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A quiet moment in the meadow between Edward and Bella.

WARNINGS: None, but read the books anyway.
PAIRING: Edward/Bella.
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the characters from Stephenie Meyer's books. Especially not Edward. Sadly. I also do not own the song 'Night and Day' by Sondre Lerche, but I do think you should check that out.

1. Chapter 1

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Two bodies lay in the grass in the middle of a green, beautifully scented meadow. They lie beside each other, holding hands. The bronze haired boy beside the brown haired girl. The boy would sometimes snake his arm around the girl to put his hand on her warm cheek, and she would shiver from the soft contact. Or maybe it was the fact that his arm was wintry cold. One couldn't be sure.

Night and day.
You are the one.
Only you beneath the moon
under the sun.


A slow wind blew across the meadow, and Bella smiled as her hair blew across her face. She turned, hair still blowing, to kiss Edward fiercely.

"You don't know how positively tempting you are," Edward whispered as he traced his fingers on the girl's cheek.

"The smell still bothers you?" Bella whispers back.

Edward looked confused, then recovered. "No, no. Not that. It does smell delightful, but I don't mind it nearly as much. I was referring to the way you insist on kissing me."

"Oh, that. Well, you could respond a bit more, you know. Help a girl out, and all that." She smiled to herself as she thought about it.

"You don't know how much I want to, but I just have to make sure to be so--"

"Careful that you don't crush my bones to dust."

He grinned, slightly upset by her humor, but not upset enough to make anything of it. "Precisely."

"If I told you I would forgive you if you did, would you kiss me the way you want to?" Bella asked hopefully.

Edward scowled.

Weather near to me or far
it’s no matter darling, where you are.
I think of you
night and day.


Bella smiled a bit at this. "Do you think I'm terribly missing out on your kissing expertise?"

"Why do you think I'm an expert at kissing?"

"You're good at everything."

"Not even close, Isabella," he whispers.

"You're good at being with me."

He turns to her and smiles, and kisses her gently, but slightly more intensely.

Bella is breathless, and her heart beats crazily in her chest. Edward listens.

"Not only could I crush your bones to dust, but, I'm fairly certain that if I were to kiss you any harder, your heart would beat out of your chest."

This time, Bella scowls.