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Call Me Crazy

Breaking Dawn spoilers.
Charlie's POV of when he finally found out.
Novel Novice Twilight's August challenge entry.


1. Put on your pants!

Rating 5/5   Word Count 648   Review this Chapter

I was heating up some pizza. Mmmmm, pizza. As much as I loved it, I missed having my homemade Bella meals. Knock Knock!

I rushed over to the pounding door. “Hello?” I asked, swinging the door open.

Jacob Black stood, his fist raised as if he was about to hit the door again, his face full of uncertainty. “Uh, Charlie? Could, you, uh, come walk with me? I’ve got to talk to you about some stuff.”

Now that was strange. “Sure thing, Jake.” I let the door fall closed behind me. “Now, what’s eating you?” We walked in silence until we reached the cover of the trees.

“Okay…it’s Bella.”

”Now, you don’t need to worry, Jacob, Carlisle’s taking care of her. She’ll be alright in a few days, mark my words.”

“Ha!” Jacob laughed quickly, and then stopped just as fast. “Sorry. It’s just…she’s fine. Not sick, really. Just…not herself.”

“Come on, Jake, get to the point. I’ve got things to do.”

”Well…I’ll show you.” He started peeling off his shirt.

“Um, Jacob…what are you doing?” I asked, a little shocked, “JACOB! YOU PUT THOSE PANTS BACK ON!”

A naked Jacob started laughing before exploding. I instinctively took a step back and gasped.

There was a wolf. It was…huge. A bear, practically, with intelligent eyes. It stepped closer and nudged me.

“Oh…” I started, and the wolf popped into Jacob again, “My.”

Jacob slipped on his pants, which were crumpled on the ground, and grabbed my arm gently. “Charlie, are you alright?”

I opened my mouth, “Yes, I’m fine,” But nothing came out. “One moment,” I croaked, and hobbled inside, collapsing onto a chair.

“Listen, Charlie, this world…it’s not the same fine-and-dandy place you thought. The good news is, nothing has changed – except now you know. You can go right back to pretending that you don’t believe a word of it.”

“Jacob…what was that? What’s wrong with Bella? How does this relate to me?” My voice sounded hollow and ghostly.

“Bella was sick…but she’s better now. The only thing is…she looks a lot more like Esme than Renee now!”

Ignoring his attempt at humor, I asked timidly, “Can…can Bella turn into an animal too?”

At this, Jacob laughed loudly. “Nope, she only wishes she was that cool! Besides, the Cullen’s are different enough.”

“And how are they – no, I don’t want to know. I just don’t want to know this stuff, Jake.” I was worried for Bella, but…this knowledge would be too much. I couldn’t let it happen.

“Good thinking, Charlie. Only what you need to know, like how they’re totally not human. So, let’s get over to the Cullen’s house, shall we?” He suggested cheerily.

I sighed, defeated. “Alright, I’ll meet you there in thirty minutes. I still need to finish my pizza.”

He ran out side, pulling off his pants again. I shook my head and headed back to the kitchen. Grabbing my plate from the microwave, I slumped into the chair by the table, shoveling down my food.

What was the world coming to? Jacob, a werewolf? The Cullen’s, not human? Bella…in trouble? I shuddered. Then again, maybe I would finally find the answers to all those strange things I had noticed…why did Carlisle seem so young? And those kids never ate. They looked so similar, yet were all adopted. I vividly remember all those times Billy and I had argued over the Cullen’s, and how much he was worried about Bella.

I supposed it was time to find out, much to my dismay. “Alright, Charlie. Let’s get this show on the road.” I frowned and picked up the keys to the cruiser.

I drove as slow as I could, trying to postpone the inevitable. Once I arrived at the Cullen mansion, however, I squared my shoulders and opened the door.

I was finally going to get some explanations.