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Edward leaves Bella. The Volturi find a human aware of them, and come for her. Thirteen years later, Bella is a trained member of the guard, loyal, important, enslaved… Readers- I’m moving accounts. This was a shared account with someone who doesn’t really like me anymore. So I’ll post this to all the stories I wrote (I’ll only continue some) then you can read them. Continuing: Complications, Goneandnevercomingback., Marionette, mynewLife, and SpilledMascara. If what you read wasn’t listed and you want it continued, tell me through the “contactauthors” button on the “elainamorrigan” account why I should continue. -elle/Twizzler

Twisler Terrier All these characters (with the exception of Azuria named after my beautiful cat) belong to Stephenie Meyer.

4. Confusion

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Bella's Point Of View

Relief flew across his face, though I had no idea why. “That is you’re name right? Edward?” I asked, regaining composure and feeling a strange thrill saying that name. He didn’t answer, I got sick of waiting and watching his now dead expression, “Jane.”

He started to writhe on the ground, but no scream. That was odd, usually they were wailing. He stopped.

“Is it or is it not your name?” I asked.

“It is,” he said.

“Then Edward,” he looked up at me, “Please don’t get in our way, Aro wouldn’t like us to kill a talent such as yours, but I won’t hesitate.” I turned to the girl, “No, Alice, I don’t know you, and I don’t know how I would.”

“I’m practically your sister!” She yelled.

“I’m sorry, you’re mistaken,” I told her, carefully pronouncing every work like I was talking to a five-year-old, she was so tiny I wouldn’t be surprised if I was. An immortal child, that’s two laws, “I always have been with the Volturi. So unless you have broken other laws, then I don’t see how I would know you.”

I turned to Carlisle, horror from my last action was still on his face.

“Bring the newborn.” I said.

Edward stood up; Felix was back by my side. Edward clenched his teeth, “No, Bella,”

“My name is not Bella, it’s Ella,” I said, livid now. Why couldn’t he get it through his thick head? It was stupid of me to overreact, but I was so annoyed I didn't care.

He shook his head, “No, it is Bella.”

Before I could answer, Azuria ran over and put her hand to his throat.

This time he screamed, I smiled in satisfaction. I only wished I could do that myself.

The next thing I knew, I was grabbed from behind by the big one. He pinned me to the ground. Crap. I was starting to get scared, there were so many of them.

Azuria lowered her hand and stepped back.

“I’ll tell you what,” Felix said, “We come back tomorrow, and we’ll let you talk. Everyone is a little upset and we don’t want a fight.” His pitch was rising with the panic; he didn’t want me to get hurt.

“How do we know they won’t run?” Jane snapped.

“We take one of theirs with us.” He said.

“How do we know you won’t kill them,” the one on top of me hissed.

I growled and struggled. The blond male came over and took me. He pulled me into a position that was impossible to get out of. As soon as he touched me, I was calm, but alert somehow, as if he wanted me to notice something.

“Why, you can take one of us, of course.” Azuria said, sweetly, staring at Edward, “Why not Ella?” Edward nodded slightly but no one else noticed, no one else was staring at him like me.

“What?!” Felix yelled, projecting the thoughts of all of us.

I nodded to him, showing him I could handle it. His face had reluctance and pain written all over it.

The one that was on top of me snorted, “Right.”

“No, Emmett,” Edward said, “They need her, her ability really helps them. It’s all in their heads, they’re terrified to let her go with us.”

I gasped, noticing that I’d let my shield down. I snapped it back up and Edward stumbled back like he’d just been slapped.

Then he grinned, “Okay, so Bella,” I growled when he said that name, “for Jasper.” The one holding me down nodded, he must be Jasper. Now there was only one name I didn’t know, the other female’s, the gentle looking one.

Jasper got off of me and went to stand by Felix. I knew he wouldn’t hurt Jasper, he was too terrified for me.

Edward held his hand out to help me get up, I growled and stood up on my own. He reached for me, “Don’t touch me!” I snapped.

“Whatever you say Bella.” He said, "Just glad to have you back."

I rolled my eyes and muttered, “God, I’m surrounded by crazy people.”

I walked over and stood by the one who looked like the leader, Carlisle.

“What is the point of all this?” I asked angrily, "Either way, you will d-"

“Ella,” Azuria called to me sternly, “temper,”

I grimaced and fought back a gag. Stupid criminals. Why should I have to control my temper?

“This way,” the female called.

I stared at Carlisle, something about him…

Suddenly a hand was on my back, guiding me forward. I whirled around and into a crouch. It was Edward, “I said don’t touch me.” I growled.

He walked beside me on the way to their house, I ignored him the best I could, but my eyes kept wandering to his beautiful face.

I tried to keep my shield on Felix, Demetri, Azuria, and Jane, but after a while I had to throw it away from me altogether to reach them. I was sure we were far enough, but I wasn’t taking any chances.

I had to concentrate to keep them safe. I walked with my hands over my forehead, my thumbs pressed to my temples, and looking down with my eyes closed. I could feel him staring at me. It made no sense, none of this did.

Why was he staring at me? Why was I more important? Why couldn’t I remember these people? Why were they so familiar and easy to trust? Why did was I being drawn to this outlaw? Why did I like their gold eyes? Why did he have such a confusing interest in me? Azuria was prettier, so why would it be looks?

“You never could see yourself clearly,” Edward murmured beside me.

I gasped, realizing then that while I was protecting them, I had no protection. But it didn’t matter, they were more important. No matter how many times I was tortured, I loved them, I needed them. I needed Felix, he kept me sane those first few years. I started to remember him, to remember us kissing, to remember the way he talked to me; understanding and caring. He would always complement me, he was so nice.

It made me feel better, but there were a few winces next to me.

I sighed in defeat and retracted my shield, they should be far enough now.