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In The Moment

Jacob's reflections on his new life and love, post-Breaking Dawn. A series of one-shots as his imprint changes with the years. Time transforms them, yet so much stays the same.

THERE BE SPOILERS AHEAD!!! consider yourself warned. Right, my first attempt at Jake's POV. warning, immense amounts of Quil/Claire are going to sneak into this story while i'm not looking, because those two seriously never shut up... they're always talking in my brain. Sigh. Anyway, barring my insanity, this will be a bunch of one-shots, loosely connected, heavy on the thinking and low on the action. They will be written as they occur to me.

5. School

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“Jake?” she says aloud—I love the sound of her voice even more because I hear it so rarely.

“Yeah, Ness?”

She lays her hand over my face and thinks, I don’t like school. It’s boring.

“I’m sorry, sweetheart, but you have to go.”

I don’t have any friends at all!

“Not even one, Ness?”

Not even one.

I sigh. How I wish I could help her with this!“You do so have a friend, Nessie.”

No I don’t.

I feign hurt, pouting out my lower lip. “What? I’m not your friend?”

I mean at school, Jake.

My attempt to tease her obviously failed. I sigh and think back to my sister’s school days. I remember them whining about the same things in middle school, when they were Nessie’s “age”.

She’s almost eleven now, in appearance, and she’s started sixth grade.

In earlier years, she wasn’t very interested in the other children. She thought they were simple.

Then again, compared to Nessie Einstein is simple. The girl’s a genius. It’s no wonder school bores her. Sure, she may look years older than she is, but her mind is decades ahead.

I’m not just saying that because I adore her, really. I mean, I do have some blindness to her faults, but everyone, her teachers, her family, her peers, can recognize this.

Her mind shines. Not to mention the fact that she’s infinitely lovely. Sure, sure, beauty’s in the eye of the beholder, and my particular eyes aren’t exactly objective, but again, everyone admits she’s gorgeous.

I sigh. It’s no wonder the girls don’t like her.

“Nessie, they’re just jealous.”

She shows me her frustration. You’re just saying that, she groans, and the thought is tinged with grief.

“Of course not!” I am desperate to make her happy. She looks so miserable right now… I’m sure Edward and Bella won’t let me pull her out of school, but maybe… I don’t know. Something. I could… I could… I’m coming up blank here. I settle for comforting her. “Nessie, you’re a beautiful, wonderful, brilliant girl. I love you. Your parents love you. Your aunts and uncles love you. Your grandparents love you-- even Phil and Renee, and they don’t even know you exist. No one can help loving you. You’re too special. No bunch of dumb preteen girls is going to change that, Ness. All right?”

All right. She looks up at me, and suddenly smiles. I love you too, Jake.

“Yeah. Thanks, sweetheart.” I can feel myself blushing a little. “Middle school’s rough, I know. I remember.”


“I’m not that old, Ness.”

You’re older than dirt, Jake. She grins so I can tell she’s joking. I need the reassurance.

I mean, I have no romantic interest in Nessie at age eleven, but I’m also acutely aware that I’ll never have any interest in anyone else, either. So it’s not exactly good to cultivate her impression of my venerability.

“Thanks, Nessie.”

She laughs and skips off. “Thanks for the advice!” she calls over her shoulder.

I smile.