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Dark by Light (Hope)

Sort of like what Bella felt like through New Moon, I'm not sure how to explain it, it just came to me. Enjoy!

Like all my other works: Summary says it all! This is my first try at Poetry, so I hope you like it.

1. Dark by Light (Hope)

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The stars swell out in large portions of the sky

Reaching out to the midnight sun

Hope is gone with the light of day,

Despair presses down on you, crumpling the pain

But only for a moment does it succeed

You feel numb, alone in the darkness

But you know the time is near, and yet it is so useless to hope

Your heart beats with your dreams

There is light ahead and though you are blinded,

It is there

In the shadows

Beating like a neon sign, telling you that the worst is over

You are welcomed to the darkness with undulating pain

Not familiar at all

It ripples through like the waves of the dark sea

Coming and going and you are all but used to it by now

The worst is over, but the light is not as near as you would have imagined

You go on, pushing past reminders, pushing back the past

But it comes back within you, and you know it will not leave

Seconds, and seconds, and minutes and minutes go, though you are frozen beside the time

And though it will never be the same as twilight, dawn is near and close enough

To light that once unscarred life.