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Dream on through the eyes of a moonsugar addict

Spin off from Charmingals story. This follows me and my two friends when en route to Forks we end up in Texas.


5. Chapter 5

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After grabbing a smoothie I went to sit down while Catkin and Delia grabbed their food. The only food I needed was my moon sugar. Strange I thought it was taking more and more of the stuff to get me as high as I used to be but then I would just get my high quickly and it would be a long one. I sighed thinking back to the days when after ½ a tube I would be buzzing for half an hour. I sigh again when I see Catkin talking to those two boys, Josh and Chris or whatever, at the check out. There are only four chairs so that means someone will either have to stand or sit on the trolley and I can pretty much guarantee it will be me. Oh well, I shrug, as they walk over. I give my seat to boy 1 or 2 (I forget names so sue me!). I choose Catkins suitcase to sit on just to annoy her but she's to busy talking to them. She also seems to have forgotten about me. I turn to my (good) alter ego and fellow moon sugar addict in the hope of getting an ally but no such luck. There's only one thing to do in a situation like this. Go completely hyper. I quickly down ten or twenty tubes before Catkin notices and let the blessed substance take effect.

Two hours later I come down with a splitting headache, no idea where I am and a frowning Catkin in my face with a scared looking Delia in the background.

"WHAT THE FECK DO YOU THINK YOU WERE DOING!" Catkin yells in my ear. I wince.

"I think my brain would appreciate it if you didn't give the people playing drums in it a rhythm to play to" I mumble. Wow that was quite a good line I think.

She moves away and I sit up. Whoa bad idea. Another five Catkins and Delia's appear and all of them spinning around like a demented carousel. Catkin is already striding ahead towards a flickering hotel light in the distance. We still magically have the airport trolleys as they obviously don't care about them that much. Delia helps me up and pulls the trolley with my kayak towards me to lean on and push in the direction of Catkin.

"So I have a couple of questions, beautiful" I say to her as we try and catch up with Catkin

"Aye" she replies in her usual manner.

"Where am I? What did I do? How did we get here?" I'm sure that there should be more but at the moment I'm trying to remember my birthday.

"Your in some village/ little town thing in Texas. We came here by the magical talking bus. And after dancing on the tables and scaring away Josh and Chris I'd rather not go in to the details but lets just say you might have to become the innocent one" she says, strangely, not at all scared.

She's referring to what I always say. She's like Jekyll and I'm like Hyde. She's innocent and I'm, well, I'm me. One of us has to be innocent and I really don't want it to be me.

We catch up with Catkin who is standing outside the hotel.

"What do you think we should do with the kayak?" She looks worried "They might not let us in with it"

I look at it. It's still wet so I either must have been paddling or it rained.

"You go in get a room for 3 people while Delia and I wait out here. When they've given you the keys you come out here to get the bags and we just walk in acting natural. They should let it in as it's clean-ish and we're paying for a room" I come up with a fairly decent plan on the spot.

So we follow the plan, and besides being given the usual dirty look by the receptionist, we make it up to the room. I drop everything, thankfully avoiding any feet, and jump on the bed in the middle.

"Mine!!!!" I yell.

While I leave Delia and Catkin to sort themselves I investigate the room. I move my kayak to the wall opposite my bed, look at the menus, take a quick peek in the bathroom and walk in and out the wardrobe a few times. I then decide I'm hungry so decide to call room service. Catkin is unpacking and, judging from the confused noises coming from the wardrobe, Delia has got stuck in the wardrobe. I call that I'll let her out in a minute and look at the menu. Is there anything on this goddamn menu suitable for vegetarians I muse? Eventually I decide on donuts. The strangely cheerful for whatever time at night this is lady assures me they'll be up shortly.

After letting Delia out the wardrobe and demolishing the box of 12 Krispy Kreme donuts brought up I notice Catkin is attaching ropes to my bed.

"Catkin, I know that you're kinky but don't you think that's taking it just a little bit far. I mean next thing it'll be cannibalism and somehow I'll get sucked in to that and end up on the electric chair" I say noticing the look she gives me.

"Tash, I love you dearly but I care more about my life and Kordy's at the moment. These ropes are to tie you down in night so you don't rape or murder us in our sleep. And I'm never going to be in to cannibalism" She replies finishing tightening the last rope.

"Ewww meat, icky" Kordy murmurs

"So is this just for tonight or are we going to do it every night for as long as we're in Texas?" I ask

"Depends on if you've had moon sugar or not"

"So every night then" I mutter under my breath as I lie down and let her tie me up.