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His Feet, Her Feet, Whose Got The Cold Feet?

Someone is dreaming, someone is analazying, and it's pretty easy to figure out which is which. A quiet moment between Edward and Bella. Edward/Bella one-shot.

pairing/characters: edward/bella. mentions of jacob.
for: jenn, because she wanted it. :) i wasn't sure what you were looking for - but i settled on fluffy angst. i remembered a conversation we had a while ago, haha. ♥
warnings: no spoilers, except for hints of what we all expected in breaking dawn (ie: wedding plans), and that's it! :)

1. his feet/her feet

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The nights seem to be passing quickly, far too quickly.

He wants this. He wants her. And yet, wouldn't it all be much better if she just went with the dog already, and saved them all (himself excluded) from the inevitable pain?

He can't help but wonder.

He has much time to do that, to wonder. Sleeping for her proves to come quite easily (especially after a walk to their meadow), and he watches her as she daydreams, laying in their sanctuary.

(Sometimes whispering the name that she has grown to say with a light, loving smile. Memories of this same dream, over and over again, replaying in his mind. He never sees it, but he knows it is always the same. She always looks the same when she says it. An ache in his cold, dead, heart. Can't she see she's breaking him?)

They say with time you grow wiser, yet, for him, he's never felt this much idiocy flowing through his mind.

He wants her, craves her, needs her, loves her. It is, perhaps, the most stupid thing he has ever done in his whole existence. (It could never feel wrong.)

His doubts, he knows, are due to cold feet. It's not that he has cold feet, exactly. No. It's that, he's worried that she has cold feet, and who is he to know otherwise, with that mind of hers that makes him want to scream on most days, and break down on others.

He caresses her face, and she smiles in her sleep. The dream is changing. This has never happened before. It's always the same - her longing voice, Jacob, Jacob, Jacob.

"Edward," she laughs. It's such a pleasant sound, a purely Bella sound, and he can't help but know that the cold feet are his own. Paranoia has set in.

Damn the dog for getting into his mind, this time.

He kisses her cheek, her neck, her shoulder, her lips.

She wakes, and the look in her eyes is his reason for being here, his complete and total existence is revolving around her.

She smiles ferociously and pounces on him. He rolls her off of him and gently pins her down.

"You know, pretty soon, you won't be able to do that anymore," She grins. "I'll be stronger than you, stronger than Jasper, even Emmett. Then we'll see who'll be holding back his virtue, won't we," she laughs.

He can't help it, he's grinning.

"I'll hold you to that."