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You and Me

Bella, Edward, and the rest of the crew are fifteen. When the Cullens move to Forks, everyone falls in the normal teenage routine. Except Edward. He can't seem to fit in any where. Until he meets a group of people who except him. Including Bella Swan, a quite, beautiful girl that he seems to be falling in love with. AU ITS FINISHED! I changed the title name, from Same Faces Different Circumstances to You and Me. If you listen to the song You and Me by Lifehouse you'll understand why. 102k212.jpg Converse love image by holli1018The picture in this story and the rest of my stories, are NOT mine! The people who they belong to are in the chapter notes!

This idea just kind of poped into my head. The whole story will be in Ed's POV I think I might make one in Bella's or Cat's. I hope you like it!

11. It's just getting started

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Holding_Hands.jpg Holding_Hands picture by kidpro2009

That was great!" Cat yelled as we all walked up the street to the ice cream parlor, well Shane, Bells, and I were walking Cat was dancing, literally. Normally it would remind me of Alice, but she did it naturally, Cat not so much. It was like we were walking on clouds after the performance we just gave. We were giddy (what a stupid word but hey whatever works) knowing that there was a very very VERY good chance that we were going to win.

"I didn't think it would go so good," Bella said in her small voice. It was a strong contrast to Cat's rather loud and obnoxious shout. You wouldn't believe that they'd be best friends if you just told them their personalities. But in reality they had so much in common they could be twin sisters doing everything together, and even finishing each other sentences. So in reality they contrasted perfectly.

"Tell my mother; tell my father, I've done the best I can!" Cat started singing loudly. Bella laughed and started singing with her.

"To make them realize this is my life, I hope they understand." I was again shocked at her voice. Why can't I get used to it! She's just too good! My stomach twisted in knots AGAIN as I looked at her. There was something wrong with me. I wonder if I have a disease. That would explain everything.

They both started to sing the next line, but they busted up laughing instead.

"You two always do that!" Shane exclaimed, "You guys sound great but then you just burst out laughing whenever you sing together!" he was obviously frustrated and I could see why, they were amazing. I really wanted to hear more of that song, but apparently they always start laughing too hard by the time they get though the second verse. Ugh!

Bella and Cat kept laughing, walking ahead of us and basically just being random. Cat actually stopped walking and did the Charlie Brown and singing an oldies rap song, which basically had us all rolling around the floor laughing.

Bella did a cartwheel and we all stared at her, even if she was Cat's best friend she wasn't one to do anything even remotely weird. She giggled and blushed, making my heart lurch. There's really something wrong with me. "I didn't even know I could do that," Bella said between giggles, and we all busted up. I felt like we were drunk! Even if I was pretty sure that none of us had ever had a drink in our lives.

"Ice cream!" Cat shouted as the ice cream pallor came into view. Throwing us into hysterics’ as she ran forward pointing at the shop screaming, “Charge! To the Bat Cave!"

“You watched too many Batman episodes when you were a kid,” Shane muttered breaking the shocked silence, and taking the lead in following Cat into the shop or bat cave I suppose if you were Cat.

As we walked in we saw Cat pressing her face into the glass and saying “I want bubblegum, no cherry, can I have a mix of those with chocolate?” Bella walked up behind her and smacked her on the back of the head.

“No mixing, if you do you’ll get gas and I’m spending the night at your house.” I think I peed myself I laughed so hard. It was never a dull moment hanging out with these three and I had a feeling things were just getting started.