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There's a new girl in the town of Forks, she's smart, musical and down to earth. Sound like anyone we know? So what happens when she meets the Cullens? ES FINITO! Also some people haven't realized this, I changed the title of this from, 'A New Point of veiw' to it's current title 'Afterlife'. Sorry for the confusion! Also in this and all of my other stories the pictures do not belong to me I don't claim them in any way what so ever and I put who does own them in the chapter. Don't sue me please.colorful-12.gif image by Erka_03Someone left me a review with a banner! I was so happy but then my mouse got knocked and the review got deleted. So if you are that amazing person who made me a banner, can you please try and put it in another review? I would be eternally greatfull.

I own none of the characters in the fabulous Twilight Saga. The rest however are figments of my imagination. For anyone who knows me I picked the name for the main character because I couldn't think of a better one, and once I put it in there it just worked.

31. Chapter 31

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Chapter 31

Kate is a mess I thought looking at her through the window of the room, all three of her friends were in a coma. Carlisle said that it was likely they wouldn't come out of it.

"We'd have to change them if they are going to live," Carlisle said to me when I was back in the waiting room. I nodded knowing that Kate wouldn't go for it. She wouldn't want to damn anyone to this life either.

"Carlisle," Kate's voice sounded through the hospital. Both of us rushed to the waiting room, "Bridget's awake." she said looking at us when we walked in.

"Hi," Bridget said through her bandages. I said hi back, and Carlisle nodded he gave a meaningful look at Kate. She grimaced but nodded.

"Bridge, Maxi, and Aaron are still in a coma, and there's a really really good chance that you will go back into one, in probably about two minutes. But we can save you all. It'll be really different and possibly horrible at times, and you'd live forever, but..." she trailed off knowing that Bridget got the gist of the situation.

There was a very loud beep, and Bridget's heart monitor, started slowing down. Kate looked around at us frantically. She knew nothing about anything medical what so ever. Carlisle quickly went to Bridget as soon as her heart stopped, calling nurses in he tried to get it to start beating again. I stood there a little shocked, I'd never actually seen someone's heart stop. It was horribly fascinating. Kate was cowering in the corner thinking that she'd done something to make this happen.

For five minutes they worked on Bridget, Carlisle was determined not to let her die. Eventually she was stable, but back in a coma with an even less chance of waking up. The nurses left the room, and Carlisle sat down on a chair.

"How did this even happen!" Kate shouted suddenly, "None of them even know how to drive!"

"The police report said something like that," Carlisle said having read it, "Aaron was driving. The other two, I don't know." Carlisle already seemed to have a familiarity with Kate's three friends, Esme having asked Kate how they met and Carlisle having been in the room.

All three of them were in surgery and Kate was fidgeting in the waiting room seats. I was sitting next to her with Bella in my lap asleep; I had gone to get her while Carlisle and Kate went to the hospital. She'd insisted that I should be here with my sister, and when I wouldn't leave her, she offered to come with me. I figured it was a fair compromise.

The rest of the family was scattered around the hospital. Not wanting to feel the stress of the waiting room, Jasper had gone to the children's ward with Alice who loved playing with the little kids. There mood was considerably lighter then all of the adults who actually knew what was going on. Emmett and Rosalie had gone hunting. Carlisle was trying to get the police files, and Esme was sitting next to Kate, worried about her new daughter.

"Kate, why don't you tell me how you four met?" She asked, hoping to get Kate's mind off the present, and future.

"It's a funny story actually." Kate had said, "It was the first time I was back in Chicago after having spent twenty years in London, to check out some of the up and coming bands. I went to this old place it used to be a decent records store. They'd turned it into a coffee shop.

I had nowhere else to go until I found a place to stay. So I sat down with my headphones in. About an hour later three teenagers came running in, and hid behind the couch I was sitting on. About two seconds later a cop came running in. He saw that they weren't in the room, so he went up to the counter. He said he was looking for three teenagers, on female, two males.

They were trying to sneak out the door when he turned around. He ran over to them and grabbed Maxi by the hood. When Maxi screamed, because he fell down, he's always been clumsy, not really surprising, I went over. I just asked what they stole and paid for it. The rest of the day they followed me around trying to make it up to me. Then Bridget suggested that I move into the apartment they were staying at, I didn't have anywhere else to go so I said sure. The rest is pretty much obvious."

After she was done, I noticed Carlisle in the room. Before he could say anything the doors burst open and they wheeled Maxi out. Kate shot up and walked next to the stretcher, asking how he was.

As soon as the nurses were gone Carlisle stood up and went to Kate. "Bridget nodded, just before her heart stopped. You thought it was due to the heart stopping no doubt, but her head would've fallen back not forward. We should change them."

Kate looked, from Carlisle to me and back again, she finally locked on me, and looked at me with a pleading expression. She was older than me and asking my advice! In what world did that make sense? I shrugged, and she glared at me.

"Oh come on! I don't know what you should do! I can barely make up my mind if I really want to change Bella!" I said moodily. This wasn't the kind of conversation I wanted to have. It was getting way to deep into the 'Is changing Bella the best thing to do' situation.

"That's just it. If Bella was sick and there was no way to save her, by normal means would you change her?" She asked me looking at me strait on, evaluating my expression. I was shocked to say the least. She was asking me to make a decision on the very thing that I had been debating on since I met Bella.

Going back on all the times I'd thought I'd lost Bella there is no way I could live without her I knew that. But I didn't want to damn her either.

We aren't damned, Ed. Kate thought to me if we were we wouldn't know that the most important thing we can do in life is love another persons.

I stared at her, and nodded. I couldn't let go of Bella, I wouldn't and she was right, it made sense though I always thought that’d she’d think like I did, though that may be the reason she thought that. If there was one reason that I’d think we weren’t damned that’d be it, surprising that I’d never thought of it though.

Kate sighed bringing me back to reality, looking at Carlisle she nodded.

"Alright," Alice said busting in and going into planning mode almost immediately. "The only way this will work is if...." As Alice went on about 'the plan' Kate started humming to herself. Then singing softly.

If you, if you could return
Don't let it burn, don't let it fade
I'm sure I'm not being rude
But it's just your attitude
It's tearing me apart
It's ruining everything
I swore, I swore I would be true
And honey so did you
So why were you holding her hand
Is that the way we stand
Were you lying all the time
Was it just a game to you

But I'm in so deep
You know I'm such a fool for you
You got me wrapped around your finger
Do you have to let it linger
Do you have to, do you have to let it linger
Oh, I thought the world of you
I thought nothing could go wrong
But I was wrong, but I was wrong