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Blood Lust

Emmett and Rose meet.

The charcters belong to Ms. Meyer, but the words belong to me, Alice.

1. Blood...

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I am beautiful. This is my favorite part about being a vampire. I am more beautiful than any other.

"Rosalie! Would you please stop looking at yourself and thinking about how pretty you are?" Edward, my brother pleaded. He’s a vampire, too, but he has the power to read minds, and he hates it when I’m so vain. So just to annoy him I began to make a very vivid mental picture of him and Tanya, the leader of a coven up in Alaska.

"ROSE! STOP IT!" He’s mad now. I smiled to myself.

"Alright, Rose. Please stop torturing Edward." Esme pleaded sweetly. She is so awesome, she has helped me to accept being a vampire, much more than anyone else has cared to.

"Settle down Edward. Maybe it’s time to go hunting again." Carlisle said soothingly. He is the leader of our coven. He is the reason we are vampires. He is the one that discovered our ability to drink only animal blood.

"Great, lets go." Edward said, unhappily. He just came back from being on his own drinking human blood and he is... not happy with the way animals are tasting now.

"I think I’ll go by myself." I said.

"Ok, we’ll try to all be back here in maybe three and a half hours. Bye Rosie!" And they were gone. Now I could finally be by myself! I had no plan for where I was going to hunt...I just wanted to run! This was my other favorite part. Running. The feeling of being so free. Then...suddenly, before I could think it through I had stopped and was starting to run in a different direction. I was suddenly very thirsty. And...I smelled blood. Human blood. Oh God, help me! The pain! The I realized that I had said it out loud, screamed it really, and that someone else had said the exact same thing. A human man. So thirsty. Then I saw him. He had to be about twenty, he was obviously no vampire, but he was so beautiful! And-God forgive me-his blood, it called to me as nothing else had. He was dying any way I would just make in faster. I would be doing a good thing. NO I CAN"T THINK LIKE THAT! Stop it, Rose I told myself. I realized I wanted him to live! Somehow I got the strength to resist picked him up and prayed I did not hurt him more. I was also praying that Carlisle would be home and that he would change the beautiful man for me. It took three hours to get back. He was heavy. The whole way he muttered about a beautiful angel and the pain. I whispered to him that it was about to get a lot worse. Then We were finally back and I could tell Carlisle was too. He would change him! He had to!

"Carlisle!" I screamed. A second later he appeared.

"Please change him!" I begged.

"Are you sure, Rosalie?"

"Yes." Of course I was or I wouldn’t have asked. I wanted to be with him forever. I didn’t even really know him! What was wrong with me? I carried him inside, following Carlisle I placed him down on the table and turned to Carlisle.

"Hurry, please!" He leaned over and bit.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The beautiful man screamed. Over the naxt three days I heard more creative swearing than I ever had before. The, I could see it, the pain had stopped. The beautiful man would hurt no more.

"Am I in heaven?" he asked.

"Haha, I’m sorry no."

"But he’s God, and you’re my angel!"

"I promise you aren’t in heaven."

"But I just got out of hell... Angel? What is your name?"


"Rosalie." He said it softly, caressingly. "I am Emmett. Why can’t I hear my heart? Why can I see so good?"

" You aren’t human."

"Of course I am!"

"Emmett, You are a vampire."