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Breaking Dawn; Revised Edition

Well for those of you who were not satisfied with Breaking Dawn and the perfection in Bella's life, this story is for you. We're taking a heavy duty (haha doodie...)vacuum and sucking out the sugar, leaving the main plot, but adding a little dash of pain and maybe a few more deaths. Hope you enjoy! PS- This fan fiction belongs completely to Stephanie Meyer...All the characters, writing, etc. etc.

M'kay, a friend and I read Breaking Dawn, and let's just say, we weren't very happy with the outcome, so we've decided to try and re-write the story with a little more drama. I also really hope I don't have to change the title because I can't think of anything creative enough. XD We're sorry if we're slow because for one, there's two of us here trying to collaborate, and we're also a little (okay, maybe a lot) behind on summer reading for this up coming school year. We'll keep it going as fast a possible though! Thanks!

8. Chapter Four; Part One; Sunshine

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When the ceremony finished with, “I now pronounce you husband and wife,” Edward pulled me close and pressed his lips eagerly to mine. I forgot about the crowd for a moment, lost in our embrace, my arms reaching up to latch around his neck.

“Hey, guys, get a room,” chuckled Emmett, bringing us back to the real world.

“Shut up, you,” growled Edward. “Don’t think I have forgiven you yet.” We turned away from him to greet the rest of the people, but I could see Edward’s cheek raised in a hidden smile.

The first people to greet us were Charlie, Phil and Renee.
“Bella! Edward,” crooned Renee, her nose still red from tears. “I’m so happy for you both! My Bella is married now.” She crushed us--well, most-likely just me, Edward probably barely felt it-- in a hug. Phil and Charlie gave curt congratulations, shaking our hands.

Then came Carlisle and Esme, both wrapping us in a hug.

“Welcome to the family,” smiled Esme, pressing a kiss to my cheek.

“Although I think you’ve been part of the family for a while now. This is just the official joining,” Carlisle winked.

Angela, Ben, Jessica and Eric followed, giving us their happy wishes, but from a distance. They were still a little shy around Edward, but he shook hands and gave hugs anyways. And they concluded my part of the guest list. They were followed by a long line of vampires, most of which I’d never even heard of, making me wonder just how many vampires existed in the world.

The first group was the Denali clan, and I felt my nerves come back. Tanya would be one of them. I assumed the woman that came forward was Tanya because she hugged Edward and paid me no heed.

“Edward! It’s so good to see you,” she said, pulling him to her. He stiffened, and pulled her arms away from him, saying, “Tanya, Kate, Eleazar, Carmen, I’d like to introduce you to the love of my forever.” He focused his words at Tanya, making me feel a little less inferior. She was definitely beautiful, maybe more so than even Rosalie.

“It’s nice to meet you, Bella, we wish you a happy marriage,” said Carmen, who stood slightly behind Eleazar, making me believe that they were mates. The floated off and the rest of the vampires continued.

“Bella, this is Benjamin and Tia. Bella, this is Maggie and Siobhan. Bella this is Zafrina.” He introduced me to each of the vampires in the room, but I didn’t know if I could remember any of their names, except for Zafrina whose skin was a dark olive. They made polite conversation, but as their eyes raked over my appearance, I felt like they were assessing me. The thought stuck me that they were only here to see for themselves that a vampire would choose a human as their mate. And they were only invited to be polite and stay on good terms.

“It’s a beautiful wedding,” said Tia.

“Thank you,” I answered politely only to realize that being as ‘out of it’ as I was, I hadn’t even noticed the decorations.

Hung around the inside of the house and the trees surrounding the reception, there were millions of tiny glass shards, glittering like diamonds in the pale white light of the hazy sun. The flowers of the bouquets that I-- and my bride’s maids-- held were very familiar flowers that I had only seen in one spot. Our meadow.

The clearing from our first ’date’, was the theme for our wedding. The glass was the rainbow that shone from their skin, the flowers, picked specially, nothing was overdone-- everything kept simple, natural…well as natural as a wedding can be, and it was so beautiful.

I was still in awe of the rainbow glinting in the trees when a familiar tune began inside the house.

“Are you ready for our first dance, Mrs. Cullen?” Edward gave my hand a squeeze. My heart gave a flutter as I registered the new name. Mrs. Cullen. I was his wife. He was my husband. We were each others’, and nobody else’s.

“Of course!” I let him lead me back inside where the guests re-congregated. At this moment in time, I wasn’t afraid to dance because I knew he’d never let me fall, regardless of the dress. He held me close to him as Carlisle gracefully turned the tune around, starting my lullaby over without stopping the flow of music. I vaguely wondered what he couldn’t do, but how could Carlisle keep my mind busy with an angel whispering in my ear.

Edward’s voice was smoother than velvet as he serenaded me quietly. A circle formed around us, but I could care less. He inhaled deeply, swallowing my scent, letting his nose touch softly to my skin and caress its way down my jaw and to the bottom of my chin.

“Are you happy?” he asked, his eyes serious. I could barely comprehend the question as my mind swirled.

“I’m beyond happy,” I sighed with a smile. He softly pressed his lips to mine, and I could feel the relief flowing from his kiss.

“I’m glad, because I am too,” he spoke against my lips, a smile forming. I closed my eyes as he pulled my body closer, one hand stroking my spine, and the other holding my hand up at our sides. He froze and my eyes shot open.

“Well, that’s unexpected…” He murmured under his breath.

“What is it? What?” My eyes jerked about the room, expecting to see the Volturi or an angry horde of werewolves, but instead I found something great.

“Jake,” I breathed, as he strode through the door in nothing but a ripped up pair of jeans. There were whispers around him as he walked through the few couples that had joined us on the floor, but I didn’t care. My best friend Jacob Black was back. He was safe and he was home.

He walked straight up to us, his nose wrinkling at the number of vampires around him, and tapped Edward on the shoulder.

“May I?”