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Goodbye Doesn't Mean Forever

Edward gave up on his resolve to stay away from Bella before the jump. However, when he gets to her house he realizes that he isn't the only one who wants Bella back. PLEASE CHECK IT OUT AND LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK! Note: A special thanks to edwardsoul for letting me post this. It has the same beginning plot, but I promise you that the stories will me very different when you get into it. Also, I'm not a big fan of the title, so I'll let you know if I change it.

As always, I own nothing....

2. Back

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“Please, please, please let her remember! She has to understand!” Jacob Black thought.

“All the stories?” Bella asked. Her voice was music to my ears. More than music – it was like heaven on earth. It was the one thing with could save me from the terrible fate I had designated for myself. What were they talking about? Stories – I wracked my brain. Bella had found out the truth about me from Jacob, although he had discarded the legends as silly superstitions. Could they be talking about those stories? And how long had Jacob been visiting Bella through the window which I had used hundreds of times before I left? I positioned myself so my scent would be blown away from the house so I could listen undetected for as long as possible. I had gotten my answer – Bella was clearly over me. However, how could I just leave when I knew she was in the presence of the only creature who was as bad for her as I was – a werewolf.

“You know this, you know this,” Jacob muttered. “I told her on the beach. She remembered the bloodsucker’s story! Please let her remember mine! I can’t stand to see her like this! She needs to understand!” So he did believe the stories now.

“Jake? Jake, Please, I’m exhausted. I’m no good at this right now. Maybe in the morning…” Bella answered. Her tone was not just exhausted, but also seemed worn out. I couldn’t remember her ever sounding like this. Even when she was in the hospital last spring, she hadn’t sounded like this. Then her voice had had more…hope.

“Maybe it will come back to you. I guess I understand why you only remember one story,” Jacob sighed. “Why didn’t I tell more about werewolves? Stupid bloodsuckers. I’ll bet you she would have never had found out about them if it hadn’t been for me. Then Edward wouldn’t have been able to go out with her, and she would have never had this happen. Could I have been the one to let her know? I hope those Cullen’s never come back, because I did break the treaty.”

“Do you mind if I ask you a question about that? I’ve been dying to know,” Jacob said aloud, bitingly sarcastic.

“A question about what?” she said in the same weak, weary – yet beautiful – voice.

“About the vampire story I told you. Did you honestly not know? Was I the one who told you what he was?” I heard nothing from Bella, so I let Jacob’s thoughts in.

“I guess that means yes. God, she’s still so loyal to that bloodsucker who left her for dead and ruined her life. If only I could get my hands on him…” I flinched at the though. Perhaps I had been wrong about her being happy. But could I have ruined her life? His thoughts trailed to Bella driving up to his house in the old truck. She looked awful. She was too thin, and the white color of her face and dark circles were enough to make her look like a vampire. Had I done this to her?

“See what I mean about loyalty? It’s the same for me, only worse. You can’t image how tight I’m bound,” his husky voice continued. “If only she could understand.”

“Isn’t there any way for you get free?” Bella pleaded. I could tell she was desperate to help Jacob.

“Oh no, get a grip, Jacob. You can’t phase here – remember what happened to Emily.” Then it hit me. Bella was in danger right now. If Jacob turned into a werewolf in her house, she could be killed. As much as I didn’t want to interfere, I couldn’t just stay here and let her be killed. I crept closer to her window, careful to watch the way my scent was being blown. I didn’t want to be the reason that dog changed and hurt her.

“No, I’m in this for life. A life sentence. Maybe longer,” Jacob said once he had controlled himself.

“No, Jake,” Bella moaned, a sound that tore my heart to shreds. She really cared about this disgusting creature, the one who could lose control even more easily than I could. “What if we ran away? Just you and me. What if we left home, and left Sam behind?”

“It’s not something I can run away from. I would run with you, though, if I could.” From the bottom of the house, I could hear him shaking.

“What are you doing Jacob? Common, you’re putting Bella in danger. But why can’t I stop? I’ve got this feeling…” he thought. Just then the wind picked up in the opposite direction. I was back into a safe area in less than a second, but his keep senses still picked up my scent. “Is that a…shoot, it is.”

“Bella, we have to get out of here,” he said urgently.

“Jake? Are you okay? Why are you shaking? Are you feeling sick?” Bella asked desperately.

“Bella, I can’t tell you what’s going on, exactly, but we need to get out of here,” Jacob replied. He started towards her door, but she stayed put. His entire body was shaking now.

“Don’t phase, don’t phase, don’t phase,” he repeated as a mantra, but I could tell it wouldn’t be long before he lost control. I couldn’t take it any longer. Quickly, I scaled the wall and leapt silently into her room.

“Get back Bella. He’s not safe,” I said just loud enough for her to hear, my eyes focused on Jacob. After that, several things happened at once. Bella spun around, staring at me wide eyed, but didn’t move. Her mouth formed a single word, although she had no voice to say it. Edward, she mouthed. This simple action made my heart sing. Jacob, on the other hand, stared at me with rage. “You can’t phase here, you could kill everyone. But he’s right here. He deserves it so much. But I don’t want to break the treaty. Calm down. Breathe.” His thoughts flew through his head so quickly it was hard to catch them all. The intent, however, was clear. It was a matter of seconds before he changed. Bella’s room would suffer some damage, but I was worried about Bella more than her possessions.

I grabbed Bella and threw her behind be as gently as I could under the circumstances. Jacob exploded into a werewolf and started toward me, although not nearly as quickly as he could have. Bella’s eyes were wide as she looked between Jacob and me. Without warning, she passed out.

“What are you doing here bloodsucker?” Jacob growled, trying not to break anything in Bella’s tiny room or wake Charlie, who was, to my amazement, still snoring in the room next door.

“I’m keeping you from killing Bella,” I snared back, my eyes flashing to her lovely face. She was still unconscious, but I doubted it would be long before she awoke again.

“I was under control until you came,” he retorted.

“I didn’t come back to hurt her. If you intend to continue this discussion, you need to get out of the house. You just gave Bella the shock of her life, and if you keep this up, Charlie will wake up very soon. Jacob nodded. “I couldn’t finish him here anyway…” he thought. I grinned. He was obviously very unaware of my little talent. We were lucky Bella had a fairly large window – if it had been any smaller he wouldn’t have fit, and the doorway was definitely too small for him.

“It’s time to explain, bloodsucker,” Jacob glowered.

“I haven’t done anything wrong. You’re the one who’s on my land, and the one who broke the treaty, dog,” I said smoothly. “I think that if you would like to talk civilly, you should definitely control yourself.”

“He knows I broke the treaty? He’s right. He didn’t do anything wrong, but I’ll need to get back to Sam. Having a Cullen here will definitely change things.”

“I don’t think that will be necessary. I’m leaving,” he turned to leave, but then looked back. “Please,” he said more softly. “Don’t hurt Bella. If anything happens to her, you will be sorry.” His voice held a threat. With that he ran away from me.

I rushed back up to Bella. She was still unconscious. This worried me. How long had it been? She shouldn’t be out for more than ten minutes. Did I want her to wake up? I was sure to be turned away as soon as she awoke. I had been right about my resolve – there was no way I could leave now. Just then Bella stirred. I took her in my arms, cradling her against my chest. She opened her eyes slowly, staring up at me. Then she smiled.

“You came back,” was all she said.