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In The Moment

Jacob's reflections on his new life and love, post-Breaking Dawn. A series of one-shots as his imprint changes with the years. Time transforms them, yet so much stays the same.

THERE BE SPOILERS AHEAD!!! consider yourself warned. Right, my first attempt at Jake's POV. warning, immense amounts of Quil/Claire are going to sneak into this story while i'm not looking, because those two seriously never shut up... they're always talking in my brain. Sigh. Anyway, barring my insanity, this will be a bunch of one-shots, loosely connected, heavy on the thinking and low on the action. They will be written as they occur to me.

6. Boyfriend

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“Jake… I want you to meet someone.”


She’s talking aloud, so I assume there’s someone else nearby. “This is Chris. He’s in my class at school. He’s taking me to the dance on Friday.”

The boy is very short, scrawny—shorter even than Nessie, let alone me. It’s not exactly atypical given that he’s in seventh grade, but I don’t really care. I’m not inclined to like this kid.

But if it’s making Nessie happy… “So you’re Nessie’s boyfriend?” I ask, leaning over the blonde boy’s head.

“Er…” he glances at her. “Yeah. I guess. Ness, who is this guy?”

I growl quietly. Only I call her that. Not even Edward and Bella call her that. Only me.

I don’t like him. I don’t want him with her. I don’t want her with anyone else… not because I want her for myself.

Because I can’t stand it if someone hurts her.

That’s pretty much all I care about, is her being happy.

And I can’t stop this dumb kid from breaking her heart.

“There’s a dance on Friday?”

Nessie nods.

“I’m driving both of you.”

“Thanks,” Chris says. The conversation lulls into an incredibly awkward silence.

I glare at him until he leaves with an off-handed “See you tomorrow, Ness.”

I watch him leave. Ness puts her hand on my cheek. Jeez, Jake, you’re shaking.

“I’m worried about you, Nessie.”

Why? Him? Jake, I’m a half-vampire. I can take care of myself, thanks all the same. He’s not going to give me any trouble.

I groan. “Ness, I’m not worried about that. I know you’re tough. I just… look. How much do you like this guy?”

She is silent for a moment. I can hear my heart pound in my chest. My eyes dart, almost of their own accord, to the little bracelet she’s always worn around her neck.

I made it, just like I once carved a charm for another bracelet (in another life) and she’s promised to wear it forever.

It’s a promise bracelet. She knows, and so do her parents. I braided it to prove to her that I plan on marrying her someday, when she’s older, when and if she wants me.

I gave it to her years ago, when she was still a baby, back during all that nonsense with the Volturi. She hasn’t taken it off since then.

She wears it because she loves me, or so I thought, because she understands how I’m bound to feel about her someday and thinks she’ll probably feel the seem.

I thought I’d done well enough with my devotion to her that she’d be able to love me, eventually.

Obviously I was wrong…

And then she laughs, a laugh that pierces the air, and gently touches my face. Jake, you are an idiot. He asked me to go. So I said yes. Unless you were planning on going to the sixth grade dance with me, I don’t think you have any reason to be jealous.

“So I’m overreacting.”

Yes. A lot.

I take a deep breath. “Sorry, Ness. I’ll try to be nice. Just like I was nice to Nahuel at your party.”

I appreciate it. It’s hard for you, I know.

“You really take this pretty well.”


I smile at her. “But if he gives you any trouble…”

You’ll rip him into shreds, yes. Goes without saying.

We laugh.