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There's a new girl in the town of Forks, she's smart, musical and down to earth. Sound like anyone we know? So what happens when she meets the Cullens? ES FINITO! Also some people haven't realized this, I changed the title of this from, 'A New Point of veiw' to it's current title 'Afterlife'. Sorry for the confusion! Also in this and all of my other stories the pictures do not belong to me I don't claim them in any way what so ever and I put who does own them in the chapter. Don't sue me please.colorful-12.gif image by Erka_03Someone left me a review with a banner! I was so happy but then my mouse got knocked and the review got deleted. So if you are that amazing person who made me a banner, can you please try and put it in another review? I would be eternally greatfull.

I own none of the characters in the fabulous Twilight Saga. The rest however are figments of my imagination. For anyone who knows me I picked the name for the main character because I couldn't think of a better one, and once I put it in there it just worked.

39. Chapter 39

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Chapter 39

"Oh no you don’t." Kate snarled grabbing Aaron by the back of the collar before he get a hostage. And threw him against a tree. "What the hell were you thinking? Running like that. We’ve told you so many times La Push is off limits! What-were-you-doing-so-close-to-the-border!" She continued, punctuating each word of her last sentence by slamming him against the tree with force, almost splitting the tree in half.

Aaron smirked slowly, his eyes slowly changing colors to a more orange red then it already was which made him look evil. He grabbed the wrist of the hand Kate was holding him by and held on.

"Frick!" Kate screamed suddenly jumping away from him and rubbing her arm. I cold see a flaming red burn on her arm in the shape of Aaron’s hand. They both crouched in a fighting stance, and I noticed Aaron’s hands were a bright red and smoking.

"Lets just say I never liked rules." Aaron said still smirking and lunged at Kate.

We all moved forward wanting to help but couldn’t move within five feet of them. "Kate!" I roared knowing what she’d done. "Let us in we can help!"

She tried answer, but being absorbed in the fight with Aaron I only slightly heard, "Well I promised Bella-" and I wasn’t even sure that’s what she said. Aaron was lunging constantly trying to get behind her or reach her neck. She was dodging though not as fast as Aaron, using some of her tricks to confuse him.

He saw three different Kates as apposed to the one he was actually fighting and he was doing his best to keep up with her, and the two other illusions.

"What is going on why does he keep on missin’ her entirely?" Emmett muttered.

"He sees three of her." I told him quietly.

"What?!" he asked, scratching his head and looking at me confused.

"Never mind," I told him, muttering ‘imbecile’ under my breath.

There was a ripping sound and I looked to see the Kate he wasn’t busy with, the real one as it were, ripping one of his arms off and tossing it towards Alice who was the only one who knew the extent of what was going on grabbed the shoulder of it and instructed Emmett to start digging a hole.

Meanwhile Aaron had gotten around Kate’s trick as only the real one smelled like her, and seeing no point in keeping it up if he could see through it Kate was fighting him on her own.

"Why doesn’t she just pick him up with her telepathy or whatever its called and rip him to pieces?" Maxi asked.

"Because its harder when they struggle, and know what’s happening he’s not an inanimate object." Bridget hissed at him.

There was a high pitched scream and my head jerked back to the fight seeing that Aaron had grabbed Kate’s arm, and both his hand and her forearm were smoking, Kate screamed in pain, and wrenched out of his grasp grabbing his foot as he moved away and ripping it off throwing it away in the trees. Emmett going to get it, and burry it where it had landed.

Aaron lunged again but this time Kate wasn’t fast enough and they went to the floor, wrestling both trying to rip the other person’s head off first. Every so often we could hear a scream from Kate as Aaron grabbed a hold of her, and burnt her.

I struggled to get into the circle Kate had made. Pounding against it, running back and running into it. Nothing worked and eventually I had to accept that I could only sit and watch and maybe try to figure out how could help.

"Maxi! Can you decrease her pain, or whatever?" I asked.

"I tried earlier but I can’t get through the circle."


There was a loud scream and we all looked toward the circle again, both Aaron and Kate had the other by the necks, and Aaron’s hand was burning Kate and making it really hard for her to rip his head off.

"What happened?" Kate started to choke out, "to you?"

"I’d rather have died."

A light went out in Kate's eyes, "Well then I’ll do you a favor." she said, used her leg to kick him over, and unbalance him, and ripped his head off.