if Emmett Cullen decided that he wanted to be in band? Here's my take on what I think could happen.

4. Trumpet + Belt = stitches???

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A weapon of mass destruction, that’s what I am. Hi, I’m Emmett and I’m a weapon of musical mass destruction.

The thoughts raced through my mind all afternoon. I knew that I didn’t need to say anything to Rosalie, because she already knew. She didn’t even bother to talk to me when I walked into our room and plopped myself down on our bed. I glanced out the window and imagined the same phrase from before.

A weapon of mass destruction.

I remembered that, once more, I needed to ask Carlisle to pick up another gift for Miss Viner. What should I get her this time? I had already given her a new classical music CD, perhaps this time I could give her something she could actually use. But what to get for the music teacher, who risked bodily injury every time I played an instrument?

A weapon of mass destruction.

My very thought led to the inspiration, as I jumped off the bed and headed out to the workroom.

“Bye Rose,” I yelled as I slammed the door. “Be back in a little while.”

I almost couldn’t contain my excitement as I headed to the workroom. I went out through the garage, glancing at my jeep that still contained the hidden wooden doll rocking chairs, and headed down the lawn. I made my way across the lawn at vampire speed and reached the workroom in .0001 seconds. I pulled the door open and stepped inside. I turned the light on and headed to the big drafting table, by the window, and sat down. There I worked until I came up with a fool proof gift. Something that was safe and secure and wouldn’t get Miss Viner hurt… again. I worked all evening on my apology project for Miss Viner and once I was finished I headed back into the house.

“Hi Alice,” I smiled as I went into the living room. “Alice?”

Alice sat completely still, eyes glazed over, staring at the wall. I quickly put my hand in front of her face and waved at her. She didn’t move, or breathe, she just stared off into space. I gave up trying to snap her out of her trance and sat down beside her. A few minutes later she stared to shake her head.

“Oh, hi Emmett.” She smiled as she glanced at me. “How was band today?”

Did I really need to answer this? Hadn’t she seen everything that was going to happen before it did?

“It was fine.” I grumbled. “I did break Miss Viner’s toe today.”

“Ohh, a toe? I’m sorry.” She spoke as she turned on the TV.

“Can I ask what you were thinking about when I arrived?”

“Well, let me say… Tomorrow don’t touch a belt in band. Okay?”

Don’t touch a belt in band? What the heck is that supposed to mean?

“Okay, no belts.” I was dumbfounded.

“In fact Emmett,“ She warned. “I wouldn’t even wear a belt tomorrow.”

“Okay, I will not wear a belt tomorrow.” I assured her, still wondering what was up with this whole belt thing.

That evening I studied the mechanics of trumpet playing. I worked on learning all of the notes and then made sure I knew all the little things. I learned how to oil the valves and how to flush the horn out. I needed to be good tomorrow and make the trumpet work. I decided that I would give Mike a pass this time. I wanted everything to be perfect for Miss Viner tomorrow. I spent the rest of evening listening to Louis Armstrong, even moving my fingers like I was playing the trumpet with him.


The next morning, I got ready for school and loaded my gift into the jeep. I followed Alice’s advice and had chosen not to wear a belt today. I was too excited to sit still. I wanted to get to school early, so that I could take Miss Viner her gift before school started. I had to ask Jasper to help me carry it to the band room, not because it was too heavy, because it was too heavy for a normal person. I made my way to Building 5 and knocked on the door. I heard her walk up to the door, turn the handle and open the door. She looked surprised when she noticed that it was Jasper and I.

“Hi there Emmett.” She was puzzled.

“Umm, hi Miss Viner,” I smiled. “Jasper and I wanted to bring you a little something for what happened yesterday.”

“Emmett, you know you don’t have to give me a gift every time something happens.” She responded.

“I know, but I worked all evening on this and I really, really want you to have it.” I gave her my puppy dog face. “Please?” Geez I was desperate.

“Fine.” She answered. “Bring it on in.”

Jasper and I took the big gift into the band room. We sat it down on the floor and I went and picked up her old podium and moved it out of the way. She gave me a skeptical look, when Jasper and I moved her gift into the new place.

“I hope you like this,” I smiled as I went and took her hand. “I have made you something I would like to call…”

I had to think fast. “The Director Protector. This baby has an all wood mahogany body, complete with steel rein enforcements behind the front panel. A complete flat stand for all of your directors scores. A shelving system for everything you could ever need”

She started laughing, which I took as a good sign.

“Basically, it will keep you safe from harm whenever Emmett is a presence in your band.” Jasper laughed, clearly enjoying his witty remark. I glared at him.

Punk! I was thankful that he couldn’t read my mind.

“I even included a cup holder,” I smiled.

“Wow,” she looked a little confused. “Thank you for the… uhhh… gift, Emmett. I know I’ll love it.”

“You’re welcome, Miss Viner.” I said, as I grabbed Jasper’s arm and headed for the door. “I’ll see you in band at forth hour.”

“See you then.” She smiled as she turned and sighed.

I couldn’t wait for the forth hour bell to ring, I was so excited to go to band today. When the bell finally sounded, I jumped from my seat and headed to the band room. I headed up to the front of the classroom and Miss Viner greeted me with a smile.

“I believe it’s the trumpet today, right?” She smiled.

“Yes ma’am.” I smiled back.

“Follow me,” she sighed, as she walked to the instrument storage room. “The trumpet I have for you to use is really old, Emmett. It is not in as good of shape as some of the other instruments. I haven’t had time to send it off yet for repairs, so if you have any problems, please come and see me.”

I noticed that she stressed the word any.

“Alright,” I smiled, as I took the trumpet case from her hands and headed to the main room. I went and sat down in the empty chair next to Mike Newton.

“So how’s it going, Mike?” I questioned, trying to be nice.

“Fine,” Mike answered, as he rolled his eyes at me. “Are YOU ready for class today?”

“Yes.” I responded, using the same tone that he had just used.

I put my case on the floor and opened the latches. The trumpet was beautiful, and ugly at the same time. It wasn’t a shiny silver trumpet. Instead it was brass and damaged with age. I reached down and took the horn from its case and prepared for class. I placed the mouthpiece on and licked my lips. I smiled as Miss Viner took her post behind the “Director Protector” .

“Alright class, concert A scale in whole notes.” She said, as she tapped her baton on the edge of the “new” podium.

Trumpet up to my lips, I imagined that I was Louis Armstrong, and I played the first note of the scale. I produced an okay sound. This puzzled me, what was up with my horn. I sat in silence as the rest of the group finished the scale.

“Tuning note, concert A,” Miss Viner spoke again. “I’ll be coming around to check your tuning. I followed her movements as she went to each student and told them corrections to make. Finally, she came to rest in front of me.

“Emmett, your horn is a little bit sharp.” She said, matter-of-factly. “Please pull the tuning slide out.”

Where was the tuning slide? Had I learned the tuning slide last night. I thought about everything I had read last night and then remembered that I had seen it on the computer.

“Sure Miss Viner,” I smiled. I moved my forth finger on my left hand to push the little silver loop, the loop that controls the tuning slide and it moved out easily.

“Okay, play your note again.”

I did as she asked and watched in horror as she made a face.

“Emmett, it’s still sharp. Ummm, why don’t you pull out the other tuning slide.”

Once more, I did as she asked. “Ummm… Miss Viner?”

“Yes, Emmett?”

“I think the slide’s frozen.”

“Oh? Okay, well… ummm… Mike, would you help Emmett try to get his tuning slide out?” She smiled at Mike. “You remember the way we had to do it last time one was stuck.”

So this has happened before?

“Sure Miss Viner. Follow me Cullen.” Mike sneered.

I stood up and followed Mike into the music office. Once inside, he turned to me and asked for my horn.

“What are you going to do?” I questioned.

“Well, we’re going to pull on this slide. “ He sneered once more. “I’m… going… to… hold… the… slide… and… you’re… going… to… pull… oookkkkaaaayyyy?” He made sure to emphasize every word.

Geez, did he have to talk to me like I was two? I gritted my teeth and forced a smile. He placed his hands on the slide and I grabbed by the lead pipe of the trumpet. We pulled on the horn, nothing budged. I thought about throwing a little more of my strength into the situation, but decided that it was probably a bad idea. Exasperated, Mike handed me the horn, threw up his hands, and stormed around the room for a few moments.

“I’ve got it!” Mike laughed, as he reached for the front of his pants. “We’re going to get that slide out.”

“What? How?” I was concerned.

Wait… Seriously… Why is he taking his pants off? Ewww!

Did Mike need to remove his pants to loosen a tuning slide? This was something totally new to me. Mike unbuckled his belt and pulled it from his pants.

“So this is what we’re going to do. I’m going to slide this belt around the tuning slide, brace myself against the door and you’re going to pull. Thus, we will have the slide “pop” out and be done with this mess.”


“Oh, okay Mike.” I answered, once more handing Mike my precious horn.

Mike placed the belt through the tuning , and braced himself against the door.

“Okay Cullen… pull!” Mike shouted.

I should have seen it coming, but I didn’t. I had completely forgotten about Alice’s words from the previous night, until the very moment we were both pulling on the trumpet.

Don’t touch a belt in band?

Okay, I hadn’t touched a belt in band. Mike had. The next thing I knew Mike was falling to the floor, screaming. It happened so fast… I was holding on to the trumpet, but then so was he. I smelt the blood before I saw it. Mike, while pulling on the trumpet, had broken the slide from the casing. When it separated it had hit him in the face and caused a huge gash. I looked down to his hands and noticed that they were all cut up too.

Control. Remember your “vegetarian” nature. I didn’t even touch the stupid belt! Aww man… WHY ME?

My horn was destroyed and Mike was injured. Once more, something I put my hands on fell apart. I stepped out into the main room.

“Miss Viner?” I whispered. “I think we need you in here.”

“Okay Emmett. Class please look at the opening movement of Ave Verum Corpus and I will be back shortly.”

I grimaced as she entered her office. She took one look at Mike and shook her head.

“Someone call the nurse.” she shouted. “Someone get me some wet paper towels, too!”

Alisha got up and headed to the call box. Brian headed to the bathroom for some towels.

“Mike, someone’s getting you some towels.” Miss Viner spoke softly, as she sat between us. “What happened?”

“Well, the tuning slide wouldn’t come out…” I started to answer.

“And I had the bright idea to put my belt through the slide and have both of us pull.” Mike interrupted. “This definitely wasn’t Emmett’s idea.”

“Okay,” she looked confused. “So how did all of this come to be?”

“I’m not sure. He was pulling. I was pulling. He stared screaming. He fell to the floor. He started bleeding.” I spoke quickly. “I don’t know.”

“Well, the trumpet is definitely ruined. We don’t have any more instruments on hand and it would be a while before our dealer comes around again… Emmett…”

“Yes, I know. We’ll try something else tomorrow.” I shrugged. “What are you thinking about for the next instrument, Miss Viner?”

“I’m not sure. Let me think about it tonight.” She smiled, then looked over at Mike. “Mike, I think you might need stitches in your cheek.”

Mike grumbled. Brian finally brought in the wet paper towels and Miss Viner tried to stop the bleeding. I was proud of my self control, I didn’t want to feed on him. When the nurse arrived in the room, she took one look at me and shook her head. I knew what she was thinking.

Wow, this boy is a danger to everything he touches.

I can honestly say that I would agree with her. Miss Viner and I helped Mike out to the nurses car, and he went off to the hospital for his stitches. I returned to the room and sat in my empty seat. I knew that everyone was staring at me… again. I decided that it would be best to focus on the floor. Miss Viner returned to her “Director Protector” and continued with class. I had all night to worry about what would happen the next day in class. What would she have me play tomorrow? I could only guess.