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Dream on through the eyes of a moonsugar addict

Spin off from Charmingals story. This follows me and my two friends when en route to Forks we end up in Texas.


3. Chapter 3

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I look out the window as we come out from above the clouds. Strange I think, Tolley said that it was cold and rainy (just like England) in Forks. It's hot and sunny outside and I swear I just saw a cactus. I'm on a down from the moon sugar. I try not to take all my tubes in one go. Especially after the last time. I offered to pay for that kids counselling I don't understand why I got a restraining order. Seeing as we're going to land soon I go to turn my I-pod of but then another one of my favourite songs comes on. I begin to sing at the top of my voice

"She wishes her boyfriend looked more like Noel Fielding, She wishes her boyfriend looked more like a girl, She wishes her boyfriend had cheek bones that cut ‘ya, It's a mixed up, modelled up, shook up world"

I'm interrupted mid-session by a hard slap to the back of my head that sends my I-pod earphones flying from my ears. I press pause and look around for the culprit. Kordy is buzzing and talking to the pixies and Catkin is trying her best to look innocent.

"What was that for?" I ask opening another tube of precious moon sugar to drown my troubles in.

"One, you were becoming the most unpopular person on the plane," she begins

"Even more unpopular than that small child who cried and then run up the aisle at least 700 times?" Surely no one could be more unpopular than that I think

"It's about even at the moment. And second they just said that this isn't the right Forks! This is Forks Texas!!!!!"

I then unleash a string of words that would make a sailor blush. Several mums cover their children's ears and the charming *cough * yeah right *cough * air hostess frowns at me. After this outburst I feel suddenly calmer and adapt the usual happy-go-lucky attitude that I have when I'm not hyper. The same one I do when I win a competition and don't want to boast.

"Well there's nothing we can do now. So as soon as we land we act as if we meant to be here, and then go find a hotel to call Tolley from" I'm quite pleased I've had a tube of moon sugar and can still come up with a plan.

However with perfect timing Kordy comes out of her moon sugar induced high and starts panicking. I think any second now there's going to be a lynching on the plane. That or they're going to just open the doors and throw us out. As long as they give us parachutes I really don't mind I've always wanted to try skydiving. I can feel the moon sugar starting to take over. I put away the rest of the tubes I have left so that I'm fairly sober when we land.

The rest of the flight passes easily. I leave Catkin to calm Kordy down and go back to listening to my I-pod this time making sure not to sing. It might seem bad leaving Catkin do the unenviable job of calming down a frightened Kordy but trust me. As soon as I manage to get someone calm I just say something to start them of again. Half way through Naïve by the Kooks I feel a tug on my arm. Kordy's looking at me in her half wise witch of the woods half escaped paranoid schizophrenic way. I pull one of the earphones out so she can whisper to me

"Tatashie?" she whispers

"Yeah?" I whisper back

"The cacti are going to eat us"

"No they're not." I reply "and why are we whispering?"

"In case someone on the plane is a spy. Then they'd tell them that we know that they're going to eat us so they would start stalking us."

"So you'd rather be eaten by a cactus than stalked by one?" the moon sugar still hasn't worn of for her then. Bless she isn't a hardened moon-sugarer like me.

"Oh yeah!" she says as if I had just asked if she would rather have animal care all day than have her toe nails ripped out.

I turn back to the window. We're just about to hit the runway. This is my favourite bit of flying. I turn my I-pod off and pack up the magazines and sweets that have been my den for the past 9 hours.

We stand to leave and I stretch and my elbow cracks. Catkin hates it and gives me a look. I can't help it. I'm going to have such bad arthritis when I'm older but it's worth it. The joints in my fingers and elbows crack all the time, I have blisters, scars and calluses all over my hands and my ankles twist and generally hurt when I run as well as feeling like they've just been broken when I kayak. All because of a sport I love.

We step out in to the hot mid-day Texan sun. I remove my top two layers leaving me in just a plain grey vest top that makes my small boobs look slightly bigger and show the muscles all along my upper arms. I reach up to scratch my head sub consciously tightening my right arm muscle. Catkin rolls her eyes at me in a very Tolley manner.

"What!?!?!" I don't realise what I've done wrong.

"Your showing of your stupid muscles again!" she snaps back

"I don't mean to! They're a curse as well as a blessing" I reply but it's to late she all ready storming of towards the luggage conveyer belt.

"I think Catkin's scared of the Cactuses" I hear a manic voice in my ear before Kordy runs ahead giggling like a madperson.

I sigh before going to help them unload the bags. Bless them. Even though they pretend they don't they need me really. Deep down. Very deep down. Very very deep down. So deep down they don't even realise it.