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Dream on through the eyes of a moonsugar addict

Spin off from Charmingals story. This follows me and my two friends when en route to Forks we end up in Texas.


1. Chapter 1

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"Are we there yet?" I moan. I've been sat here for at least two hours and my bum's starting to go numb.

"You asked that 10 minutes ago" My friend Catkin replies, "and we're still in the airport.

"Oh yeah so we are" I look around at the glass ceiling and windows. It's raining outside so they're making funny shadows on the marble floor.

"God Tash I thought you were supposed to be good at travelling" Kordelia, who we all call Kordy or Delia, says sounding tired ‘cause I think I might have woken her up.

"I am good! I just don't like waiting"

"We wouldn't have to wait if we hadn't missed the plane with the others" Catkin looks at me like it's my fault.

"Hey! I said it would take a long time to get my boats through the revolving doors and it's not my fault we couldn't find a trolley" I protest looking at my bright pink kayak sitting on the trolley beside me.

"I'm just saying maybe if you had left your stupid boat back at the house you could buy a new one when we get there and save us all this trouble!" She yells back at me.

I'm shocked. How dare she suggest that I leave my boat? Thankfully before a full scale argument starts Kordy quickly cuts in.

"How about we go see if our flight is putting the bags on yet?"

We all stand up with Kordy and Catkin taking the two trolleys with our luggage on and me taking the trolley with the boat and all my paddling kit on it. Ignoring the strange looks we're being given by other people we walk to the line. Well I ignore the looks, Catkins stormed on ahead but it's beginning to scare Kordy.

"Taaash. They're all looking at us." She looks around paranoid.

I'm used to this so I smile at the few people who make eye contact. I think of how we must look. Kordy skinny as ever with her skinny jeans and hoodie. And me in my chunky vans, board shorts and hoodie saying GB team. I'd taken a tip from a friend and worn my GB kit so that they didn't just assume I was an amateur and would hopefully look after my kayak.

"Yeah don't worry about it. It's the boat" I reply smiling at a boyfriend and girlfriend who both look away.

"Can we eat them?" She asks

"No because then they would think that all kayakers eat people and they would hate everyone" I'm always careful to look happy and approachable when I'm kayaking and with my boat. One of the rules my sponsors have. Even when I've had a bad day on the water I always smile to people until I find a quiet spot to generally cry and get angry.

We finally catch up with Catkin who is standing thinking looking at the screen above the person taking the bags.

"Do you think that this is the place?" She asks all signs of her anger gone.

The television screen says Forks USA.

"Sure" I say " How many other Forks can there be?"

We join the queue. It takes a while to get to the front. We load our bags on before being directed to the heavy luggage section to put my boat on.

"I still feel like something's wrong" Catkin says. Kordy nods in agreement.

"Oh come on what's the worst that can happen?" I say lifting my boat, heavy with all the kit I've shoved inside it on the conveyer belt. " We end up somewhere stupid like Texas? We'll find our way to Forks eventually" I shrug.