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Dark Secrets

Summary: They say that the past comes back to haunt you. What happens when a part of Edward’s past comes back to him? Say an old lover. Will he turn her away or will he embrace her?How will Bella react and handle this new information?
The prolouge is kinda depressing but read on....it's only how Edwards old lover feels about being a vampire and her existence

After chapter four I might make it so the story is in edwards point of view. Review and tell me if you like that idea or if you have one to put in the story. Thanks ^^

3. Chapter 2-Memories

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Chapter 2-Memories

My eyes fluttered shut and I listned to his velvet voice.He remembered me.But since he didnt forget,did that mean that he just didn’t-

I stopped myslef right there. The space where my heart would be,had a sudden,intense pressure on it.Like it was being ripped in two.I waited for the pain to lessen and opened my eyes.To my surprise Edward was there,staring right at me.Searching.Reaching out,he brushed his fingers across my face,trailing from my temple down to my throat and back up.

“Jasmine,”He repeated my name and this time his voice held happiness, relief,and......love?

The girl that was with him looked between us with a worried exspression. Her eyes burned with unspoken questions and I heard her breath catch when Edward rested his hand upon my cheek.But I still felt fragile. And even though he was right here, right now, touching me,even though breathing in his scent was calming me,I still felt like I was going to break.

I glanced at the girl and for a second our gazes held.What I saw shocked me. Her eyes mirrored mine. They had the same fear,curiosity,pain in them as mine. Yet somehow,the girls was diffrent.They seemed more desperate,more pleading.Maybe....even more loving. Edward noticed and dropped his hand away from my face.The pain seemed to double and rain started to fall,the sky crying the tears that I couldn’t.I tore my gaze from the girl and looked back at Edward.

I blinked as rain fell into my eyes. “Your eyes.....they’re different.”

“I went back to Carlise.” He was still studying me,watching my exspressions and obviously still trying to decide wether this was real or not.If I wasn’t so tense,I would have laughed at him.

“And your committed to his eating habits?”

“Yes.” He paused before continuing. “Jasmine,what happened? I thought you were-” He broke off right then and we both looked away,knowing what he would have said.

“Dead.”I said finishing his sentance. I heard a muted gasp from the girl but didnt pay attention as my mind wandered back to that night.


It was raining that night. The icy wind was blowing hard,causing my hair to whipp around me chaotically. The dark clouds were menacing,casting sinister shadows all aorund us as people rushed by,eager to get out of the cold. My thraot burned with thirst as they passed and I knew I needed to hunt. Soon.

But I couldn't. Not just yet.I was suppose to meet Edward here and I could always hunt later.A jab of pain came from my stomache and I winced.I knew I shouldnt be doing this.I was still a young vampire,only turned for about a year,and I was endangering exsposing both Edward and me by not hunting.But how could I ?

I felt repelled and discusted with myself everytime I had to take blood. Even if it's nescessary and even though Edward helped by using his abilities to only hunt killers,did it justify taking anothers life. I sighed.This was the ongoing battle in my head.The fight between instinct and survival against reason and the last shreds of humanity I had. Another stab of pain shot through me and I doubled over,the intensity of it stealing my breath.

“I have to hunt” I said quietly,hating myself,straighting up and wincing. “Now.”

I pulled my black cloak around me and walked deeper and farther away from town. I slipped into the shadows,an uneasy feeling in my stomache. I could smell a human coming closer and closer,but there was a bitter stench in the air also that I couldn't identify. It made my instincts,much like an annoying voice in the back of my head, scream at me to run,get away,escape,but I ignored them. As much as I hated it,I needed to feed. I crouched lower as the human came closer,completly unaware of the danger they were walking into. Ugg. That smell again. It was getting stronger also,but coming in the opposite direction from my prey.

It was still coming.Closer to its death,closer to its last breath,closer....untill it was right infront of me. Growling, two things happened at the same time,I curled my lips back, exsposing my fangs and leaped through the air at the human and felt something hard hit me and knock me back down. Stunned I sat up and came face to face with two extra ordinarily large wolves. I heard the human,which was a girl,scream and dart off,stumbling and falling in her haste to escape.

“Fuck.” I mutter quickly crouching low in an attack stance watching the human and the wolves. I now realized-to late-why the bitter stench made me want to flee. I glared at them not letting them relize how hard I fought from running. “Werewolves.”

“What are you doing here leech.” It's voice was hard and full of malice,and made me want to cower and run.The wolves started to circle me now and I couldn't tell which one had spoken,but guessed that it was the gray one.

“I have my reasons.” The black wolf growled and closed in,tightning the circle slightly.

“And those are?”

“Nothing that concerns you ,now does it mutt.”

“This is our territory.”

“Oh,so sorry,I didnt get the memo.” I replied,the sarcasm evident in my voice. Even in the evident danger I was in,a very small,very reckless part in the back of my mind couldn't help but chuckle. That comeback was gonna catch on, no doubt about it.

One of the wolves growled and advanced even more,impatient with my attitude and wanting to attack then and there. Again with the voice in the back of my head. It had been screaming ever since I had smelt the human's stupid,idotic,deliciouse and alluring blood and hadn't stopped even though I realised what the stench was. Except for this time it wasnt telling me to run,it was telling me to back down and try to negotiate my way out this this royalty of a mess I was in. I growled-clenching my teeth togther audibly- and ignored the voice.

Mistaking my growl of frustration for one of threatining the advancing wolf lept at me. Their speed was amazingly fast I thought as I did my best to dodge it only to be knocked back by the second. I dug my heels of my shoes into the soft dirt to slow me down and ducked-slashing my hand in an upward thrust motion- as another attack was launched at me. A searing pain in my shoulder told me that I hadnt been quick enough and as a result,now had a gash on my shoulder spilling blood down my arm and onto the ground. I noted with pride that the wolf also had been wounded,but something wasn't right.Was it- It was healing itself! Panic started to set in,smelling it,both wolves smirked.

“Worried are we? What happened to that annoying attitude you had only a few moments before?”

I needed to get out of here. Fast. I pulled my lips back,flashing my teeth,feeling a low snarl escaping up from my throat, and tried to back up unsuccefully. Glancing behind me I saw that in my hurry to dodge their attacks,I had been careless and never noticed that they were backing me into a tree.

My eyes widened in fear and the gray werewolf's smirk became more pronounced.It would all be over in a few short seconds My life or more accurate,existence would be gone.I scarcely noticed the wolves attack. All I saw was a blurr of fur,a howl,and my own whispered “Edward!”

I lifted my arms up in a last resort,desprate attempt,vain hope......

There was a flash of light, a thunderous crack, and I felt blood -


“Jasmine!” Someone was shaking me......hard. “Jasmine snap out of it!”

I opened my eyes and found myself in Edward's arms with that girl kneeling next to me. Both of them were watching me with the same anxiouse exspressions. The sky was almost pure black and the rain was pelting down,soaking everything.The wind was howling and thunder was rumbling in a definening tone.I was trembling violently and my breath came out in gasps. I heard Edward say something to that girl but all I caught was the name ìBellaî. All my focus was centered around burying the memories that was flashing through my mind. Lightning flashed nearby illuminating everything for one short second.

I looked up at Bella and found she was looking at me too. An abrupt sort of serene spread over me as I searched her eyes. My breathing evened out and my trembling ceased as I relaxed in Edward's hold. That girl's-Bella's- eyes seemed to have a depth in them that calmed despite of the nightmare- if you can call it that ñ that played in my mind only moments ago.

The weather calmed to. The rain slowed,the thunder stopped,and the sky lightened. For the first time in a long while,I felt safe. Truly safe. No worries,no concerns, no nothing. Even Edward seemed to be calming down,his face visibly relaxing and I was seriously tempted to stay right where I was. In Edwards arms,with this odd calm that Bella's eyes provided. But with unwillingly and with a sigh,I sat up and out of his arms.

He didnt seem to notice though.I scruntunized his exspression. His thoughts were far away;like a lightbulb being switched on I relised embarressedly that when that-flinch-memory was playing,my guard wasnt up. Edward had clear access to my mind.

“Jasmine?” His eyes flashed to mine. He wanted an exsplanation about what he saw and all I wanted was to esacpe. Forget the memory and never come back to it. He must have noticed the stubborn set of my jaw because his exspression tightened too.

“Jasmine.” Uh oh.