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There's a new girl in the town of Forks, she's smart, musical and down to earth. Sound like anyone we know? So what happens when she meets the Cullens? ES FINITO! Also some people haven't realized this, I changed the title of this from, 'A New Point of veiw' to it's current title 'Afterlife'. Sorry for the confusion! Also in this and all of my other stories the pictures do not belong to me I don't claim them in any way what so ever and I put who does own them in the chapter. Don't sue me please.colorful-12.gif image by Erka_03Someone left me a review with a banner! I was so happy but then my mouse got knocked and the review got deleted. So if you are that amazing person who made me a banner, can you please try and put it in another review? I would be eternally greatfull.

I own none of the characters in the fabulous Twilight Saga. The rest however are figments of my imagination. For anyone who knows me I picked the name for the main character because I couldn't think of a better one, and once I put it in there it just worked.

18. Chapter 18

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Okay I am officially confused. Every time I look at Kate this weird photo pops into my head. At first glance I would have thought it was an human memory of my mother, but there were slight differences. The girl looked younger, not at all close to the age my mother was, she had shorter hair, and darker eyes still the green but a deeper, emerald then my mother’s was.

It looked like Kate but that was impossible. Oh well.

I was surprised when I pulled myself a of my thoughts. We were already at the top of Sears, tower. Bella was looking over the edge, Alice was looking at the pictures of Chicago’s History on the walls. Obviously avoiding the windows. Hm…I never realized she was afraid of heights.

"Not Exactly," Kate whispered to me, "she’s afraid of heights when she’s standing still, she’s okay with heights when they’re moving. Like an airplane…or a rollercoaster." I nodded and went to stand by Bella.

After a few minutes I started pointing things out to her. She smiled at me then looked back at the window looking for the places I pointed at.

Kate, walked up to the glass fifteen minutes later, I sighed. Why couldn’t anyone leave us alone?

She looked down at the city and muttered, "God this always reminds me of him." Then she looked at me, If you want to take Bella back to your old house you better get moving. She thought opening her mind.

I smiled and thanked her in my head. I pulled Bella over to the line for the elevators. It was another fifteen minutes going down squished into the elevator with as many people as they could fit.

When we got to the car again, I took a closer look at Kate. I realized she looked like me short reddish hair with darker streaks in it and about my height. She had the golden eyes that we all had, but deeper circles, around them. Almost like her eyes were sunken, because of something. There was no doubt she was beautiful, just like all vampires. But there was something off in my head. Like I was missing something.

The picture popped into my head again, and I compared the two. There wasn’t a whole lot of resemblance, but maybe that was because of the depressed look Kate always has. Same general facial features except that Kate’s was sharper, same general age. There was no way to tell if the two were the same, it just wasn’t possible. The memory, if that’s what it was, was just to dull.

By that time we were in a boat yard thing. Bella and Alice were starring around in confusion, wile Kate smirked. Kate stopped and got out of the car, when she pulled up to one of those big multicolored containers that they put on boats sometimes.

"Like the Dark Night?" Alice asked referring to a recent movie. Kate laughed and nodded. The container was empty inside, but Kate still motioned us to a section of the floor, as soon as we were all in it started to lower. I looked at Kate alarmed.

"You just can’t get used to the fact I can move things without touching them can you?" she asked me.

Bella and Alice laughed. I just grimaced, its not exactly an easy thing to get used to.

As we were loweringwe could see three vehicles parked in the, room for lack of a better word. A truck, a motorcycle, and a Jaguar. There were two piles of boxes, one considerably smaller then the other.

"We take that pile," she said gesturing to the smaller pile which consisted of only three boxes. I think Alice had a heart attack.

"WHAT!!!" She screeched , "bu-but what about the other pile!"

"That. Is my. Source of. Income." She said trying to open a panel on the wall.

"Huh?" Alice asked walking over to help Kate. When they got the panel open Kate climbed in and paced two instruments to Alice.

"They’re clothes from past decades, I sell them to museums, theater companies. Crap like that." She said pushing the last instrument out. It hovered in midair while she climbed out. The last black case was huge, bigger then a keyboard, but small enough to have a handle.

"We have to bring some!" Alice exclaimed.

"Ah, sure just bring whatever you like they’re labeled." I had a feeling she had no idea what Alice what was going to do with those clothes. I really didn’t either, maybe she just wanted some clothes, who knows?

"What is that?" nodding at the instrument when they were finished talking. She grinned and started to open it. It was putting itself together when Kate explained.

"It’s a custom instrument that I had made back in the nineties . You can only play it if you have an advanced form of telekinesis." She beckoned us over. The thing was like a DJ stand, keyboard, guitar, violin, basically all of the instruments in one.

The majority of the bottom was a keyboard but instead of the standard sixty-five keys normal keyboards have it had the standard of grand pianos, eighty-five keys. Above that was a full xylophone. There were three sets of strings, a guitar, violin, and base. There were picks, and a smaller version of a bow in a small bowl in the instrument All of the brass instrument were buttons and sliders. The buttons resembled the valves, and the sliders controlled how much air went into the tubes, that were disguised as speakers. There had to have been a fan or something inside of the body, because there were no mouth pieces any where.

"That’s insane," I told her still looking at the instrument. "Wouldn’t then fan inside make noises?"

"Ever heard of a silent air conditioning?"

"Oh." She ran her fingers over the keys then the instrument took itself apart and folded neatly into the case, which shut. I decided I would never get used to the

telekinetic thing.

"Alright," she said as she made all of the boxes float into the truck, "Lets go."