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Son of a King

When women begin showing up dead all across Toronto with distinctive puncture wounds on their necks, Vicki Nelson, PI, is on the job – along with her 450-year-old vampire partner. But if he’s not behind the attacks – who is? A strange, young couple new to the city could hold the key to discovering the truth. Handling two kinds of vampires was hard enough. Just how many different sorts were there? Second story in the “Different Sorts” series FINAL CHAPTER -- NOW POSTED!

ATTENTION READERS: DO NOT STEAL MY STORIES. Someone has stolen some of my stories from this website and posted them as their own on fanfiction.net. It is plaigarism, it is stealing and it is illegal. Read, enjoy -- but don't steal. Second story in the “Different Sorts” series -- takes place after "Different Sorts." Crossover with Buffy and the new “Blood Ties” series on Lifetime. Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

14. Chapter 14

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* * *

Five vampires. One former vampire. One vampire slayer. One powerful witch. And one glorified bricklayer. They didn’t look like much to the common eye – but they were, in fact, an army. A victorious army; a powerful army. And they gathered, one last time, on the streets of Toronto. The night sky glittered overhead, stars twinkling in the velvet purple and blue darkness. The night breathed as they took it in, sighing. The war was not over, but the battle had been won and so the fighters prepared to go their separate ways, for now at least. They would take their own paths and greet their own challenges. Until a new enemy reared his head and they would band together once again for another fight. So in that sense, it wasn’t really goodbye. Just … goodbye for now. Until next time. See you soon, don’t forget to write.

They exchanged hugs and kisses and parting words. And then they watched each other vanish into the night.

Henry and Vicki stalked into the darkness – armed beneath their stylish clothes with stakes and swords. They would slay the demons of the night. That was their job now. They were the slayers of Toronto. It was a job they accepted gladly and happily; it gave Henry’s live a new purpose and fit neatly into the goals Vicki had laid out for herself years ago when she’d first gone into law enforcement. It was the same drive that she had used as a private detective. Now she actually had the strength and power to do something about it; really make a difference – even if she never got the credit for it. She didn’t become a cop for headlines, anyway; she did it to save lives. Now she really would.

Willow and Xander loaded back into their car – Willow driving this time. They were heading back to New York City, but not for long. They’d decided to meet back up with Buffy and Angel at the so-called “Slayer Headquarters” in DC. They had missed their friend and the headquarters had a lot of resources they could use in their on-going fight against evil. Willow could brush up on some new spells and Xander could try out some new weapons. Even with one eye, he was a fine fighter.

Spike had a flight back to Seattle; he was returning to Forks. He’d promised to keep an eye on the Cullens home there and to quietly watch out for the werewolves – and despite this trip to Toronto, he intended to keep his word. It’s not that they didn’t trust the pack … they just didn’t quite trust the pack. Spike did his job well in Forks. He stayed out of sight, since he’d cause a few eyebrows to raise if people know he was lurking about. A young man on his own creeping about a small town was cause enough for alarm. After a few years, he’d cause even more trouble when people started noticing that he hadn’t aged. So he kept to the shadows. He lived well in the Cullens home and had befriended a butcher in Port Angeles who kept him supplied with jars of blood. He’d kill any vampires that came through town and threatened the humans. And occasionally, Jacob Black would sneak up to the house for a heart-to-heart, but Jake didn’t tell anyone about that – and, true to his word, neither did Spike.

Buffy and Angel piled back into their car, headed home to Washington, DC. Nothing exceptional awaited them; just the things they’d left behind. But it was home and it was comfortable and it made them happy. It was a central location that made it easy for Buffy to commute if other slayers needed her – perhaps at the Hellmouth in Cleveland, or back in Italy. Or even in Sunnydale, if evil ever reared again there. (She tried not to think about that possibility, but even the Slayer can’t control what happens in her nightmares). But more than anything, it was just home. It was where Buffy and Angel could be together in the silence and feel safe and content. Where they could escape the world and their burden, even if just for a few minutes. It was their haven, and they were always happy to return to it.

And then there were two. Bella and Edward. They looked at each other, then around – at the building they’d called home for the last several months. At the streets that had just recently become familiar. At the brick and glass and wood and steel rising up around them. And as the night threatened to swallow them, they embraced and climbed into their car.

As Edward put the car into gear and pulled onto the city streets, he turned to his wife. “So … where to now?”

“Just drive … and see where the road takes us. Straight on ‘til morning.”

“Straight on ‘til morning,” he said, and peeled onto the highway.

* * *

The End

* * *

“Son of a King” Soundtrack:

There were a number of songs that I listened to while writing this story. Some I had in mind already and played them to fuel my writing. Others I’d just hear and become inspired. And some just felt right to me for this story. I share them with you now as a little bonus – and so that, perhaps, you can get a little bit more insight into how I wrote this story and that whole process.

  1. Ballad for Dead Friends – Dashboard Prophets
  2. Starlight – Muse
  3. “Sacrifice” from “The Gift” (This is from one of the “Buffy” soundtracks)
  4. Good Enough – Evanescence
  5. Endlessly – Muse
  6. Transylvanian Concubine – Rasputina
  7. Time is Running Out – Muse
  8. Prayer of St. Francis – Sarah McLachlan
  9. “The Final Fight” from “Chosen” (Another from the “Buffy” soundtrack)
  10. My Last Breath – Evanescence
  11. Hard to Concentrate – Red Hot Chili Peppers
  12. You Are Loved – Josh Groban
  13. Soul Meets Body – Death Cab for Cutie

* * *