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You and Me

Bella, Edward, and the rest of the crew are fifteen. When the Cullens move to Forks, everyone falls in the normal teenage routine. Except Edward. He can't seem to fit in any where. Until he meets a group of people who except him. Including Bella Swan, a quite, beautiful girl that he seems to be falling in love with. AU ITS FINISHED! I changed the title name, from Same Faces Different Circumstances to You and Me. If you listen to the song You and Me by Lifehouse you'll understand why. 102k212.jpg Converse love image by holli1018The picture in this story and the rest of my stories, are NOT mine! The people who they belong to are in the chapter notes!

This idea just kind of poped into my head. The whole story will be in Ed's POV I think I might make one in Bella's or Cat's. I hope you like it!

8. Show Time

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“We have to get that note back,” Shane said he was sitting against the lockers outside. Mrs. Harrisons classroom holding his head in his hands.

“And we will,” I said sternly. This was my fault I’d get him out of it.

“How exactly?”

“Cat doesn’t have that class until after lunch. Right? And Mrs. H will probably leave the classroom for lunch.”

“What exactly are you suggesting?”

“When does Bella have that class?”

“Now is not the time for you to dwell on your infatuation with Bella! We have a serious problem. I have been hiding the fact that I like Cat like that for about two years now.”

“It’s about time you told her. Who says I like Bella like that?”

“It’s obvious man, and I don’t want her to find out like that! I don’t know what Cat would do!”

“I don’t like Bella like that, I was saying that she could stick some gum in the lock so it wouldn’t lock when Mrs. Harrison locks the door.” I said shaking my head. But as I thought of this I knew it wouldn’t work the lock on the door was too heavy I’d tear right through the gum.

“I can do one better.” A voice said from behind me. I turned around to see Bella smirking, with her arms crossed. “I was wondering you’d get up the guts to admit that you have a crush on Cat.” She said to Shane.

“See only girls use that word!” I shouted before Shane could answer.

“What did you have in mind?” Shane asked speaking over me.

“I tried to make this box in art, turned out like crap, I should stick to music. But there is a bit of it we could use.” She said dumping a bag of clay out on the floor. Sure enough there was a square little piece that would fit in the lock. “It might break it but we could just take all the notes so no one will know.”

“Brilliant!” Shane shouted jumping up and hugging Bella. She laughed and hugged him back. I felt jealous for a moment until I remembered why exactly we were doing all of this he liked Cat. Bella was a friend. No need to be jealous.

So Bella having Mrs. Harrison just before lunch and Cat not believing anything anyone said unless she saw it for herself, the plan was put into action. All I had to do was wait until lunch and sneak into Mrs. Harrisons room. That proved to be a bit difficult. I was getting nervous waiting and, the adrenalin rush from when you do stuff you don’t want to be caught doing was kicking in.

It didn’t help that Shane wasn’t going to accompany me on this misadventure, it would look too suspicious if one day he didn’t show up first for lunch after he’d been doing just that for years. I however had only know Cat for a day, although it already seemed like I’d known them forever, and didn’t have a normal time for getting to lunch.

The bell rang for lunch about then, and I got up thinking ’show time’.