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Dream on through the eyes of a moonsugar addict

Spin off from Charmingals story. This follows me and my two friends when en route to Forks we end up in Texas.


4. Chapter 4

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After walking through the Texan airport security (just in case we have been replaced by illegal immigrants or terrorists mid flight) we walk to collect our bags. The first thing going round and round is of course my kayak. I walk over and pick it up with one hand an expertly rest it on my shoulder so that I have one hand free to help Delia and Catkin with the bags. I ignore the looks of annoyance and astonishment on the fellow airport users and walk over to where Delia and Catkin have the rest of our bags. I put my kayak down rather heavily and Delia winces.

"Don't worry. It's had worse" I reply nonchalantly.

"Yeah but you squashed Trevor" She says sadly

"No he was off buying pie" I say trying to calm her down before she has hysterics in the middle of a crowded air port.

"Is he getting some for me?" Her face instantly brightens

"Of course he is," I turn to Catkin " do you and Kordy want to stay here with the bags while I go find some trolleys"

"Fine, yeah, whatever" She's looking for those boys that she met on the plane. They were a little bit fit I suppose but she can have them. As soon as we get to the original Forks I have a doctor to track down.

I manage to get two of the three required trolleys and bring them back to the other two. I look around having to jump to see. Damn my small height I think. Then I spot another trolley and run for it. I grab it when another pair of hands closes over mine. I look up. There is the kind of man who you just know thinks that the whole world should worship them, when actually they are fat, old and balding.

"Excuse me but this is mine" he says in a nasally voice while trying to snatch the trolley, which is my reason for living at the moment, from my hands. Thankfully I have great grip so I keep a hold of it.

"I'm sorry but I don't think it is. No one was with it and I got here first" I'm trying to be calm but it's failing. I know that if we only have two trolleys then I will end up carrying my kayak for god knows how long and even though I could do it, it would hurt after a while.

"Listen little girl, I was here first and even if I wasn't I'm still better than you. I mean I'm a university professor and what are you? Your nothing special" He replies with a smirk.

Calling me a little girl was bad enough but saying that I was nothing special absolutely pushes me over the top. I'm usually laid back and happy-go-lucky but after being on a plane for god knows how many hours to arrive in the wrong place can change even the best of us.

"Listen to me!" I scream back at him, ignoring the attention I'm getting " First I am not a ‘little girl' I'm nearly 18. Secondly I am better than you! Have you represented your country in a sport? No because you can't even run. Now I'm usually a nice person but I don't even want to be here. All I'm trying to do is get a goddamn trolley so I don't have to carry my kayak for around ½ a mile! So if you don't mind"

I yank the trolley out of his hands and walk away. I resist the urge to laugh at the look on his face. I can feel practically all the eyes in the airport watching me. Even Delia and Catkin look shocked as I walk up to them smiling and begin loading the bags on to trolleys.

"What the hell was that!" Catkin asks an admiring tone in her voice.

"Yeah Tatashie you went mental. We thought you were going to kill him" Kordy says excitedly.

I forgot that they had never seen me when I'm really angry. In fact none of my friends had seen me really angry. Unlike everyone else I hadn't spent my whole life in Bedford, where we were before we moved to America. I lived for most of my life, 12 years, in North London. I went to a school where there were practically lessons in back stabbing and being a plastic. I didn't fit in that well and had a small anger problem. Thankfully I managed to get a grip on it when I moved and, as I said before, no one had really seen me angry.

"Oh that. It was nothing. That dude was just being a jerk" I shrug

"All I can say is don't ever do anything like it again," Catkin says beginning to push her trolley

"Scary" Kordy mutters

I'm just amazed that I seem to be in Catkins good books again. Maybe I should get in to fights with fat old idiots next time she gets annoyed with me.

"I'm hungry" Delia moans as we step in to a shopping plaza section near a road where there's a bus stop and, by the looks of things, enough taxis for the whole of London.

"Fine. We'll stop of at that bagel place over there" Catkin points to one of those make your own bagel restaurants.

"Yaysies!!!!" Delia and me squeal and run of with our trolleys leaving a Catkin in a, relatively, good mood to follow on.