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Dark Secrets

Summary: They say that the past comes back to haunt you. What happens when a part of Edward’s past comes back to him? Say an old lover. Will he turn her away or will he embrace her?How will Bella react and handle this new information?
The prolouge is kinda depressing but read on....it's only how Edwards old lover feels about being a vampire and her existence

After chapter four I might make it so the story is in edwards point of view. Review and tell me if you like that idea or if you have one to put in the story. Thanks ^^

4. Chapter 3- Explanations

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Chapter 3-Explanations

No! No! No! My mind screamed out at me and I quickly repressed the memory's as they began to claw their way out. I had come all this way,fighting the past,keeping myself only in the present,sacrificing so many thing over and over again repeatedly,combing the whole freaking planet and the only thing it seemed like he wanted to do was HURT ME!!!!!

My eyes narrowed into nothing more than slits. “You saw it.” My voice was ice cold and snapped out at him like a whip. He stepped back,surprised at the pure venomous tone my voice had taken in that split second. I waited,my anger growing more and more with each passing second of his silence till at least a minute had passed. I permitted a glare in Bella's direction to see her reaction to my sudden wrath and was consumed by guilt.

I was by her side in a second. To caught up in our own worlds,Edward and I had completely forgotten about Bella. She was shivering from the cold and her skin almost had the same glacial temperature as a vampires.

“Hold on,” I muttered,racing into the forest-till I found the hikers back pack that I had left by some trees earlier-and back before even half a second. Edward was there when I returned trying to warm her some with friction.

How weird ,I thought to myself,careful to make sure that the nifty mind block was up,keeping Edward out of my thoughts, as I rummaged through my sack until I found a blanket. I handed it to Edward who cocooned Bella in it and lifted her into his arms. That I'm helping the same girl who might take Edward from me. Bella's protests broke through my thoughts and I saw Edward incline his head,motioning for me to follow him and with a quick nod, we were flying past the trees. Why am I even trying to help her? She's nothing more but a normal human. I pondered that question,turning it over and over in my mind.

I didn't notice the approach but suddenly we were standing in front of a huge white mansion. I followed Edwards up the steps and into it. The interior taking my breath away. It was beautiful. So light,open, no need to hide.

“Alice,Esme,Carlise,”Edward called,his voice worried as he watched Bella. She was starting to shake violently and her teeth were chattering loudly. A pale girl with a spiky bob cut flew down the stairs,stopping short of Edward.

“Bella!” She cried out worriedly when she saw her. “What happened.”

“ There was a storm,” Replied Edward. “A pretty bad one. Alice,I need you to go to her house and get her a change of clothes.” Alice nodded and was quickly out the door. By that time a man and woman were in the room. The man was taking Bella from Edward and laying her on the ground.

“ Esme,will you go and get more blankets.” The man-who I realized must be Carlise-spoke,his voice full of calm authority. Esme,with the exception of a quick glimpse at me, left and came back with more blankets and started setting them on Bella. I backed up and leaned against the far wall,watching them.

“Where's Jasper and Emmett?” Questioned Edward,looking around.

“Emmett went with Jasper to hunt.” Responded Carlise. Edward just nodded and sat down beside Bella,taking her hand in his.

“Will she be okay?” My voice was small and timid.

“She will be once she's rested and her body temperature has returned to normal.”Responded Carlise as he spoke swiftly with Edward. I guessed that he must have told Edward to take Bella somewhere else because he picked her up and took her upstairs,Esme following behind.

Carlisle turned and walked towards me extending his hand. “ I never got to properly introduce myself. I'm Carlise and that was my wife Esme and the girl who left was Alice. You already seem to know Edward and Bella.”

“I'm Jasmine.” I smiled and shook his hand shyly. “ And yeah,I know Edward well but Bella I just met recently.”

“I see,and how do you know my son.” That surprised me. Edward was his son?

“I knew him from 1929,about a year after he left your family. I was a newly turned vampire,not even a week old,and repelled by myself. For days I resisted the temptation,disgusted with myself beyond imagination,but I was quickly turning wild with thirst. All reason and controll had vanished on the fifth day and I went hunting. I was seconds from attacking a young child when I felt someone grabbing me from behind and pulling me away from town. Redundant to say,I was mad as hell. I fought against my sudden prison but couldn't escape and the farther away I got from the scent of blood a little clearer my head became.” I quickly glanced at Carlisle's expression. He didn't seem to be judging me so I continued.

“ I stopped struggling and after a few moments,I was released from the arms that bound me. I turned and faced him demanding to know why he did what he had done and who he thought he was. I've always had an attitude and he seemed amused by it but gave me the answers I wanted. He told me his name was Edward Cullen and that he had stopped me before I did something I regretted later. He explained how he knew I was thirsty and if I'd wait for just a few more minutes he'd return with something for me to feed on that I wouldn't feel so much like a monster after I had. I was still in self loathing so I quickly agreed and he soon returned with my prey. Blood had been shed during the time it was killed and when I smelt it I couldn't stop the blood frenzy that had risen inside of me. It wasn't until after I had finished that I realized it was still a human that I'd drunken from....” I stopped sure that I was boring him and looked at Carlisle again only to be surprised. He didn't look bored at all. Only stunned.

“Go on,” he encouraged me. I smiled and started talking once more.

“I was.....displeased to say the least when I found I had still drunken from a human and Edward read that on my face quickly and launched in explaining how he could read minds and knew the thoughts of humans and non-humans all around him. He also told me how he used that power to help find his prey,which would be just barely a shred more human than he was. I stayed with him then. Hunting with him among other things and within a month we had fallen for each other. We stayed together and were inseparable for about a year and a half.” I stopped then. Aware of the pressure pressing on the space where my heart would be again. I took a deep breath and continued,finishing the story.

“Then one day I was suppose to meet Edward in an alley within town,but he didn't show. I would have waited for him longer but I hadn't hunted in a long time and it was starting to send pains throughout my whole body,so I decided I needed to hunt then. I went to an abandoned trail a little aways from town and that when everything went wrong.”

“What happened.” Carlisle asked,curiosity woven through his voice. I just shook my head unwilling to relive that moment twice in one day and we sat in silence for a short while.

“How can you try so hard to be what your not when its not even your own fault?” I hadn't meant to ask the question but while staring at his golden eyes,somehow it had escaped my lips.

“ I didn't want to be a monster. I too was repelled by myself when I was first created and I tried many times to kill myself only to find that I couldn't. So I abstained the best I could but I recognized my will power was fading quickly and I seeked the loneliest places,afraid that if I didn't get away,I'd do something that I would never forgive myself for. One night I was so wild with thirst that I grabbed a deer as its herd was passing and drunk from it. When my strength returned I realized that I didn't have to be the vile creature that i feared. That I didn't have to play the hand that fate had given me,so excited,I went to spread and explore for others with my beliefs and habits. It took along time and a great deal of work but now I have a great family and I'm able to do the work I love.”

“So back to you,” a voice came from behind me. “How did you find Edward again.”

I jumped surprised. I had been to absorbed in mine and Carlisle's conversation that I hadn't notice anyone else come in. I turned quickly and saw two boys leaning against the wall. One was tall,leaner,with honey blood hair while the other one -the one who had spoken- was big,muscular, with dark curly hair.

He smiled impishly. “Sorry,didn't mean to scare you. I'm Emmett and this is my brother Jasper.” Emmett jabbed a thumb at Jasper.

“Hello.” I smiled shyly at them. A sort of calm spread over the room and both Emmett and Carlisle gave Jasper questioning glances.

“So tell me,”repeated Emmett. “How did you find Edward again.”

Like a picture, the memory of him and Bella flashed through my mind,making the pain rush through me. I closed my eyes,trying not to fall to pieces and once again there was silence. Emmet opened his mouth to repeat his question again but cried out as Jasper elbowed him shaking his head slightly. I was grateful.

I heard Edward walking down the stairs slowly and gulped. He probably wanted his explanation and I really didn't feel up to it. I looked at Carlisle-who could probably see the naked panic in my eyes- and smiled. “Thank you for the explanation but I'd better go.”

I didn't wait to see what he or anyone else would say as I ran out he door. I could hear Edward's voice calling my name but i didn't look back. If he really wants to talk to me that bad....He can come and find me.I thought grimly to myself as I ran,not caring or knowing where I was going,only grateful that I was.

Today had been to much. To much pain. To much emotion. And way way way to much new questions and no answers. I slowed to a walk and looked around. I saw a cliff in front of me and walked out to the edge. The rain was falling once more so I took a dark green,almost black,cloak out of my pack and put it on lifting the hood.

A chilled wind blew from the east making my cloak sway around me like liquid clothing. A few strands of escaped hair,blew-almost danced-gracefully in front of my face and I closed my eyes and enjoyed the rain on my face feeling almost serenity. The feeling didn't last long though.I froze as another chilled wind blew and I smelled a bitter stench.