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Esme is about to jump off of that cliff in northern Wisconsin... the one that was meant to lead her to her son, yet it led her to her true love.

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1. Chapter 1

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I took a slow step closer to the edge. Closer to my death. Closer to my baby, my son.

My son. He had died after just three short days of his life. They were the best three days of my life. It was unfair, so unfair. All happiness in my life had been taken after just a small amount of time with it. With them. Carlisle and my son were the two things that had made my life wonderful. But it didn't last, neither of them did.

I take another step. There is just one more. Then I could see him again.

Or not.

Would I see him in heaven? Would I be allowed to go there? He, of course, would be there. He had been nothing short of perfect all of his life. I... had not. I had done many things wrong. Or was I just mixing up things that I had done with things that my... husband had done?

Many things in my life have been unpleasant. My parents and Charles make up most of that unpleasantness. How my parents could have forced me into that marriage with that terrible creature was beyond me. I was lucky to have escaped with my life. Well, what was left of it.

For months, all I really lived for was the fact that my son needed me. He had been my light in the darkness, my savior of sorts. He was perfect, absolutely perfect. He had had soft golden hair and large blue eyes. He had no traces of Charles in him, and only a bit of me. If I hadn't known better, I would have thought that he was Carlisle's.

Carlisle. Oh how I missed him so much. Sure, I had only known him for a few short weeks, but that was enough. Enough for me to fall in love with him, forever. No matter how long we were apart, I would be forever his. I would not expect the same from him. He could fall in love with another, and I would be all right with that. He deserved someone much, much better than I ever was, or could be. I was always thankful that I had been disobedient enough to climb that tree, and to break my leg. Which led me to him.

I took that last step. I was wavering on the edge. The tiniest breeze could push me off this ledge. I wished it would, then I would be with my little son again.

Taking a deep breath, I placed a foot in the open, thin air. The anticipation of what I was about to do was...huge.

I glanced out at the lake in front of me. It reached all the way to the northern and eastern horizons. Lake Superior. I could see why they named it that. It was superior to every other lake in this country. Even on this side of the world. The western horizon was filled with the brilliant colors of a dying day.

It would be the last thing I ever saw.

And I was fine with that.

Closing my eyes, I stepped off of the cliff.