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i saw (funny) chatrooms and wanted to make 1 myself. (i dont care how many reviews i get)

lion = edward 4evaclumsy = Bella _JaCoB_ = self-explanatory PsychicLittleBrat = Alice Bella_Lover_200 = Mike wildredhead = Victoria

1. Chatroom 1

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Welcome to the 'Vampires' chat

'lion' has entered the chat

'4evaclumsy' has entered the chat

lion: Bella, is that you?

4evaclumsy: yes, is that Edward?

'_JaCoB_' has entered the chat

_JaCoB_: cool name 4 the chat, u should change it 2 We All Hate The Vampires Chat

4evaclumsy: Ahem.....

_JaCoB_: sorry Bella

_JaCoB_: Hey, bella, do ya wanna come ova here 2nite?

lion: sorry, she cant, bella and i r doubling with jasper and alice

4evaclumsy: wat r we doing

'PsychicLittleBrat' has entered the chat

_JaCoB_: i wasnt asking u

PsychicLittleBrat: i cant wate until 2nite, guess where we're going

4evaclumsy: if im rite, u r D E A D.

4evaclumsy: Shopping?

PsychicLittleBrat: techniquely, im already dead, but yes!!!

_JaCoB_: bella, u could always come ova here 2nite. your leeches r still stupid about ur safety, rnt they?

4evaclumsy: afta wat u just said, no

'wildredhead' has entered the chat

wildredhead: helo

4evaclumsy: hi, who r u

wildredhead: doesn't matta, do ya wanna go on a grls nit out 2nite

4evaclumsy: sory, im doubling with my boyfrend + his sista

'Bella_Lover200' has entered the chat

BellaLover200: bella, do ya wanna go out 2nite

'4evaclumsy' has left the chat

lion: bella and i r going out 2nite

PsychicLittleBrat: with......

lion: *sigh* with alice and jasper

'_JaCoB_' has left the chat

'lion' has left the chat

wildredhead: mike, do ya wanna go out 2nite

BL200: err...... who r u

wildredhead: u can call me vicky

BL200: cant, need 2 study

'Bella_lover200' has left the chat

wildredhead: dammit, i was getting hungry

'wildredhead' has left the chat

PsychicLittleBrat: edward, i got a vision

PSB: helo, N E 1

PsychicLittleBrat: ok by by

'PsychicLittleBrat' has left the chat