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Dream on through the eyes of a moonsugar addict

Spin off from Charmingals story. This follows me and my two friends when en route to Forks we end up in Texas.


6. Chapter 6

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I wake up tied to the bed. Why am I tied up? The clock on the bedside table beside me says it’s 11 in the morning and there’s no sign of either Catkin or Delia. Ohhhh post-it!

Hey Tash. Catkin and me are going to go get brekkie. Be back around half 11 to let you loose. Don’t worry and please don’t kill Catkin when we get back. I know you wouldn’t kill me ‘cause I’m so…. Butterfly! D

Great. They’ve just left me. And one of my arms has gone numb. I know they won’t let me have breakfast now. I lie there and start planning my revenge. Despite what Delia said in the note I’m still thinking of killing her.

An hour later and they walk in looking like they never left. I glare at them.

“Well if your going to look like you’re going to kill us then we won’t untie you” Catkin says. I give her a sickly sweet grin back. She begins to undo the ropes. When I’m finally free I grab a packet of moon sugar, since I’m guessing breakfast wasn’t being served anymore.

“You know you could always just go buy some food from the shop?” Delia says helpfully.

“No, cause that would mean I would have to get dressed” I point out. I feel like having a duvet day. I take another ten packets of moon sugar and start hunting for an eleventh one but they’re all gone. I know for a fact I didn’t eat them all. Catkin…

Speaking of the moon sugar destroying person, she’s got her phone out, to call Tolley obviously and get her to come and get us. I still haven’t pointed out that I could drive us to Forks but seeing as she’s in her Tolley mood she’ll point out I don’t have a license I can’t. I can technically drive but if we do get pulled over we’re screwed basically. As soon as she gets of that phone she’s dead.

She’s talking to Tolley, saying about how it’s my entire fault we ended up here. I can also hear Tolley ranting and raving about how we ended up in Texas. Delia has gone in to hiding in the bathroom so I decide to take over.

I snatch the phone out of Catkins hand.

“Tolley!!!!” I shout down the phone, ignoring Catkins glare.

“Hullo Tasha, what’s all this I hear about you getting lost in Texas?” she says, she sounds like she’s losing the will to live. She sounds like that a lot, especially when she’s talking to me.

“Hmm…?” There was something shiny “Oh yeah, Texas, land of cows and fit gay cowboys and all that…You’ll never believe it though Tolley, They have… MOON-SUGAR SHOPS!!!” I’m fairly sure I saw a moon sugar shop somewhere.

“They do?” she sounds surprised.

“YAYSEYS!!!”I yell, jumping up and down. “I’ll tell the others you’re coming to fetch us shall I? See you soon luvvies!!! All my best to my shmexy Helens! Oh, and Hilary of course…”

I hear her start saying something but I’ve already hung up. I turn to Catkin ready to ask where my moon sugar has gone.

“Well?” I know she knows that I know that she knows where my moon sugars gone. Wow that thinking has made my head hurt. I need more moon sugar. A thought strikes me. I go to phone back Tolley to remind her to bring Carlisle with her but Catkins phones died.

I really need moon sugar.