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Dream on through the eyes of a moonsugar addict

Spin off from Charmingals story. This follows me and my two friends when en route to Forks we end up in Texas.


2. Chapter 2

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Going through airport security I tried not to burst out laughing. It always happened. I had a friend who said that next time he flew when he got through security he was going to yell I can’t believe I got that through! I still think of doing it but the risk of being arrested (again) put me off. Catkin was in a strop with me after my boat brushed her. Any one would think I had hit her over the head with it how much she screamed. It was because of “just think of how many germs are on it”. Well yeah I admit my boat probably isn’t the cleanest considering where it’s been.

Collecting my bag and favourite army trench coat from the x-ray machine I turn around to see a scared Kordy being frisked by an equally scared looking security person. I turn to Catkin to suggest running of with out her but she turns away. Oh yeah she’s in a strop with me. I smile at someone walking by who just looks at me like I’m a bit of dirt. All of a sudden I feel someone jump on me and I fall over in a very undignified pile on the floor.

“Tatashie!!!!” Kordy screams in my ear

“What is it now?” I ask. All I want to do is buy my body weight in magazines and sweets and then find a corner to sit down in while we wait to board the plane.

“Look what Catkin’s trying to hide from us.” She says excitedly.

I look up and, after moving Catkin out the way, spot heaven. A shop devoted to selling MOONSUGAR!!!!

By this point Catkin is trying to get Kordy and me in a grip to stop us running in. After causing what could be called a scene we escape her grasp and run in. The shop has wall-to-wall moon sugar and its only 10p for a tube.

£5 pounds and 500 tubes later Kordy and me emerge to see a very angry looking Catkin. As way of apology we offer her a tube from both of our stock. She takes them both but still looks slightly annoyed.

“I’m sitting on the aisle seat. I don’t want to be stuck with no escape for 9 hours” she says.

“Great! I get the window seat!!!!” I shout getting even more strange looks from passers-by.

Half an hour later we were running to board the plane. Well they were I was taking a leisurely stroll.

“Come on we’re going to miss the plane!!!!” I hear them shouting.

“What’s the rush? The plane won’t leave without us” I point out but still start running just to keep them happy.

We start to walk as the boarding gate comes in to view. The last few people are walking through to the plane.

“This is all your fault” Catkin grumbles at me. “you didn’t need to spend so long in Smiths”

Well yeah I suppose it is my fault. But magazines and more sweets are important on long flights. I start to point this out to her but we have reached the gate and it’s time for me to act mature and not in the least bit high.

As we sit down on the plane I get out one of my many magazines and start eating the several tons worth of sugary goodness I brought. We all have our I-pods on so we don’t hear the general hubbub going on around us and the safety demo.

As Hands down Gandhi by the legion of doom starts to play we take off.