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Son of a King

When women begin showing up dead all across Toronto with distinctive puncture wounds on their necks, Vicki Nelson, PI, is on the job – along with her 450-year-old vampire partner. But if he’s not behind the attacks – who is? A strange, young couple new to the city could hold the key to discovering the truth. Handling two kinds of vampires was hard enough. Just how many different sorts were there? Second story in the “Different Sorts” series FINAL CHAPTER -- NOW POSTED!

ATTENTION READERS: DO NOT STEAL MY STORIES. Someone has stolen some of my stories from this website and posted them as their own on fanfiction.net. It is plaigarism, it is stealing and it is illegal. Read, enjoy -- but don't steal. Second story in the “Different Sorts” series -- takes place after "Different Sorts." Crossover with Buffy and the new “Blood Ties” series on Lifetime. Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

12. Chapter 12

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* * *

It had been a little over three weeks since the fight in the sewers; a little over three weeks since Mike had last seen Vicki – alive, dead or otherwise. He was at the precinct late, working on some paperwork for his latest case – some creep propositioning girls outside the high school. The Red Light District murders had stopped and the case had been marked unsolved. Mike was the only detective on the force to know that the case had actually been solved – but for the sake of his job and his sanity, Mike didn’t chime in with that information. He let the higher ups file it away under “U.”

“Hi Mike.”

The voice came out of nowhere and it made Mike jump, spilling his coffee down his shirt. “Damn it!” He stood up, wiping away at the hot liquid.

He spun around and that’s when he saw her. She stepped forward, out of the shadows. He hadn’t heard her come in; she’d been so quiet. So silent.


She smiled. “Hi,” she said again. She wiggled her fingers in a small wave. She looked good, for a dead woman. Her figure was still lean and muscular, if not a little harder than he remembered. She was wearing a grey sweater and dark-washed blue jeans with her favorite leather boots. Her tan complexion had paled considerably and there were soft purple bruises just beginning to form under her ochre-colored eyes. Mike was pretty sure her eyes were blue … guys weren’t great with that kind of thing. But despite the subtle changes and uncertain nature of her eye color, Mike was caught breathless. She was beautiful; more so than he remembered. She radiated splendor.

“Please,” she said, sauntering forward – recognizing the glaze covering Mike’s eyes. “Don’t get dazzled. Apparently – I can dazzle people now.”

Ah, that was Vicki – dry, sardonic Vicki Nelson. She leaned against Mike’s desk, fingering the paperwork he’d been working on. “New case?”

“Uh, yeah,” Mike said, after recovering himself. “High school creeper.”

“Ah,” she said, nodding. She was familiar with the type. She and Mike had worked the force too long to be surprised by much these days … although lately, Vicki’s cases with Henry had been providing Mike with plenty of surprises. Demons and monsters and such. Wars in the sewer.

“So,” Mike said, addressing the white elephant. “You’re dead, then?”

Vicki nodded slowly. “Yep. It would seem so.”

“And a vampire?”

“And a vampire,” she confirmed. She watched him carefully, gauging his reaction. Mike knew what had happened to her … but seeing it for himself was still a little unsettling. He’d loved this woman. And now she was dead … or something like it. The changes were subtle – but he’d seen them. He knew her too well. “Look, Mike, I—“

“No, it’s okay,” he said, glancing down. He wasn’t ready to have this conversation with direct eye contact. It was bad enough that he’d been caught off guard. “I understand, Vicki. You chose Henry …”

“Mike, it’s not like that.”

“Not like what, Vicki?” he said, looking up at her face. His eyes settled for the spot just to the left of her nose. “Not like you haven’t been bouncing back and forth between Henry and me? Trying to decide who you wanted more? It’s pretty obvious now – you chose him.”

“I never wanted to choose between the two of you,” Vicki said. “That’s why I never did.”

“Until now …”

“No, not even now, Mike.” She sounded exasperated. “I didn’t choose between you and Henry … I chose between life and death. My options were pretty limited … it wasn’t about you or Henry. It was about death … and no one … or a life with Henry.”

“But you are dead,” Mike said, once again staring down at his desktop. He fingered some loose papers, absentmindedly.

“Yet here I am,” she said softly, her voice barely a whisper.

Mike nodded, but said nothing.

“I’m sorry, Mike,” she said. She reached out an arm automatically to touch his shoulder, but hesitated. Edward had explained this to her earlier – that humans would shy away from her naturally. But here she was, about to make physical contact with Mike for the first time since her change and he did not move. She paused – but he didn’t flinch away. She completed the motion and laid her hand on his arm. “I’ll always love you.”

She wanted to do more – hug him, kiss him one last time; fall into his arms and just let him hold her. But she didn’t. She settled for the brief connection she’d been brave enough to make. Vicki sighed and stepped away, heading back for the door. She was nearly there when his voice stopped her.


She turned back to him.

“Where are you going?”

She laughed morosely and took a few steps back towards him, her heels clattering on the polished concrete floors. “I don’t know. Away from here. I assume you don’t want us in Toronto anymore.”

“Why … why would you assume that?”

“Well, you’ve made your dislike of vampires pretty obvious …”

“No, Vicki …” Mike sighed. “I want you … to stay. Even if you’re … a vampire. Even if you’re with him. I like having you here; having you close. I mean, there’s no reason we can’t still solve crimes together, right?”

Vicki smiled and closed the distance between herself and Mike. “I’m glad you don’t want me to leave,” she said. “And I will stay – Henry and I will stay. For now. Eventually, we’ll have to move on … people will get suspicious when they start turning gray and wrinkled, and we’re still young and beautiful.”

Henry gazed down at Vicki, taking in her features – so familiar, yet so new. The paleness of her skin, the bruises forming under her eyes (he still wasn’t sure what color they used to be) and the soft waves of her hair. He touched her cheek and sighed. “You are brave for choosing this,” he said. “You did choose this, didn’t you?”

Vicki nodded. “Edward gave me a choice. I agreed to this lot.”

“I wouldn’t have chosen this,” he said. “That’s my cowardice … I’d have rather died than face the future you’ve chosen.”

“I just wasn’t ready to go yet,” she said. Hesitantly, Vicki pushed herself up and touched her lips to Mike’s. It was a sad kiss, not like the ones she’d shared with Henry over the last three weeks. This was not passion. This was a last kiss, one more for the road. “Goodbye, Mike.”

She stepped away and walked to the door, each step carefully measured. When she got to the door, she paused and glanced back over her shoulder. “See you around.” And then she was gone.

Mike barely heard her last words. He was still dizzy from her kiss. He’d been dazzled.

* * *