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Help Her

Sequel to Protect Her, Love Her, Hold Her, Keep Her, From Her, With Her, Beside Her, and Near Her. Thirty years and three children later, Quil and Claire have settled down and settled in to their happy life together. But when an old enemy moves back into town and threatens a member of their family in a way no one could have predicted, how will they keep him safe?

I am SERIOUSLY running out of titles here. I'll need some suggestions when the sequel rolls around. So read the prequels. Please. Or else this will be extremely confusing.

2. Chapter 2

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Maybe it’s just us, maybe it’s everyone, but the universe tends to be a bit spiteful. I was so completely content, until I saw the too-familiar face.

“Bloodsucker,” I hissed, “what are you doing in my backyard?”

Emmett Cullen ran a hand through his black hair and grinned. “Hey, man. I know I’m not supposed to be here, but…”

“Damn right you aren’t. I could attack you right now.”

I wouldn’t really, obviously. The treaty’s too strong still, and besides Emmett’s the only vampire who actually looks like he could take me. In reality, he’s infinitely stronger. And I don’t want to phase and stop aging again. I want to grow old alongside Claire, and I’m working on it.

One lapse of control and it’s another year before I age a day. And I don’t want that. One lapse of control and it could be another one, for something smaller this time. One lapse of control and I could hurt someone.

I wouldn’t make Sam’s mistake. That much I know. I have spent the last thirty years training myself to be angry with any and everyone except her. I have never once snapped at her, turned against her. At this point, I don’t think I could.

But that doesn’t mean I couldn’t hurt someone else dear to me. Leah, Embry, Jake…

My children.

It would be too easy, all too easy, to wake up in the middle of the night, furious at the squalling baby and just…

I shudder at the thought and turn from the morbid musings.

“You don’t want to, Quil,” Emmett says.

I nod. “You’re right. I don’t. But what are you doing at my house?”

“Letting y’all know.”

I am thoroughly confused. “Letting me know what?”

“DADDY!” Julia screams. I sigh and stand.

“One second. And don’t you move one inch closer to Claire. Understood?”

He looks for a second as if he’s going to make a joke, but thinks better of it when he sees my face. “Sure.”

I brush the dirt off the back of my jeans and rush to where my daughter’s sitting on the ground, crying. I ask, “What’s wrong, sweetie pie?”

“I cut my leeeeeggggggg!!! On the gwooouuunnnndddd!!!”

She has a powerful set of lungs, especially proportional to her size. I glance over at the leech. His whole face is tight—he’s smelled the blood. I growl warningly at him and then bend over Julia’s leg.

I kiss the knee, wiping away the blood and dirt. “There you go, hon. All better.”

She smiles, dimples in her cheeks. “Thanks, Daddy.”

“You play with Leah now, okay?”


I return to Emmett and Claire. I pull her behind me and glare at him. “What were you saying?”

“I came here to talk to you.”


“Well, tell you, actually.” I’m growing quickly very frustrated with this game. I turn away from him and look at Claire, quietly urging her to be careful, not to be afraid.

“I won’t let him hurt you,” I whisper, and she nods. Then I turn back to our uninvited houseguest.


“We’re moving back here. To Forks.”