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You and Me

Bella, Edward, and the rest of the crew are fifteen. When the Cullens move to Forks, everyone falls in the normal teenage routine. Except Edward. He can't seem to fit in any where. Until he meets a group of people who except him. Including Bella Swan, a quite, beautiful girl that he seems to be falling in love with. AU ITS FINISHED! I changed the title name, from Same Faces Different Circumstances to You and Me. If you listen to the song You and Me by Lifehouse you'll understand why. 102k212.jpg Converse love image by holli1018The picture in this story and the rest of my stories, are NOT mine! The people who they belong to are in the chapter notes!

This idea just kind of poped into my head. The whole story will be in Ed's POV I think I might make one in Bella's or Cat's. I hope you like it!

6. I'm in so.... much trouble!

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 893   Review this Chapter


We were on the bikes again, and I seriously thought I was going to die! We were going to Shane’s house, and it was on a hill. A very large hill, with me still on Bella’s handle bars. I was sitting there gripping the handle bars, with all my might. Bella had offered to switch places many, many times but I couldn’t ride a bike either!

When we finally got o Shane’s house, I fell on the grass. They all just looked at me waiting to get up. I didn’t for a while, I just looked at the house upside down. It was really big but then I didn’t know how many people lived there.

I probably would have stayed on the grass longer, but Cat and Bella grabbed my arms and started to drag me to the door, and instead of being dragged in like an Idiot I got up.

Shane went into the house first, and just as he did three little kids ran by right in front of him. “Hey! Slow down where’s mom?” Shane asked, grabbing one by their collar.

“Went to go pick up Alexis’ friends.” the boy squeaked. Shane let go of the kids’ collar and he ran off.

“Shit,” all of them muttered quickly. They all started running for what seemed like the other side of the house. I followed them not exactly sure what the hell we were doing. Shane opened a door then rushed us in. The door led to a staircase that went down to the basement. Shane wrote his name on the white board attached to the door then closed it and locked it.

“I thought they were going to Lauren’s today sorry.” He said to Cat and Bella.

“No problem we got here first.” Cat said walking down the stairs and sitting on a couch.

“What’s going on?” I asked still having no idea what the hell was happening.

“Remember we said that Lauren was competing too?” Bella asked, then when I nodded, “Well Shane’s sister is Lauren’s Best Friend and they try and practice here too.”

“It got to the point where its whoever get’s here first and locks the door are the ones to get the room,” Shane said as a door slammed upstairs.

“Party time,” Cat said getting up and climbing back up the stairs she sat right by the door. We all followed and sat by the steps. We could here four pairs of feet running towards the door that we were sitting behind, then a loud swear. “Language Lauren,” Cat called from our side of the door.

“Cat you bitch, open the damn door we deserve this more then you!” Lauren called back. “Freaks aren’t allowed in the park anyways.”

“Monsters and Demons aren’t either but you’ve gone seven times.” Shane called. “All of them with your parents money.”

Lauren screamed and seemed to run off with whoever else was on the other side of the door. “Shall we practice then?” Cat said clapping her hands together and walking back down the stairs.

“What exactly are we doing?” I asked following her.

“Well we were assigned the waltz but we don’t know quite what to do for a song. We thought maybe Helena, but its too much like the original video, then we thought of Remember the Name or I’mma shine but we couldn’t make those work. Now we’re at a dead end.” Cat said laying down on the couch.

“Why don’t we do Brompton Cocktail?” Bella asked as she went through her iPod.

“Huh?” Cat and Shane asked. Bella sighed and got up going to the stereo in the corner, and plugging her iPod in.

We all listened for a while the smiles on Shane’s and Cat’s faces were growing the whole time. “Brilliant!” Cat said, then started fiddling with stereo, as Shane threw me a phone.

“Call your mom she might be worried.” he said.

Shit! I thought I’d totally forgotten they must be going crazy. I’m in so much trouble! I quickly dialed the number and waited while it rang.

“Hello?” My mother anxious voice said through the phone.

“Mom…?” I said trailing off a bit wondering how she’d react.

“Oh my Goodness Edward? Carlisle he’s alright.” She said while calling over her shoulder to my dad.

“Mom,” I groaned, ”You called Dad! It was his first day at work.”

“Well what was I supposed to do?” She asked sounding angry now, “You weren’t there when I came to pick you and your siblings up! They didn’t know where you were! No Call!”

“Mom, Mom, Mom! Calm done. I found some friends in music class, and they invited me to Shane’s house.” I said trying to calm her down. Shane motioned for the phone, I gave it to him. Shane got on the phone and explained to Mom the whole situation, including why she couldn’t talk to her mother, as his sister would take over the room.

I was amazed when he handed me back the phone and my Mom said to have fun and be home by seven.

“How in the hell did you do that?” I asked him as I hung up.

All three of them laughed, and Bella said, “Shane’s always been good at charming adults. It why he never gets detention.”

“Right now. TO WORK!!!” Cat shouted.