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Dark Secrets

Summary: They say that the past comes back to haunt you. What happens when a part of Edward’s past comes back to him? Say an old lover. Will he turn her away or will he embrace her?How will Bella react and handle this new information?
The prolouge is kinda depressing but read on....it's only how Edwards old lover feels about being a vampire and her existence

After chapter four I might make it so the story is in edwards point of view. Review and tell me if you like that idea or if you have one to put in the story. Thanks ^^

2. Chapter 1-Surprises

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His scent was getting nearer.That was my first thought as I sped up causing my midnight black hair to fly out behind me.The trees of the forest started to turn into nothing more than blurrs in my haste.The forest was starting to clear and the light from the sun was getting more proclaimed as I came to a gracefull stop,my hair now spilling over my shoulders to the middle of my back.The loose,elegant curls now had leaves and other debri in it.I quickly picked them out and pushed the fringe of ferns aside-taking care to do so silently-gazing out into a meadow with my ruby red eyes. I saw him then and as I did I couldn’t help the smile that flashed across my face. Edward was just as I remembered him. Pale skin,messy golden hair,and that smile. He was smiling that crooked little smile that I adored so much. Except....He wasn’t smiling at me. I had been so caught up in seeing him again,I never noticed the girl who was laying up against him. My smile fell as I watched them.The girl was fairly preety.For a human anyways. She had a heart shaped face with red-brown hair.Her eyes were a nice shade of chocaltae brown and her skin was pale.Almost as pale s a vampires.She was small and petite.A flare of anger coursed through my body as she turned her focus onto Edward’s face. Neither of them noticed me-they were both caught up in their own little world-and my anger grew rapidly. The sky-which had been a clear,cloudless,bright blue- was now starting to darken as dark,menacing clouds slowly rolled in. Who was this girl?Why was he looking at her like that?What was going on?! There was only one way this could be possible.He had forgotten. As if on cue Edward turned and pressed a kiss beneath the hollow of her neck. My breathing stopped and my knees suddenly felt weak.I leaned up against the tree for support feeling like I was as fragile as a piece of glass and about to break into a million pieces. If i could have cried,tears would have been streaming down my face relentlessly. “Edward,”I whispered staring at him with hurt showing in my eyes. “Jasmine?” He was whispering too with disbelief coloring his tone.He stared at me surprised and stunned.