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Forbidden To Love

This story was inspired by Stephenie Meyer. A thousand years of being sworn enemies, a vampire girl named Taylor Evans meets a were-wolf named Wyatt Chase and falls deeply in love with him. Due to a prophecy, Wyatt and Taylor are the saviors to bring back the peace between the vampires and were-wolves. But there are two problems; the guy who made the two species enemies, is dead and there is a manipulator vampire who is absolutely obsessed with Taylor. Will Wyatt and Taylor succeed? Or will the obsessed vampire ruin it all?

I got bored one day and I wrote this... Hope you like it!

2. The Jerk Has A Nice Scent?

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Brrinngg! I woke up with a start. I was sitting by the window where the sun shines the most. The sunlight was happily dancing in the window and gracefully rested on my pale, cold skin and on my shoulder-length, sun-bleached brown hair. My teacher rose from his chair as I lifted my head from my arms on the table.

“Okay class,” my teacher said. “I want your essays on Theodore Roosevelt by next week Friday. You got that, Stanley?” he added to one of my classmates.

“Yes, Mr. Vance,” said the sandy haired boy Stanley in his bored, irritating voice.

I shook my head in disgrace. Does anyone respect teachers anymore? Maybe I shouldn’t talk, I fell asleep in class by accident, again. I started to gather my things, humming to Swan Lake by Pytor Tchaikovsky, when Mr. Vance called my name.

“Taylor, may I have a word with you?” Mr. Vance said, returning back to his seat. I stopped humming and walked on over to his desk leaving all of my things on the chair. As soon as I reached his desk, I saw that it was littered with papers, pens, and staples. Apparently, it looked as if he didn’t know how to work a stapler properly.

“Yes, Mr. Vance? Is there something you wanted to talk to me about?” I asked politely.

“Yes, I wanted to talk about your sleeping habits. This was the third time you have fallen asleep in class. Are you getting enough sleep at home?” He started shuffling papers so his eyes couldn’t meet mine.

“I’m getting about eight hours of sleep. I can’t explain why I fell asleep, but it felt as if someone was forcing me.” I said truthfully. It really did feel like someone was manipulating me to fall asleep.

He sighed. “Well, if you don’t try to stay awake for the next classes you have me, I’m afraid I’d have to give you detention and you would also have tutoring with Ryan Ryce to catch up with the lessons you missed,” he said sadly. He knew I never had detention in my life before. I was surprised. Mr. Vance looked up and tried to smile encouragingly.

“I’ll try, sir,” I said with confidence. Mr. Vance’s face brightened.

“Well, you better get going otherwise you’ll miss your next class.” He returned to shuffling his papers.

I went back to my seat and gathered my things. Just before I left the room, Mr. Vance said, “Taylor, no offense, but you need to put duct tape over your mouth because you intend to talk in your sleep,” he chuckled. I froze in my place.

“Mr. Vance, what was I talking about?” I shivered silently in fear.

“Something about a Richard Cayne, vampires, were-wolves, and a fight,” he said going on. Apparently, he didn’t see me shudder.

“Wow, I didn’t know that I had such a wild imagination,” I chortled, trying to sound innocent. I nearly choked.

“Yes, well, off you go.” He was stifling a laugh until I got out of the room. My body stiffened while I was walking to my next class, but at the moment, I didn’t know where I was supposed to go. Maybe I shouldn’t think about it. To get my mind off of the almost slip. I wondered what Jodii was thinking of.

Let’s see, her next class is, English? No, that’s not it. I was thinking hard to get my mind off onto a different subject. It wasn’t until later on that I realized that my next class was in the other direction.

I completely forgot Jodii’s schedule at the moment; maybe I should try Jaycen? I walked into an unknown classroom that I was absolutely oblivious to the fact that I was in the wrong classroom. Suddenly tired of walking, I sat down. Without continuing my deep thought, someone woke me from my trance.

“Taylor, isn’t your next class Trigonometry?” asked a student from directly right behind me. Due to the bass tone in this student’s voice, it was a guy who was talking to me.

“It is?” I looked around and saw many faces, that I was guessing, didn’t belong in my next class, nor did the teacher. All the students were staring at me, whispering either behind their hands or at the corner of their mouths. Even though their voices were low, I could hear everything with clarity.

“Look at her. She’s sitting on him,” said a girl whom I recognized as Yuki Johnson.

“Are they together? I was going to ask her out,” said Mike Chung to Jordan Huang.

Who were they talking about? I’m sitting on him? Then I just realized that I wasn’t sitting on the hard, plastic chair. I was sitting on something soft. I turned my head around and saw that I was sitting on Ryan Ryce. I ended up so close to his face that I could properly see his hazel eyes, but for some reason, they were filled with success, relish, and the look of being dead for centuries.

Oh crap. I thought. This is bad. This dude likes me, I gave him a chance! Dammit.

“I’m so sorry Ryan. I wasn’t paying attention on where I was going,” I said franticly getting off of Ryan. He didn’t seem irritated when I sat on him, no, he was blissful.

“I’ll let Mrs. Willowsky know that you are on your way,” said the teacher of this class. I recognized this classroom finally. It was Biology.

“Thank you Ms. Woods. Sorry for disrupting your class.” I was embarrassed in front of everyone, nobody noticed though. I had no blood, without blood, I can’t blush, that’s what makes my skin so pale.

“Just pay attention next time, okay Taylor?” Ms. Woods said.

“Yes, Ms. Woods. Sorry,” I apologized again. I walked out of that classroom as quickly as I could without exposing my secret. Ryan was right; my next class was Trigonometry, on the opposite side of the whole campus, across the parking lot.

Oh god, that was so embarrassing. I thought. Suddenly, I stopped walking. I stood at a spot where the sun was peeking through the clouds. It felt good, really good. I inhaled and caught the warmth of the sun in my lungs. I drew pictures of the beach in my head, with the salty breeze blowing in my face. Most people would think that we would burn to our permanent death, dust. Ha, they’re wrong. The only reason why most of us stay out of the sun because our sworn enemies like to stay outside, that’s where that stupid rumor came from.

I thought for a minute. The only reason why our old friends became our enemies was because of that one night, the last time we were going to celebrate the anniversary of the Ancient Treaty for Humanity Protection. The legend says that a vampire killed a were-wolf and a were-wolf killed a vampire. Has no one thought of the reason why they tried to kill each other or how the anger came out of nowhere? I guess not or there would be more answers than questions coming from me.

Suddenly, while I was in the mist of my thought, an instant reflex came upon me. I did a back flip for I was about to be run over by a motorcycle. Infuriated, I yelled at the person who was riding this contraption.

“Watch where you’re going! You nearly killed me,” I said, though I was making up that last part. It was a human expression; we try to fit in with them.

“I should be saying that. Do you know that you’re right in the middle of the parking lot?” The motorcyclist still had his helmet on though he’d already parked and got off his motorcycle.

It appeared that so I have, but I wasn’t going to say it in front of his face. This guy is so irritating!

“Yes, I did, thank you very much for pointing out the obvious,” I think I was hitting the sarcasm a little too hard. “It just so happens that my next class is across the parking lot.” I defensively retorted sharply.

“Didn’t you’re parents teach you a kindergarten phrase that says, ‘Look both ways before crossing the street’?” he said hotly without taking his helmet off yet. In the fiery pit of lava that we were standing on, we never paid attention to who was watching us. A Gym class jogged on by watching the two of us bicker. One of the students ran into a wall.

“As a matter of fact, she did,” I emphasized ‘she’ as loudly as I could to let him know that I only have a mother. Then a really embarrassing moment came, my old habit of when I correct people’s sentences. I crinkled my nose, like I smelled something bad.

Oh great, I thought. And just when I’m angry with someone too.

The guy started shaking a little; he was holding down a hysterical laugh.

“What’s your problem? It’s my habit to do that when I correct someone.

“And anyways,” my temper was rising quickly. “How did you come out of nowhere? Huh? It’s like you’re a – ” The guy took off his helmet to reveal his face, to show his anger mixed in with bits of laughter, but as soon as his large, brown eyes met my hazel ones, we melted, or I should say I melted. Everything was a blur; I was starting to feel dizzy, which is unusual with a vampire unless you’re drunk with blood and brandy mixed together. His face grew from infuriated to complete confusion and enjoyment.

This guy’s face was so… nostalgic. For a moment, I felt an urge to brush my hand against his skin, to feel the softness of his cheek. It looked as if he was thinking the same thing as me, to do the same action. I wanted to hold him close to me. What was this feeling? It doesn’t make any sense.

I almost let my body to control over me. Almost. I almost went over to this unknown stranger that I’ve been arguing with the past two minutes, to go trace his hollow collarbone with my dead cold hands, to feel his warmth.

His hair was coal black and smooth, it reminded me of the night where the moon shines the most. By judging the color of his skin, he’s been out in the sun a lot, yet no remains of sunburns.

Who knows how long we stood there, staring at each other. Only after that I felt that a new millennia passed by until we broke it simultaneously. I knew that I had to tear my eyes from this person, to come back into reality, but it nearly seemed impossible. I had to tell myself that I’m about seventy years older than him, it seemed wrong. Plus, he’s a human, a warm-blooded human, and I’m a cold-blooded killer, no wait, I’m just a cold killer, I have no blood.

I inhaled to calm me down; instead, it made my dead heart almost throb. His scent smelled absolutely breath taking. It didn’t occur to me that I couldn’t hear his thoughts for I was mesmerized in his delicious smelling scent. Everything was swirling around me, I couldn’t think clearly, until I heard Jaycen’s “voice”.

Sis, wake up!

I jumped, causing him and I to loose focus of each other. Now that I lost focus, I was able to think clearly. Jaycen’s class was Gym right now.

“S-so,” I said, still recovering from the lost train of thought. “What are you doing here at this late hour? Aren’t you supposed to be in class?”

My temper was rising again. I didn’t meet his eyes.

“Aren’t you?” he replied slyly.

Touché dude. I thought. “My case is better than yours. You, coming to school only now when I’ve been here since the start,” my retorts were sounding lamer and lamer each time. “Now if you would excuse me,” I said turning my back against the boy. “I need to get to class.” I walked off with steam coming from my head, I didn’t get far though. The guy grabbed my arm with inhuman strength. That made my eyebrows pull together. How could this human has more strength than average?

I whipped my head around and my left arm ready. Right then and there, I was glad I was an ambidextrous.

I looked at his face yet avoiding his eyes. The question that he asked made me think if this guy is dumb.

“Where’s the front office?” he asked, struggling to keep his voice even through infuriation. Why did this guy has to add in the force to get to the front office?

“T-that building,” I pointed to the smallest building there was on the campus. I caught his eye and fell into the fog again, but this time, I quickly looked away and ran to Trigonometry.

As I ran into the classroom, the first thing I did was slam the door shut and slid down in relief, sighing.

My great sense of pride for getting rid of the guy that made my fell like jelly, didn’t last long. My Trig teacher has a very short temper.

“Taylor Jeanne d’Ark Evans! You are half an hour late! What in Georgia’s name were you doing?” she yelled.

All of my emotions shrunk into a phytoplankton. Mrs. Willowsky was in a horrible mood every single day, I just made her day even more worst. She was the only teacher that called me by my full name when she’s angry at me.

“Well, you see Mrs. Willowsky,” I decided to tell her almost the whole truth. I stood up. “A boy who just transferred here nearly ran me over with his motorcycle and we had an argument.”

“I got a call from Ms. Woods saying that you daydreamed into her class and sat on a student.” Whispers carried around the room, I wished that I never met the boy, but he was so…

“Anyways, take your seat Miss Evans.” I quickly rushed to my seat, feeling all of the students eyes on me. At least my seat was at the back of the classroom, for some reason, vampires try to fit in but we also like to be isolated from everyone because of those who are not well trained. Those who are not well trained feed on human blood while trained and controlled feed on animal but only four times a year, for each season. I was proud to call myself a well trained. But now was not the right time to enjoy myself.

I looked into Mrs. Willowsky’s memories, reading her mind so I could catch up.

Children this age shouldn’t be riding these dangerous things. she thought. That is so true.

I shook my head and went deeper. Suddenly, the least person that I wanted to see (but deep down, I wanted to smell his fragrance again), burst through the front door, nearly knocking the door off its hinges. I never noticed but his attire was all black and thin, loose fitting. His hair blew wildly where the wind was flowing through. As the wind blew, it carried his scent to me. I was mesmerized for a second until I told myself to stop breathing. Vampires don’t need to breathe but we depend on our senses all the time

“My! Do you have to tear the door down, Mr. – ”

“It’s Wyatt, Wyatt Layamon Chase.” he said in a soothing voice that made all the girls have fluttering heart for him and very mushy thoughts. It gave me a headache from too may voices and too many beating hearts. Who was this guy? Where was the motorcycle maniac guy? This one looks like him, smells like him, but totally different personality.

“Oh, my. Okay, p-please take a seat next to Taylor Evans.” said Mrs. Willowsky, obviously fluttered by his voice.

Don’t think like that, Melinda, she thought to herself. He’s way too young to think of him like that, and I am happily married to a wonderful husband. She turned around to write something quickly down. Wyatt saw my face and stuck his tongue out like a little bratty five year old. I suppressed a sigh. There he is. All the girls thought his facial expression was cute.

I rolled my eyes when the Wyatt boy said, “Who’s Taylor?” in a polite voice. All the girls screamed in their heads, I might have gone deaf right then and there. Wyatt seemed to flinch, but just slightly, like he was being tortured by something small.

I sighed. “I’m Taylor.” He looked at me then a sneering look carved into his athletic, arrogant face ever so slightly.

“Ah, the girl who likes to walk across the street without looking.” Our eyes didn’t meet for we knew what would happen if they did.

“Ah, the boy who likes to run over people and give lectures after they’re going to be or are already dead.” I said mockingly. He shoots, he misses. She shoots, she scores. I crinkled my nose at that. He stifled a laugh, again.

The class looked at us back and forth like they were in a tennis court. A student that sat in front of me (and also had a crush on me) moved closer to me and asked, “So this is the guy who nearly ran you over?” I could hear the anger in his voice. I nodded. Justin McKinley wanted to strangle Wyatt, as did many of the boys in this class. That’s the thing about vampires, they attract people, fascinate, dazzle, or whatever you want to use.

So do were-wolves. My emotional self reminded me. Something surprised me, since when do I give a damn about were-wolves? They killed Aunt Leah on the night of The Anniversary of the Ancient Treaty Festival.

Ah, do we have proof of that? asked Emotion.

Yes we do! A dead vampire body! yelled my logical side.

Right now, I was split into two; Emotion versus Logic. I was arguing with myself. Wyatt was walking towards the empty chair next to me.

Do we have proof that a were-wolf killed her? asked Emotion smugly. Logic was quiet. Emotion won the debate.

What do you know? You’re just following a dream, snapped Logic.

Will you both just shut up! Another part of myself joined in. It’s bad enough that I’ve been spilt into two! Three is even worse when I have a headache and a bad temper!

Emotion and Logic were quiet. If anyone could see inside my head, they’ll be dead with confusion from so many voices arguing. I sighed while Wyatt finally took his seat. Justin and the other boys looked at Wyatt loathingly and jealousy.

Wyatt sat as far away from me as possible and avoided looking at me. I looked in the other direction, cursing him for he took the window seat.

He didn’t turn to face me but he started talking. “So, Taylor was it?” he asked awkwardly.