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Almost Like Gravity

Jacob and Nessie's life is full of sad, funny and all around insane adventures as the learn to grow up together as one. BREAKING DAWN SPOILERS!!!

Summary: Jacob and Nessie's life is full of crazy, crazy, adventures. It's expecting, being a shape-shifter and a hybrid imprint of said shape-shifter. Jessie is the name I gave the pairing of Jake and Nessie, because I seem to be the only one who supports such a pairing. I'm trying to change you guys mind right now.

2. High School Is Not A Musical So Don?t Let Disney Fool You

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Chapter 2: High School Is Not A Musical So Don’t Let Disney Fool You

Nessie looked very nervous as she stared at the white walls of the Alaskan high school. We had to pull her out of Seattle quickly when she suddenly had a growth spurt. She now looked fifteen, which was a lot different than thirteen. She was to begin her Freshman year of high school, with my continuing as a junior. Edward liked the bug me I figured, as I was some kind of delinquent with a record now. A foster kid adopted by Carlisle and Esme in a hopes that I would straighten out.

I narrowed my eyes and stared at the building with anger. I had to admit, though, I liked the fearful looks people gave me.

A small cold hand touched my neck. "It will be fine," I whispered, feeling her fear through the pictures she gave me. The hand was back and I saw flashes of movie scenes about high school. "Mine wasn't like that. Even if it was small," I added after another picture.

She moved away from me and sighed.

"It'll be fine," I promised her.

I don't know if she believed me, but she went started up the stairs anyway. It had to be fine. Bella wouldn't let her out of the house if it wasn't. I wondered why Bella didn't decide to home school Nessie or something like that to avoid such panic.

I sighed and followed her up.

Since she was a freshman and I was a junior our paths rarely crossed. I was, however, aware of her every move. She avoided talking to people if she could help it, but the guys eyed her. Why wouldn't they? She was gorgeous. One of them even went up to talk to her.

I could hear what they were saying perfectly.

"Hey, my name's Seth."

I felt my stomach go heavy at the sound of the familiar name. Out of all the people back home in Forks, I missed Seth the most. Seth with his loving, pure and forgiving mind. I think Nessie made the connection to, because her eyes suddenly turned sad.

"Renesmee," she said softly.

"That's an interesting name," he said after a moments pause.

"It's a mix between my two grandmother's names."

Seth nodded. "Huh. So you're new. Don't have many friends? Maybe we could-"

"My uncle's name is Seth. You kind of remind me of him."

Seth looked nothing like our Seth, but I saw what she was doing right away. She wasn't interested and was letting him know politely. They made small talk for awhile: "How did she like it here." "Is it different from where you once lived?" Things like that.

She left quickly, showing off her to-graceful- steps in the process. Seth blinked, but shook his head. She walked over to me quickly and I watched as the boys eyes drew away from her.

"Can we go now?"

I nodded and randomly glared around as she followed me out of the school. I climbed into Bella's Ferrari, waiting for her to climb into the front seat.

"Can we take a more nondescript car tomorrow?" she asked.

I shrugged and pulled out of the parking lot, speeding down the road. The town we were living in was so small that our house was part of the hospital that Carlisle worked at. I, personally, don't believe the smell of death and sickness was any better than the smell of the city, but hey what could you do? I was hoping Nessie would have another growth spurt so we could move again. Maybe somewhere where there weren't any bad smells. Forks again? No...people would get suspicious.

I really missed my pack. I wondered if they would come if I asked. Of course they would.

"What's wrong?"

I shrugged. "I miss them."

Her hand on my neck and I saw Seth, Leah, Quil and Embry.

"Yes," I said softly.

She missed them too. More pictures.

"Seth might come and Leah, but not Quil. He'll stay with Claire."

"Like you stay with me."

I nodded.

"You don't have to. If you miss them."

I smiled at her. "You don't mean that."

She shrugged. "You'll be happy."

"And you won't be, so I will stay."

She grinned at me. "Maybe uncle Seth and aunt Leah will come for a visit. You should ask."

"I might. Come on, let's go inside."

That night, I phased and focused on my home back in Washington. I found Leah right away, she was jogging around the reservation in wolf form. She was surprised when I talked to her.

Miss me, eh?

I miss Seth, I retorted.

Of course, but you miss me more.

Yes, I grudgingly replied. How are you?

Awesome. I'm getting married.


His name is Mark. I met him in school.

But you didn't-

No. It's love the natural way.

I'm happy for you.

Thank you.

I guess this means you can't come and visit me?

No, but Seth can. And you can come back with him for the wedding.


Don't worry, I felt her mentally roll her eyes. You can bring Nessie.

She'll be glad to go home. So will I. We both miss it.

I don't see how she would miss it. You and her precious mother are with her. What's here?

Home, I paused. And her aunt Leah.

Leah snorted. Yeah, right. She only calls me that to humor you, you know. She secretly hates me.

No she doesn't.

Leah sighed. Okay, but she wants to bite me.

She bit me all the time. She's getting a little old for that now.

What is she, five?

Four and a half. I flashed a current picture of Nessie.



Hi, Seth, I laughed.

I haven't talked to you in forever!

You haven't phased in forever.

Have too. You're just never phased at the same time.


How's Nessie?

Fine. She misses Forks.

I miss her. And you.

You're welcome to visit.


Of course.

Can I go Leah?

He's the alpha, she said, rolling her eyes again.

Awesome! When?

Whenever. I should go now. I have homework.

Haha, at almost twenty one?

I never finished High School, remember, Leah?

Leah chuckled again.

See you soon, Jake, Seth said.

See ya.

I phased and pulled on my clothes, heading back home. I was glad that even at eighteen Seth was still Seth. He was still sweet and pure of heart. Nothing had changed him.

As I entered the house I was surprised to find Nessie crying and Jasper to look ill at ease. My hackles automatically rose, but I took a deep breath to calm myself. She didn't need me to freak out.

"Nessie?" Bella crooned, what's wrong.

Edward's jaw was set and he looked at me. "Did you see it happen?"

"See what?"

Edward growled a bit. "I thought you were keeping an eye on her."

"I do!" I snapped. "We're in different grades, our paths hardly cross. What happened?"

"I don't want to go back," I heard her whisper.

"Nessie, they're-they're just being girls. They're mean."

"There were boys there too."

I pushed past Edward and sat on Nessie's other side. "What happened?" I asked her.

She turned from her mother and touched both her hands to my cheeks. A group of four girls, probably pretty girls, stood around her. They said things to her that made my hair stand on end. She didn't belong, she was different, weird, a freak. She was to smart.

It was the word Freak that focused on with a question. I thought about it. She was too pretty, to smart, to graceful. A freak and all the good ways. Those girls were jealous. And I'm not just saying that. A third party observer would see it too.

I removed her hands from my face. "They're just words, Nessie. The only one who gives those words power is you."

She blinked at me. "They're so mean. I don't want to go back. I want to stay home with momma."

"You can't, Nessie. You need to experience human life and school is the best way," Bella said, sounding like she wanted to say anything else but that.

"Jake please!" She wrapped her arms around my neck and buried her face in my shoulder. "Please, Jacob, please."

It hurt so much to tell her no. Everything in me was saying to give her what she wanted.

"Jacob's right," Edward said. "They're only words and they can't hurt you unless you let them."

"Sticks and stones," she muttered.

I nodded.

"They're just jealous," Rosalie's voice came from the stairs. "Just wait, when you're older and full grown they won't dare talk to you."

"B-but I want some people to talk to me. Some people were nice."

"And you should hang around with those nice people," Bella said.

"Or Jacob," Edward said quickly. "Especially Jacob."

I knew he had seen Seth at School in Nessie's mind.

Nessie nodded. "You'll still have to drag me back."

"We'll take the car you want," I promised.

She smiled a little. "I should go do the homework I guess."

"So should Jacob," Bella said.

I glared at her.