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Cullen Family Movie Night

What happens when five vampires and one human are alone in the Cullen’s house with nothing to do? What every other group of teenagers would do: A movie night! With favorites like 1408, Lord of the Rings, Because of Winn-Dixie, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, One Missed Call, Harry Potter, RV, and many more! Breaking Dawn Disregarded.

It's not to late to submit a movie idea or two for me to add into any of the following chapters!

1. Chapter 1: Part 1

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Cullen Family Movie Night

By: Nymphadora_Cullen

Chapter 1: Part 1

“I’m bored!” Emmett called throughout the house.

Jasper looked up from War and Peace and groaned. “Why don’t you go and rip up a few trees,” Jasper said under his breath. “That ought to keep you occupied for an hour!”

“Yeah, like that’s ever going to happen.” Emmett grumbled.

At that moment, Rosalie and Alice came walking through the front door, giggling.

“Emmett bored again?” Rosalie asked innocently.

“Someone please tell him he’s a dork,” Alice said, a smile sneaking onto her lips.

“Emmett, you’re a dork!” Edward called from upstairs. Someone giggled, and Edward started laughing. Jasper smiled.

“Bella probably looked like she’s between a strawberry and a tomato, she’s blushing so hard.” Emmett snickered. Jasper whacked Emmett on the head.

“Thanks, Jasper!” Bella called.

There was a pause. Then….

“I’m bored!” Emmett whined.

“I give up!” Jasper moaned. He turned to Alice, a pleading look in his eyes. “Please help me kick him out of the house!”

At that moment, Edward and Bella walked into the room. “Bored again, Emmett?” Edward asked jokingly.

“Ha ha.” Jasper grumbled.

“Ya think?” Emmett grumbled, pouting so badly that Bella sank to the floor in hysterical giggles. “I wanna do something really bad! Why can’t we go to Port Angeles, and spend a night at the boardwalk?”

“Because,” Jasper growled, “you thought it funny to jump off the edge of the dock and swim around, humming the Jaws theme!”

“Da dum!” Emmett hummed, and snickered.

“Don’t forget the time he went into the House of Horrors, and stole the head off the mechanical Wolfman.” Edward grumbled. “I nearly tore his head off!”

“All right, I get it!” Emmett sighed. “No boardwalk. So what do we do?”

Bella raised her hand. “ How about a movie night?”

“Edward embraced her in a hug. “Love, that’s a wonderful idea!”


27 Dresses

“Those dresses…” Alice whispered.

“Are so…” Rosalie sighed.

“BEAUTIFUL!” Both girls shouted.

Jasper groaned. Edward smiled at Bella. “At least you don’t go crazy over dresses.” He muttered.

“I have to admit, they are beautiful,” Bella said. “But I would never dance, or do anything in one of those things.”

“Be ready for me to dress you in at least 26.” Alice said.

“Don’t even think about it!” Bella and Edward said at the exact same time.


The Parent Trap (1998)

“Frank Sinatra was one of the best singers of his time.” Edward said cheerfully. “Even when this movie was filmed, people thought he was the best of his time.”

“Speak for yourself!” Alice muttered. “I’ll admit he was good, but nobody beats Josh Groban!”

“Josh Groban is too modern day for me!” Edward said. “Frank Sinatra was the best of the best!”

Alice stuck her tongue out at him, and settled into the couch. Edward threw a glare at her.

“Frank Sinatra.”

“Wanna bet?”

“Chill!” Rosalie snarled. “I’m watching a movie!”



“NO!!!” Emmett moaned. “Not the little girl. You stupid room, why did you have to do that? She died once, and you had to throw it in his face!”

Bella whimpered, and Edward curled up next to her.

The screen flickered on.

“Express checkout, my foot!” Jasper muttered. “Nice noose, by the way.”

“Then again, you are the expert on nooses.” Edward muttered.

“Ha ha.” Jasper muttered. Emmett snickered.

“Now that is just creepy!” Rosalie said as the movie ended a while later.

“That’s why they call it horror.” Jasper and Edward said.


Lord of the Rings

“Those guys would make ugly vampires!” Emmett said, pointing out the Orcs running across the screen.

“Who asked you?” Jasper said. “The troll in the mine?”

Emmett stopped talking until near the end.

“That guy is ugly.” Emmett said.

“At least Aragon and Legolas can’t hear you.” Alice said.

“Legolas is so hot!” Rosalie sighed.

“What about me?” Emmett asked.

“Love you more, Em!” Rosalie sang as she hugged Emmett.

“Get a room!” Jasper muttered.

Edward pretended to puke behind the couch.

Emmett looked back at the screen.

“Your mother never loved you!” Emmett told the Orc on the screen.


Harry Potter

“Snape, Snape, Severus Snape.” Emmett muttered.

Jasper moaned.

“Odd.” Alice said. “That cute Diggory boy looks a lot like Edward.”

“Yeah,” Bella said. “But he isn’t as gorgeous as Edward.”

Edward snickered. “But it’s odd how he looks like me. I don’t have any surviving relations, as far as I know. It’s probably nothing.”

“Either way,” Rosalie said, “Your Edward look-alike is about to get killed.”

Aww, man!” Emmett groaned.

“So is the dude who can turn into a dog.” Alice pointed out.

“That ‘dude’ is Sirius!” Emmett said.


Because of Winn-Dixie

“Cute kid,” Edward muttered thoughtfully.

“Cute puppy!” Bella, Alice and Rosalie gushed.

“Yeah, cute dog, too!” Edward said.

“She threw War and Peace at a bear?” Jasper gasped, affronted.

“You got a problem with that?” Emmett said. “I’m wanting to do that to a bear, too!”

“The only thing that’ll get you is a dead bear, and a busted book!” Jasper growled.

There was an awkward silence.

“Bella, want some more popcorn?” Edward asked.


End of Part one.