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Stop Fighting Love

About Bella wanting to be changed Please review! How else can I know if this is good or not?


1. Stop Fighting Love

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How many seconds I spent dedicated to you
Countless boys let down
Just to have to with me
My love, my life
Nothing can part us
That’s why I want you to do this
To be with you for eternity
That’s what I want the most.
The pain-nothing
The blood-squat
The isolation-I couldn’t care less
The only thing that scares me
Is loosing you to death
When I could easily be with you
Edward, dear
I could never explain to you how I feel
With out you blowing up
Or screaming about my soul
But what you don’t seem to understand is
The moment I first saw you
My soul was already yours.
I, you, nobody can fight back love
So stop fighting it
And give in
Let me be with you
For eternity.