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You and Me

Bella, Edward, and the rest of the crew are fifteen. When the Cullens move to Forks, everyone falls in the normal teenage routine. Except Edward. He can't seem to fit in any where. Until he meets a group of people who except him. Including Bella Swan, a quite, beautiful girl that he seems to be falling in love with. AU ITS FINISHED! I changed the title name, from Same Faces Different Circumstances to You and Me. If you listen to the song You and Me by Lifehouse you'll understand why. 102k212.jpg Converse love image by holli1018The picture in this story and the rest of my stories, are NOT mine! The people who they belong to are in the chapter notes!

This idea just kind of poped into my head. The whole story will be in Ed's POV I think I might make one in Bella's or Cat's. I hope you like it!

2. Popular girls from Hell

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Our mom dropped us off at Forks High school in the morning. Alice was bouncing she was so excited. We all headed to the front office to get our schedules. Walking to my first class I could have sworn my life was crashing all around me.

All of my classes were agony, every single kid starred at me, just because I was new. I felt like a criminal, on trial for murder. Not to mention this girl Jessica was in every class, and she wouldn’t stop starring even if I caught her! It was scary.

Finally Lunch came, the relief of the day. Now if only I could find a table. Searching the cafeteria I could pick out the initial groups. The burn outs, juvenile delinquents, and sexually active were in groups by one corner. The jocks, populars, and preps where the rest of my family would be sitting, were in another. The next was the goody two shoes, the overly religious, and the nerds. The last corner was obvious, punks and Goths, but there was also two guys sitting alone staring at the door. I couldn’t really distinguish them.

I might’ve stared around longer if I didn’t see Alice waving at me from the popular table, bless her soul. I walked over with my lunch slowly hoping the bell would ring before I got over there.

But no such luck. I was able to get over to the table and sit down next to Alice in plenty of time. Another unpleasant bit was Jessica was sitting at this table. As soon as I sat down she stopped eating and started staring at me, man this girl was annoying.

“Goodness they’re so annoying,” some girl said over the tremendous roar of the cafeteria. I looked at her to find her looking at the two boys who were waiting for someone.

“Hey at least you’re not related to one of them,” the girl next to her said, “just look at my brother. I swear he’s lovesick, staring at the door waiting for Cat to come in.”

“What’s that a nickname?” Rose asked from further along the table.

“Basically, it’s her middle name. Her mom’s insane. Hell, its better then her first,” said a boy next to the girl who spoke first.

“Of course you know so much about her because you say you’re in love with her and Bella.” The girl beside him said, I finally remembered her name Lauren.

“Who’s Bella?” Alice asked, automatically instituting her name with shopping. Isabella being Italian, Italy having some of the best shopping in the world.

The Lauren girl was about to answer, but then two girls walked in, extremely late and the girl who spoke second said, “Speak of the devil.”

I looked at the girls again to see, they were very pretty. One had short strait blond hair and the other had strait brown hair. They started walking over to the two boys who were sitting alone. Looking at them, they looked relieved. They’d defiantly been waiting for them.

But now Lauren looked angry for some reason. “Hey Bella!” she yelled, “How’s your broken family doing? Still living in that rundown house?” They had stopped when they’d heard Bella’s name. The brown haired one, obviously Bella was blushing like mad and was trying to hurry over to the table, where as the other one, Cat, looked pissed.

She held Bella back and started walking over to our table. “Hey Lauren, last time I checked you didn’t have the perfect family either. So that stick that’s up your ass is either up way too far or it’s sideways.” Cat said angry, I couldn’t help it I laughed. It seemed like the perfect description of Lauren.

Looking around I was the only one who was laughing but all of my siblings were grinning. Cat looked amazed that someone at this table was laughing but then she nodded at me almost like saying thanks for backing her up.

Bella spoke up then, “Come on Cat Shane looks like he’s going to come over here any second. “ She said looking at the girl next to Lauren. Her voice was really pretty almost like tinkling bells. I sighed slightly. So low that no one heard but me.

By then Cat had her arm around Bella’s shoulder and was walking back to there table.

When I looked around everyone was staring at me. I couldn’t help but say what. Lauren had her lip curled up at me like I was bad trash. The girl next to her I think her name was Alexis looked shocked. Everyone else was biting their lips looking at Lauren.

“I’m afraid you won’t be able to sit here tomorrow,” Lauren said through her teeth. I raised my eyebrows. Was she kidding? Who made her Queen of the world?

“Your acting like it’s a privilege.” I said amused, I guess she got some tip on being evil, from somewhere.

“Oh it is we don’t let just anyone sit at this table,” she said smiling now.

“Well I’d be happy to oblige,” I said getting up. I went and throw my trash away, then walked out of the Cafeteria. Looking at my schedule I automatically perked up. My favorite class was next.