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Key to my Heart

Bella's mother had always warned hers guarded, but what if she doesn't realize Edward stolen it before its to late. POEM!!!!

DISCLAIMER: NOT MINE! well okay I wrote the poem, but the plot, characters ect. are Stephenie Meyer's!

1. Chapter 1

Rating 3.7/5   Word Count 111   Review this Chapter

Mom had warned me

Love could do this

Make you fall hard

His Looks…His Kiss

You would not see

All the bad things

When you’re flying

On heavens wings

Blinded by love

You would give in

He would snatch it

You could not win

She had told me

“Don’t you let go,”

And lf you do

Don’t let him know

But I dropped it

After one look

He made me shake

I shivered and shook

Brightening the Classroom

His hair-dripping wet

I knew that I loved him

The day that we met

In the meadow he gave me

His love and a kiss

I never thought

I could find love like this

But one day he left me

He tore my apart

He ran away

With the key to my heart