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Forbidden To Love

This story was inspired by Stephenie Meyer. A thousand years of being sworn enemies, a vampire girl named Taylor Evans meets a were-wolf named Wyatt Chase and falls deeply in love with him. Due to a prophecy, Wyatt and Taylor are the saviors to bring back the peace between the vampires and were-wolves. But there are two problems; the guy who made the two species enemies, is dead and there is a manipulator vampire who is absolutely obsessed with Taylor. Will Wyatt and Taylor succeed? Or will the obsessed vampire ruin it all?

I got bored one day and I wrote this... Hope you like it!

1. The Beginning Of All Hatred

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A thousand years ago, two magical species that us humans believe are not real, lived together in harmony, in peace.

Vampires and were-wolves. Now sworn enemies. Once one of the other comes close to each other, the killing starts. It all happened because of a mortal human named Richard Cayne.

The date was June 21, 1000. It was the nine hundredth anniversary of when the Nobles, four vampires, four were-wolves, two men and women on each side established the Ancient Treaty for Humanity Protection between vampires and were-wolves. They hosted the Festival of the Tradition Treaty at Cedar Island, North Carolina. Nobody who attended this festival knew that it was not going to be a pretty ending.

Vampires and were-wolves have a highly developed sense of smell. To them, humans smell different. The arrival of many new coming were-wolves and vampires confused the fully-grown vampires and were-wolves. The newcomers still smelled like mortals. The perfect time for Richard to carry out his plan. He swore to himself that he would avenge his sister, Rachael Cayne, against the vampires. She was transformed into a vampire herself. Richard thought Rachael hated the life style, but in reality, it was the best time of her life.

The Festival was a splendid party while it lasted. Music of all sorts, vampires of all over the world came, so did the were-wolves. The fight began when the mortal put his plan into action.

The mortal has spent all of his adult years learning how to kill vampires and were-wolves. When the moon is dead center in the sky, a beam would shine down creating two sides; everyone had to separate. Vampires on one side, were-wolves on the other. They would have to plan out a way to celebrate and surprise the others as their gift of appreciation.

Richard did this very quickly, he proclaimed himself as a vampire when he was on the vampire side. Then, when no one was looking, he had killed a young, yet full-grown, vampire girl. He cried out, wailing in fake tears. Richard said a were-wolf did it.

When the moonlight beam was already set and in form of a wall, nobody could hear nor see the other side, but they could cross it. The vampires were furious. Someone said that they should instead of giving them a surprise gift; they should give them a surprise attack.

Richard quietly snuck out to the other side and proclaimed himself as a were-wolf. He did the exact same thing as he did on the other side. He killed a full-grown, male were-wolf. He cried out and said that a vampire did it.

Just soon after the moonlight beam disappeared, the two sides broke out into war and Richard escaped. Snarling, hissing, biting, punching, growling; everything was in chaos. The newcomers coward in fear and confusion. The Nobles who had written the Treaty were the ones who dispersed the fight, almost loosing all will in not joining the battle.

The Nobles talked very quickly in making a decision before more things got out of hand. They came to an agreement. Though not mandatory, the were-wolves and the vampires can go their own separate ways, but what must be mandatory is the Treaty. All must follow the Treaty or whoever breaks it shall suffer the consequences.

The people who came to the festival quickly decreased down to the eight Nobles and someone who had a good aura, yet a dark sense of style. This person was wearing a long, black cloak with the hood covering her face. Yet, at once, The Nobles knew who this lone stranger was. The stranger’s name was Foreseeker, the only living Half, half were-wolf, half vampire. She has the ability to see the future and hear thoughts of others when she wants to. She told the Nobles a prediction before vanishing into the heavens for this is her last she will ever make; her time is up.

“Two worlds shall come together once more. We shall be happy and galore. But our fate rests in two pairs of hands. They are both from the separate lands. They must learn to love other and fight. And prove the Innocence of the Night.” Then, she vanished into thin air, leaving the Nobles with great curiosity.