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That Which Is Impossible To Forget

Well, that was Seth. Always too eager. Jacob/Leah. Jacob/Seth. MILD Breaking Dawn Spoilers.

title: that which is impossible to forget.
pairings: jacob/seth, implied jacob/leah and jacob/leah/seth (sort of).
rating: light, light R.
spoilers: mild spoilers for breaking dawn.

1. that which is impossible to forget

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It was the same thing he'd seen a million times before. Jacob was half awake, half asleep, in his wolf form. Seth was sleeping beside him.

(Seth didn't like to admit it, but it was easier to sleep with someone around. He'd get used to sleeping without someone next to him eventually. Maybe he would have to.)

Leah just changed from wolf to human in front of Jacob's eyes, and although she didn't notice him watching, he noticed everything she was doing. She had been down to her last pair of clothes, she refused to wear something that smelt so disgustingly like them.

She must have been having a hard time sleeping. He'd seen this happen before. Leah got sidetracked in her wolf form, so she'd go human on them and try to relax herself before she slept.

Leah was by the creek now, a branch of a tree covering up some of herself from Jacob's view.

As she drifted further away, Jacob found himself wanting her back, even if he could only see her smooth shoulder blade. He wanted more. To see more, to feel more, to do more.

He mused that her shoulder blade was a lot like Seth's. In fact, a lot of their.. parts, were a lot alike. Leah had stronger arms than Seth (something Seth did not like being reminded of), though. And Seth had that strangely appealing.. V-shaped lead downward.

Ugh, he had to stop thinking about it. Why was he... was he turned on? Shit. That's disgusting.

"Lead downward"? A male voice laughed. Seriously, Jake? Seriously.

Get out of my head, kid.

Fine. Seth huffed.

He changed into his human form, just like Leah had only a bit ago, and laid back down, purposely facing his pelvis toward Jacob.

Jacob growled.

"I'm not in your head anymore, Jacob. Unless you put me there."

Jacob's eyes darted past Seth's pelvis. Shit, bad idea.

Seth put his hand on his thigh, lightly massaging. This was strangely erotic, him and Jacob sitting here like this.

Jacob peaked one eye open as he heard a quick intake of breath. It was quiet, but enough to make him intrigued.

That was it. He stepped away from Seth and changed back into his human form.

"Seth, stop it."


"Seth!" He couldn't stop looking. He didn't want Seth to stop it. He wanted to help Seth. He wanted Seth to help him.

He didn't even notice when he started walking towards Seth. Not when he sat down beside him.

He did notice Seth's sharp gasp as Jacob's hand went around him.

He didn't care. "I told you to stop."


Jacob and Seth lay beneath a tree, completely spent, as Leah watched them with intrigue. They had just finished.. well, they'd just finished something alright, and they were utterly silent.

Seth spoke up first, looking like he was expecting an answer he didn't like, but wanted to ask anyway.

"Promise we can do this again sometime?" He seemed really eager.

Well, that was Seth. Always too eager.

Jacob looked at Seth and grinned, "If your sister doesn't kill me for it the first time around. Shit, I don't know how I'm going to block this from my thoughts."

Leah spoke up then. "I won't kill you, as long as you include me next time."

Both boys looked up in shock. "Fuck!"

"Sure," she grinned. "Well, not you, Seth. Ew."

"Ugh, Leah, like I'd want to." He gagged.

"Am I up next then, Jake?"

Jacob looked stunned, but who was he to turn her down. It wasn't like he'd ever had this happen before. Why ruin it?