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A Darker Shade Of Black

After Eclipse, the Volturi are watching the Cullens like a hawk. Edward leaves to save his family from the wolves, and Bella from the being tracked by the Volturi. Twenty years later, Bella is in the Volturi. She's alone, and broken. This is her diary.

Remember: I'm Bella's Bff from FF.Net, so I didn't steal this story. I wrote it. Hope you like it!

1. Diary Entries

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Dear Dark, Dead Diary,

Life nothingness. At least for me. Ever since he said that he didn't want me, I've been empty. Bella Marie Swan has gone, and Isabella Marie Swan Volturi has taken her place.

Why can't life be simple? Why does it have to be so twisted and hurtful? Why can't life have an easy button? What's with all of life's twists and turns?

Why did I ever fall for a vampire? If I hadn't, I would probably be sitting in Charlie's kitchen right now, feeding Jacob and our kids, 'cause I know that we would've ended up together.

That's probably not true, though. He would probably have imprinted on someone else, his true love. I might've been sitting in a house somewhere, feeding kids, or a husband, or maybe both. Or maybe, as much as I hate to say it, I would be alone. Maybe this was the best way. Maybe I'm glad that I fell for him.


But I can't make up my mind. But I know that I'd probably be happier, probably eating human food.

Not draining the life out of innocent animals.

This is the diary of Isabella Marie Swan Volturi.

Where life is a darker shade of Black.

Dear Sickeningly Sweet, Sarcastic Diary,

Neither Heaven, nor Hell want me. Today, I found out something the rest of the Volturi have failed to keep in the the dark about.

There is a venom that can kill vampires. I found out about it when I accidentally teleported into a room in the castle.

In the room I found a couple hundred Blue and Green containers of what looked and smelled like blood.

The Blue ones smelt like human blood, and the green, animal blood.

Me, being the one who is disgusted/immune by/to human blood, went straight to the Green.

I was extremely curious, these were obviously special.

Curiosity killed the cat...

When I opened the container, I immediately knew what it was used for. I was positively giddy that I'd finally found a way out.

So I chugged it.

It did everything but kill me.

I guess curiosity doesn't kill vampires that are immune to everything that will kill them. Ugh...

Dear, Damn, Diary,

Today, when I got to the castle after a mission, Aro called me to the Feeding room. He said he want me to meet our new member.

When I finally got to his door (and I took my sweet time), I was hit with a familiar scent.

I opened the door, cautiously, and walked in.

The first thing I saw was not Aro's giddy/excited face, it was his face that caught my eyes.

"Edward." I hissed.

The stupid bastard! How could he make the stupid mistake of joining the Volturi?!

His face was shocked. Aro spoke first, "Bella, you've been so depressed! Your mother and I can't stand to see you this way! So, when Edward came and asked me to kill him, I remembered your memories! This is your Edward!" Aro exclaimed, throwing his hands in the air. As If I didn't know that this was, indeed my ex.

These are the times when Aro was an idiot.