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Dream on through the eyes of a moonsugar addict

Spin off from Charmingals story. This follows me and my two friends when en route to Forks we end up in Texas.


7. Chapter 7

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I frown at the street. Catkin had forced me in to getting dressed, saying that we couldn’t stay in our room all day and that we should go explore. Why is she looking so paranoid though? Come to think about it so does Delia, and she’s muttering something about priests…

“So what we gunna do?” I ask, feeling around in my pocket for a tube of moon sugar.

“Explore” Catkin replies.

“Well yes, I had gathered that darling but other than that?” I only have one tube left so I need to find that moon sugar shop, but first I need to escape Catkin. I look around for something to use as a decoy, when something much better catches my eye.

A tattoo and piercing shop!

I’d always wanted to get more piercings in my ears. Another one on the bottom bit, two on the top and one in the middle. And where better than here? Tolley would stop me when we’re back in Forks and my parents would only let me get one in England. And it will be funny to see Tolley’s face when she comes to get us.

“Delia, because you love me ever so ever so much?” I whisper to her.

“Yes I’ll distract Catkin while you go get a piercing” she sighs.

“How’d you know that I wanted some?” I wasn’t talking aloud again was I?

”You were muttering about it” She replies before skipping of to drag Catkin some where, muttering to her about me going to go find a drink.

“As long as it’s not alcoholic!” Catkin calls out behind her. Got to hand it to Delia, she’s so innocent it seems impossible that she’d lie.

And why does Catkin think I’d get alcohol. This is America! I couldn’t get a drink here and why would I want to buy weak American alcohol. Ok on to the piercing…

I walk in the shop, the walls are covered with tattoo designs and there’s a fat balding man with both his arms covered with tattoos behind the counter.

“What can I do for ya love” he drawls in a thick Texan accent, so thick it takes me a while to understand it. It hurts less than I expected it to, must be the high pain threshold. The bit that hurt the most was the cost. $100! That was all of my money but it was worth it. I look in the mirror and giggle.

“Just remember darlin’ if you ever what anything else done, just call in” he drawls as I leave the shop.

Then I see Catkin and Delia standing outside. Delia obviously couldn’t lie for that long and either gave it away or else Catkin just guessed.

Shite, she doesn’t look happy.

“If you’ve got a tattoo, so help me Tash I will leave you outside for the wolves to eat” she hisses, “I swear I will leave you outside for the wolves to eat”

“Nope” I bounce over and pull my hair back to show one of my ears “ Piercings”

“Shit Tash!” Delia exclaims, Catkin just goes quiet, I can practically read what’s going through her mind. Something along the lines of Tolley killing all of us, we besides Delia.

“Did you even get a drink?” Catkin asks, as if that would make everything better.I shake my head, and then notice a moon sugar shop.

No, but they might do drinks in there” I say walking towards it.