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Goodbye Doesn't Mean Forever

Edward gave up on his resolve to stay away from Bella before the jump. However, when he gets to her house he realizes that he isn't the only one who wants Bella back. PLEASE CHECK IT OUT AND LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK! Note: A special thanks to edwardsoul for letting me post this. It has the same beginning plot, but I promise you that the stories will me very different when you get into it. Also, I'm not a big fan of the title, so I'll let you know if I change it.

As always, I own nothing....

3. Truth

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I stared into her eyes for what felt like forever. Then she slowly lowered her eyelids. To my surprise she squeezed them shut and opened them. She did this two more times before I realized what she was doing.

“Bella, I’m really here. You’re not dreaming,” I said soothingly. She stared up at me blankly.

“But I’m dreaming. I know I am. The real Edward would never be here. He doesn’t love me.” Her words stung, although I had no right to expect anything less. I had known when I left that she believed me when I said I didn’t love her.

“Bella, please, you aren’t dreaming. I’m really here.”

“No, that’s just what you want me to think. God, this is going to be hard when I wake up! First Jake and now you…” she trailed off, and I could see the pain in her eyes. For a split second I wondered what she meant by ‘first Jake.’ What had he done to her?

“Bella, what do you think happened?” I asked. I hated not being able to hear her thoughts. I needed to know this.

She sighed. “Let’s see. I went to talk to Jake, and he said that we couldn’t be friends anymore. Then Charlie yelled at Billy before I went to sleep. Then came this dream. Jacob came to apologize and gave me some riddles to figure out, but I’m too tired in this dream to figure them out. Then you came and Jake turned into a wolf. The next thing I remember I was in your arms,” Bella explained. Then an odd expression came across Bella’s face. “What an odd thing to do – talk about a dream during a dream.”

I was torn. I could leave in the morning and let her continue to think it was a dream. But she was in so much danger – thank god for that! I couldn’t possibly leave right now. My decision made, I spoke slowly.

“Bella, you’re not dreaming. I’m really here. I came back because I needed to see your face again. I never meant to interfere, but when I smelled the werewolf, I had to help you. I couldn’t let him hurt you.” When I mentioned the werewolf, Bella gasped.

“What did you just call Jake?” she croaked. I then realized my error. That’s what Jacob Black had been trying to get Bella to understand – the truth of him.

“Oh Bella, I though you knew. Let me try to explain,” I paused, searching for the right words. She stared up at me questioningly. “You see, there are lots of bad vampires in the world – vampires like James, who just kill for the fun of it. There has to be someone to stop vampires like that from killing everyone. The boys on the reservation turn into werewolves which kill bad vampires. We made a treaty with them long ago. However, even the scent of me can make him phase into a werewolf. That’s why he’s so dangerous,” I concluded. Bella looked puzzled, and then a look of recognition spread across her face.

“The stories,” she whispered. “Well, that explains a lot.”

“Yes,” I agreed. We sat in silence, feeling slightly awkward. Did she still want me? I should have fled while I could. After all, she had wanted to run away with that werewolf, but that was before she had known what he was. But she had accepted me; why not a werewolf? I couldn’t leave now. I would happily beg for hours if it meant she’d forgive me.

“Edward, I still don’t understand what you said about me,” she said slowly.

“Bella, I love you. I always have. I’m sorry I left. I left to keep you safe. After what happened with Jasper, I couldn’t just stay and let my family end up hurting you. You deserved better. I left so you could be safe, but I couldn’t stay away. I’ll happily spend the rest of my life on my knees to get you to forgive me,” I said softly, careful to keep my voice slow enough for her to understand, although I wasn’t quite sure if I had succeeded.

“You can’t mean that. You don’t love me anymore. Are you feeling guilty? It’s not your fault I get involved with every dangerous creature. You said it yourself – I’m a trouble magnet,” she almost cried. I could tell she was trying to stay strong, but was slowly caving.

“Bella,” I replied, carefully annunciating each letter. “I do feel guilty, but it’s not because your friend’s with Jacob. I feel guilty for making you hurt, for making you suffer. What was I thinking? I should have known I couldn’t stay away from you. And it’s not just your blood which calls to me…its every part of you.”

She opened her mouth to respond, but I just continued. “What I did to you was unforgivable. If you want me to leave, I will. I’ll leave you and your werewolf friend alone, never bothering you again. I promise I will honor your request. All I need to know is can you, after what I did to you, forgive me? Will you ever be able to love me?” There. I had said it now all I could do was wait.