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Alanda's Story

Ever wonder if Bella has relatives? Well, here's what happens when her cousin, Alanda, comes to visit! A good dose of wackiness, chaos, and a little bit of drama makes this a great story!

Ok, i don't know if i have to do this or not, but any way, i own the characters Alanda and Eli.

1. Chapter 1: Meeting at the Airport

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I sat on the plane, still fuming. My mother forced me to this, saying it was for my own good, after my "incident". So, now I'm sitting here, bored, on a plane to Forks (a.k.a. Nowhereland). On the bright side, I get see my favorite cousin, Bella, and meet her boyfriend, Edward. There have been rumors about him, even down in sunny Florida where I'm from. To get my mind off things, I turned on my Ipod. Much better. One of the best songs was playing. Crushcrushcrush by Paramore. I settled back into my seat, and awaited the beginning of the long trip to Forks.


Finally the plane landed! I thought to myself joyfully. I can get off of this screaming metal death trap! I noticed a woman writing in the journal, that had a title, oddly enough. It was named “Breaking Dawn”. I got up and stretched. Walking (more like running) off the plane, I bumped into an elderly flight attendant. She caught my hands, and immediately let go.
"Oh, dear, your hands are so cold! Are you coming down with something?"
"N-no, ma'am, I feel fine!" I replied, trying to sound upbeat. With that, I walked away, trying desperately not to run away from her.
Whoa, way too close call there. Can't let it happen again.

Walking to the luggage claim, I spotted Bella. She had two people with her. A small but fierce looking woman, and an extremely cute, but sulky boy. Ignoring the woman, I checked out the boy. As I got closer, I noticed the boy had dark brown hair and what looked to be blue eyes. Before long, I was being hugged by Bella.

“Um, Bella, I’m kinda running out of air here.”

“Oh, sorry!” she apologized. She let go of me, almost immediately tripping over my bags. Yup, same old Bella. The woman with her cleared her throat, waiting to be introduced.

“ Right, this is Alice, and her son, Eli. Alice is Edward’s sister.” Wait, her son? She looked a only couple of years older than me. Wow. I shook hands with Alice, and with Eli. We held hands for the tiniest fraction of a second too long, staring each other down and testing each other’s strength. I looked at the inside of his wrist. He had a symbol on it. I knew that symbol… it was the Chinese power symbol for dangerous! Suddenly he smirked and let go. He was sizing me up! How dare he?! Instead of insulting him like I would usually, I locked gazes with him, blushed and looked down at my shoes. Bella and Alice must have noticed this, because they looked at each other. I couldn’t quite read their expressions though. Suddenly Alice piped,

“Let’s get to the car! I don’t want to be late!”

Almost afraid to ask, I said, “ Late for what?” Hmm, my voice sounded a little hysterical.

Alice answered with a cheery, “ Your welcoming party! What else?!” as if I knew that I was going to be tortured.

“ A party…..oh, no,” I groaned. “Why can’t I just come in, like, under the radar or something?”

“Because that wouldn’t be any fun, silly!” Alice replied with way too much excitement for a human.

She then proceeded to pick up my bag and skip off. Bella, Eli and I all exchanged looks, and followed her.

In the car, Alice drilled me about…. well, everything. So I was relived when we pulled up to a big mansion. I knew from earlier visits that this was the Cullen mansion. I had never seen it up close though, so I was eager to check it out. Assuming I wasn't staying here, I opened the car door to go inside, but was almost immediately called back.

"And just where do you think you're going without your bag, young lady?" Bella asked playfully.

"I thought I was staying at uncle Charlie's? "

"Well, you see, he forgot to mention that he was having the house fumigated, so the Cullen's have agreed to let you stay here for a while."

Wow. This all sounded too good to be true, and I let her know that. She laughed. As soon as I got in the house, I was captured in a huge bear hug by a girl my age.

"Hi. My name is Kat, it's nice to meet you!" She said, but so fast I could barely make out the words.

Taken aback, I stood there, listening to Eli snicker behind me.

"Shut up!" I hissed, reaching behind me and pinching him. I heard a yelp and smiling with satisfaction, I hugged Kat back. We were going to be good friends. She released me, and gave me a high-five.

"That was hilarious! Lolsness!"

I grinned openly now. As me and Kat continued talking, she asked if I had met any one else yet. When I replied that I hadn't, she pulled me into the family room where a lot of people sat. I looked down, suddenly very interested in the floor. It didn't help that Kat announced my presence, then held me to her side with surprising strength when I tried to escape.

“Hey, everyone, have you guys met Alanda yet?"

I vaguely heard mumbled no's and yes's. Kat took me around and introduced me. First was Emmett. He gave me a bone-crushing handshake and I think he sprained some of my fingers. He seemed surprised I could stand up to it. Then he asked if I was as clumsy as Bella. I giggled and replied that, happily, I wasn't. He looked sort of disappointed for a second, then burst out laughing. Next was Jasper, who, being the perfect gentleman, picked my hand and kissed it. As I tried to will my blush to go away, I moved on, saying it was nice to meet him. Skipping past Eli like he was part of the couch, I gave Alice a nervous smile, and she smiled back encouragingly. After Alice was Esme. She enveloped me in a warm hug, and asked if I needed anything. I didn't, but I thanked her for her hospitality. Lastly was Edward. He was sitting with his arm around Bella, looking amused. Kat had disappeared off somewhere, so I had to approach them myself.

"Hi," I mumbled, suddenly wanting to be as far away as possible. "nice to meet you."

He looked up at me, searching my face for something. I looked right back at him, giving him stare for stare, sizing him up. I was looking to see if he would treat my cousin right. I asked the question with my eyes.

" Yes, yes I will. I will protect her for as long as I live." he answered with a soft, velvety voice. I walked away, satisfied with his answer. I heard Bella ask as I moved away, "What was that about?" and Edward answering, " Never mind." I made it all the way to the stairs before Kat and Alice kidnapped me.

"We have to make you pretty for your party!" Kat gushed.

"The boys and Bella will set up down here, while we fix your wardrobe." Alice agreed.

They dragged me upstairs and said I was not to open my eyes until I went back down for the party, which wasn't until 6. It was only 4.

"But how am I supposed to get dressed?" I whined. They told me they would dress me. "But how am I going to see my outfit?" don't worry, they replied. You'll love it, they said. I closed my eyes and prepared for the worst.


Which was exactly what I got. For the party, they put me in a spaghetti strapped orange sundress. They did something to my hair to make all of the brownish-black curls shine separately. They did my make-up, giving me colored lip-gloss and smoky eye shadow to highlight my dark brown eyes. I was going to demand they take it off of me. But, then I looked in the mirror. This looked nothing like me. If it was actually me in there, it meant I looked pretty. This was a different feeling altogether.

"Oh, my," I breathed. I was awestruck by my presence. How did they get my cheekbones to look that gorgeous and defined in my rounded face? Where did I get this figure? I went up to the mirror and touched my reflection, scared it would disappear. Alice and Kat exchanged high-fives, and smiles, then went to get ready themselves. I looked at my watch. It was 5:15. It wouldn't have taken as long if I didn't complain so much. I waited for them to come back. When they did they looked ravishing. Alice was in a plum colored top and black jeans, a stark contrast to her pale skin. Kat had on a light blue dress, with a crazy black pattern and a black cover up over dark wash jeans. “Making a statement,” She called it. I called it wacky. Alice had done her short dark hair so it flipped up at the ends, and Kat had pulled her long hair into a half- up, half-down do. By the time the final tweaks were made, it was time for the party. Kat and Alice went together, which left me by myself. Sucking in my nervousness, I went down the stairs. I didn't really have anything to be nervous about, and plus nobody could see me as I rushed down the stairs. At least, that's what I told myself. The party was a blast. They had set it up to look like a club, with strobe lights and awesome music. I went upstairs a little early. After changing, I flopped on my bed, falling asleep almost immediately. In my dreams, I could hear somebody or somebodies talking about me.

“Why doesn't she sing to me like others?” One asked.

The other replied "Because I think she's has some of us her. She might get it from her mom or her dad." By now I'm freaking out, because I want to know how they figured out my secret. If they did, why did they say "some of us"? Are they the same as me? I heard yet another voice answer, this one female, that I got it from my dad. How’d they know that? Who are these people, if they are people at all? I struggled to open my eyes, or say something. But all I could do was listen. And then… I was awake, sweaty and gasping for breath. What was that? The bigger question is who was that? Who were the people that figured out my secret? And how?