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Almost Like Gravity

Jacob and Nessie's life is full of sad, funny and all around insane adventures as the learn to grow up together as one. BREAKING DAWN SPOILERS!!!

Summary: Jacob and Nessie's life is full of crazy, crazy, adventures. It's expecting, being a shape-shifter and a hybrid imprint of said shape-shifter. Jessie is the name I gave the pairing of Jake and Nessie, because I seem to be the only one who supports such a pairing. I'm trying to change you guys mind right now.

1. I Ain?t No Friggin Porn Star!

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The night wind caused too many scents to hit my nose to be comfortable. I didn't like the city, it stunk and even though I wasn't in it right now, the stench carried on for miles. My Nessie didn't like it either. She clung to my back with her face buried in my fur, grumbling. I knew none of the Cullen family liked the big city, but until Carlisle could find a job somewhere with less people, we were stuck here. I didn't have to stay of course, well I did, but it was my choice. Sort of. Okay, I could never leave her. The mere thought made me sick.

I slowed down a bit, knowing this was a good place to stop for hunting, but Nessie stopped me.

To close, I felt her tell me.

I whined in confusion and took off again. I could smell it too, but not to bad and I had better smelling than she did.

I don't like it, she protested.

I growled a bit, as if her finicky eating habits bugged me, but we both new I was joking. I enjoyed running and making her happy, so going further wasn't too bad. Edward could only feel our minds a few miles out, so he might be a little ticked when we went beyond his reach. I had a feeling Nessie didn't care though. She was having her first bouts of teenaged rebellion at the ripe old age of four years.

Her ever maturing body was that of a thirteen year old and I could smell the hormones in her changing. It was weird to experience and have to deal with, but I was dealing and so were Edward and Bella. Rosalie, the obsessive bitch that she was, wanted to know if Nessie would be able to conceive children. I didn't know what I thought about that. I mean, that blonde anywhere near my children? Uh...no! I shook my head, hoping Edward hadn't heard that thought. I didn't plan on doing anything with Nessie for fourteen years at least. Sure, she'll be an adult within the next three years, but she wouldn't have the life experience to be old enough. She was smart and mature, but she didn't fully understand how the world worked.

Can we stop here?

I did as she asked and looked around. I could no longer smell the city and I realized we were pretty close to Canada. I kneeled so she could climb off my back. Hunting was a game to us. We raced to see who could catch the most and the biggest. She had gone from herbivores to carnivores months ago. Her mother didn't know this of course. Edward kept it between the three of us. If Bella knew her baby was hunting mountain lions, she'd burst a blood vessel (if she had some of course).

Nessie won a lot, let me tell you. I'd get distracted watching her. Not like that of course. Anyone would be hard pressed to concentrate around her. She moved with such grace and precision, I forgot my purpose for being out in the middle of the woods.

Her small growl interrupted my thoughts and I focused on what she was doing. Sure enough, her favorite prey was stalking towards her, hoping to make a meal out of the fragile looking child.

She looked like a little girl, alone, defenseless. Nessie crouched a bit, fingers resting on the ground. They struck at the same time and I cringed, jumping to my feet. Just in case. I was never needed, but still, just in case.

She was triumphant, a goddess of the hunt. I left her with her meal to find one of my own, though I had learned to stomach the food Edward cooked. It was still something I liked to do with her. It made us similar in a way. Leah said it made me loose my humanity...maybe she was right. Nessie even saw it that way, but she never asked me to outright stop. If she did, I would gladly do so.

I preferred deer to anything. Easy to catch and digest and humans ate deer right? I was just finishing my meal when I felt her climb onto my back. She looked clean, but I noticed she had changed into a fresh t-shirt.


I nodded and took off towards home. About a mile out of the city, I let her off my back and moved behind a bush and out of her sight. When I came back she was standing where I had left her with a frown on her face.

"What is it?" I asked.

She shrugged and turned towards home, setting our pace at a fast walk. She hated the city more than I did and did not want to linger in it. When we finally made it home, she hurried through the living room and into her bedroom, closing the door behind her.

Edward frowned and turned to me, eye's accusing. "What did you do?"

I held up my hands. "Nothing. Really."

Edward's eyes narrowed, but he didn't continue to question me. I hightailed it out of the room and up to my own bedroom, where I threw myself onto my bed and opened up my math text book. Here I was, twenty, and going to high school as a sixteen year old, or so my new birth certificate, passport and drivers license said.

I got bored quickly. School was never my thing and I really didn't need it at the moment. According to Edward though, I needed a college degree in case I ever had to support Nessie. She was a smart girl though, she could provide for me, as I told her old fashioned father. He didn't like that very much.

I threw the text book across the room, hearing the very satisfying thump. Not two seconds later, Bella was in the doorway. "You do that homework," she growled.

The whole mother thing had ruined Bella. Sure she had always been kind of old, but this was ridiculous. I swear she pitched the biggest fit if I didn't clean behind my ears, brush my hair or eat my vegetables.

I heard Edward chuckle from downstairs, probably, in response to my thought, and Bella growl.

"Alright, alright," I muttered, picking up the textbook.

"Get Renesmee to help you or something."

I scowled at her, but figured it might be a somewhat good idea. The kid had studied this stuff when she was one or something like that.

"I'm sleeping!" Nessie called, before me or her mother could call out for help.

Bella frowned and so did I. It was odd for Nessie to deny any of us help. I shrugged, telling Bella I did not know what was up with her.

"She's been acting this way since we got back," I said.

"You can't not keep thinking about it forever," Edward called.

"Yes I can!" the teenaged four year old yelled back.


I sighed. "I'll go talk to her."

To say I was nervous was an understatement. The last time something had been wrong and I went to talk to her, Nessie had attacked me. Literally. Those little bites she had given me as a baby were not so little any more. Carlisle had had to pull her off of me.

I was hurt at first. I mean, she was my soul mate, my other half and she had claimed that I was "her Jacob" at more than one point. I felt a bit better when Carlisle told me that this was some form of hybrid puberty. Remembering my sisters made everything clear once more.

I approached the door to her room and knocked softly.

"Go away, Jacob."

"Nessie," I whined. Hey, I wasn't above it. "Nes? C'mon, let me in."


I sighed. "Why are you mad at me?"

"I'm not," she snapped.

"Then why don't you want to talk to me." I tried to sound as pitiful as possible. That usually got her to do things for me. As suspected the door cracked open and I saw Nessie's brown eyes staring at me.

She stepped aside and let me in. I looked around her room, shocked at the décor like I always was. Her room was a mix of classic sophistication and teenage-ish whatever. Her bed was made out of dark wood and the mattress made up with blue. The rest of the room was modernish looking, complete with desk and computer.

I sat down backwards on the desk chair, leaning my chin against the backrest.


"It's nothing," she said quickly, sitting on her bed and pulling a pillow into her lap. She inspected the hem of the pillow case. "Nothing really important."


She groaned and buried her face in the pillow shaking her head. "I can't tell you. Daddy knows now, but...I don't want to tell you."

"Nes..." my voice was firm and I stared hard at her.

She sighed. "Don't be mad."

I rolled my eyes. "You should know by now that I can't get mad at you."

She frowned. "Yes you can. I've seen you. Remember when I-"

"I can't really get mad at you," I continued, rolling my eyes again.

She frowned in thought and then sighed. Her slender fingers reached towards me, barely brushing my cheek.

I saw myself going into the woods to change and her trepidation before she...followed me.! I jerked away from her hand and she turned completely red.

"Y-you," I stuttered.

"I'm sorry," she said quickly. "But I wanted to see-"

"And your dad knows?" I was beyond panic now. Edward was going to kill me.

"Yes, but I made sure that I stressed the fact that you didn't know I followed."

"Damn right I didn't know!" She cringed and I felt bad. I sighed.

"I'm sorry. I just wanted to see what one looked like. Would you rather I had spied on some neighbor."

"Hello? The internet."

I heard Edward's growl from downstairs but I ignored it. She could have used the internet. It would have been way less awkward for me if she had.

She waved her hand in a dismissing gesture. "Those aren't realistic...thought I may have been wrong from what I sa-"

"Okay, Ness!" I shouted, bringing my hands up and stepping away.

She blushed again. "Sorry."

"It's okay. Let's just not talk about this again."

"It never happened."

"That's a good idea." Edward had somehow come into the room without either of us noticing.

"I'll never look at another one, either," she promised.

"Good idea," I replied.

Edward glanced at me and then looked away. I was thankful my mind didn't think about Nessie in the way he feared. Yeah, I knew what those looks meant every time she did something that would remind me that she was growing up. That she was turning physically into a woman. I couldn't think of her that way. Not yet. I grinned at Edward before quickly going into my room and locking the door.