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Dream on through the eyes of a moonsugar addict

Spin off from Charmingals story. This follows me and my two friends when en route to Forks we end up in Texas.


9. Chapter 9

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I really don't remember much about my escape from jail. The only thing I do remember is a sharpened toothbrush for some reason. But it's bound to have been dramatic.

And why is my sleeping place moving?

"Ohhhhhh! Look Tres I think she's starting to wake up!" A voice that sounds vaguely familiar squeals. Where have I heard it before...

I open my eyes to see the two priests from the jail. Tres is standing at the door to the...train carriage, that explains a lot, and the other one is sitting opposite me leaning over.

"Miss Natasha Isaacs, status report?" Tres says in his robotic voice. Huh?

Before I can ask him what the fudge he's on about the other priest hugs me. "Don't mind Tres. I'm father Abel Nightroad. Are you ok? You were out for a long time. Do you want any thing to eat? We have tangerines? Do you want a tangerine? I'll get you a tangerine" He lets go of me and I can breath again.

"Ummm...I'm fine. No I don't want a tangerine. And it's Tasha not Natasha." I manage to get out.

Tres looks confused "But scans show your birth name is Natasha Isaacs" Scans?

"But you have to have something to eat!!!" Abel wails " Here have this tangerine" he throws one at me but it misses and bounces of the window.

"I'll have something later. Can I just call my friends first?" I get my phone out of my pocket.

"Affirmative. It would be advisable to inform your friends of your current location" Tres says.

I search through my phonebook. Catkin will kill me. Delia probably has her phone turned off. Tolleys driving down so she won't answer. I could phone the house in Forks?

The phone answers after the second ring "Hello?" I hear someone say through a mouthful of food. That can only mean one person.

"Hey Looney!" I squeal

"Tash! My love! How are you?"

"Good. I think. Guess what I've done"

There's an uneasy silence

"Something illegal?" she guesses

"I dunno but it must have been ‘cause I had to escape from jail"

"You do know Tolley's going to kill you"

"Yup, pretty much. Anyway I'm on a train with two priests. They're funny. One of them doesn't say very much and the other ones going on about tangerines" the realisation hits me. "Put Lex on now!!!"

She sniffs "Don't you want to talk to me?"

"Yes...but it's...it's Tres! And Abel!" They both turn and look at me.


"Put Lex on she'll understand"

"I don't know where she is. Her and Emmett disappeared earlier today" I hear a male voice in the background.

"Who's there with you?" Typical Looney, just moved somewhere and already she's tied someone to a chair.

There's another pause

"Fine don't tell me. I'll find out eventually. Even if it is when the smell of his decaying body gets so bad it finally overpowers the smell of my kayaking kit"

"You have a bit of a gory mind don't you?" a male voice suddenly says

"Meh? Looney. Man?"

"Oh believe me she's definitely a woman"

"And how do you know!?!?! Mr Random Dude who steals phones of girls when they're talking to their friend who's just escaped from a jail in Texas and is currently on a train with two priests?"

"Erm...she uses the girls changing rooms?"

"Oh...right. Can you put her back on?"

"She's currently...indisposed. Nice talking to you though." And he hangs up. Damn and I didn't even get to ask her if she'd seen any vampires yet.

"Miss Natasha Isaacs. Suggested course of action shows that we should escort you to the nearest jail and return you to the proper authorities" Tres says

"No! We can't" Abel leaps up, hugging me tightly "Can't we keep her Tres? Please? She'd make a good nun!" Nun? WTF?

"That is the standard procedure for escaped convicts. For example when Father Leon tried to escape from jail. He was immediately recaptured."

"But look at her! She's so innocent" Ha that's what you think "She probably had a difficult home life. We should look after her. Take her back to the Vatican. She'd be like our little apprentice. She'd be useful for cleaning"

"Judging by her previous behaviour there is a strong chance Miss Natasha Isaacs is mad"

They continue to bicker over the top of me, with Abel hugging me and Tres guarding the door. I sigh. This is going to be a long journey to wherever I'm going.